Newly drafted Lakers guard Andrew Goudelock joined David Brickley and Jason Riley on Voice of the Nation Wednesday night, and talked about being selected by the Lakers, and how he is dealing with the lockout.

Below is the entire transcript of the interview:

David Brickley: On the NCAA 3 point contest highlight you just heard, the guy calls you Goldilocks, that’s not a good look. We gotta get you a new nickname, right?

Andrew Goudelock: I hope so. I heard they call Andrew Bynum ‘Drew’ which is what everyone usually calls me.

DB: I’m thinking maybe “AG for three”? I don’t know if you’ve heard that one before. That might work.

AG: I haven’t heard that one. I’m open to anything, to any discussion.

Jason Riley: Every week, we ask our fans a poll question. This week’s poll question, I wanted to get your thoughts on. What is probably the most unbreakable record in Lakers’ history? We have four options: Wilt’s 100 point game, Phil Jackson’s 11 rings, the Lakers’ 33 game winning streak, and the Lakers’ 15-1 playoff run in 2001. If you had to look at those records and say which one of those is completely unbreakable, which one would you say?

AG: Definitely, Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points. I think that is a record that will never be broken. That is something that no one can do and it’s very rare. I don’t think anybody will reach that one.

DB: Even Kobe Bryant’s 81, I don’t think people realize that as a shooting guard, that is pretty insane. That is a guy you will be playing against [in practice]… I know you can’t talk to them now with the lockout going on, but when they could talk to you, what were Mitch Kupchak and Mike Brown telling you about the improvements they want to see and the likelihood of you making the squad?

AG: They said they expected me to go a lot earlier in the draft than I went. They said I’m not like the general 46th pick, those guys usually have a really tough time making the team and it’s nearly impossible in come cases. They said I have really good opportunity to do some things there, and if I come in the right attitude and play defense, which is probably the biggest thing they want me to improve, then I’ll definitely have an opportunity to do some things.

JR: This week I read a quote for you where you said “Unless I gained some type of disease where I forget how to shoot, I’m going to be able to shoot until the day I die.” Where does that type of confidence come from?

AG: It comes from [College of Charleston Head] Coach Cremins, it comes from playing against bigger teams, and seeing that nobody is really better than you through the basketball game. If you can play, you can play. It comes from years of failing in able to see success. It’s a lot of things. It comes from my parents. Coach Cremins really influenced me, when I came to the College of Charleston, about those types of things. The mental aspect is probably the biggest aspect of the game that he preached.

DB: Very emotional for you. I know you cried when the Lakers drafted you at 46. I know you’re anxious to get after it, and then “oh, by the way, we’re in a lockout, you can’t practice, you can’t use the facility,” how tough is that? What is your agent telling you that you can do during this lockout? What do the Lakers expect you to do while you’re pretty much on your own?

AG: It’s tough for a guy like me, who hasn’t been in this league very long. As soon as you get here, to not be able to do anything, to see how things usually are. I don’t really know what is going on  as far as the lockout. My understanding is very minimal when it comes to that subject but I do know that those are things that you can’t control. All I can control is getting better everyday. My agent just told me to get in a pro-am, somewhere where I can play against really good talent. To play as much as I can, to get in the weight room and just work on defense and work on the things that I need to improve on just like this would be a regular season or summer camp. I’m taking it every day and just trying to get better.

JR: We’re hearing all kinds of reports about players going overseas, I heard that you were actually drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters. Is that an option during the lockout for you to play with the Globetrotters?

AG: I was flattered when I heard the Harlem Globetrotters picked me. That isn’t something that I think I’ll be doing during this offseason. I was very flattered, though. I looked up to some of those guys, and I definitely acknowledge it. I don’t think I’ll be doing that in the offseason…They might have to get me a nickname too.

DB: You say you have a lot of junk in your game, describe that.

AG: That’s just abilities and different ways to put the ball in the hoop. Whether that is standing, or different crossovers, whether they’re shooting the ball from really deep, it’s whatever it takes to get the ball in the basket. There are different variations of my game. I can be a pure point guard sometimes and I can be a straight shooting guard. I can be a lot of different things. I put all of that in my game. Coach called it junk the first time he saw it. He’s from New York and he said that’s the type of junk that he saw those guys play with. And that’s the type of game that I have.

JR: Obviously we know that you can shoot the basketball, but the main underlying thing that we’re hearing is that you’re an extremely confident guy and I just got to ask you this question. Let’s say it’s the first day of training camp, you got Kobe Bryant bearing down on you, he’s talking trash, you’re the rookie, he’s the veteran, he’s one of the great players in the NBA, does that situation, or do you speculate that situation, shaking your confidence at all?

AG: No. Confidence is something you’re born with. I think it’s something you have to be able to have in order to be successful. So no matter how much he beats me down or tears me up, I’m not going to lose that [confidence]. That is something that I pride myself on having because it’s hard to get. It’s hard to have and I think people with that type of confidence are gifted. I don’t think he’s going to take my confidence, not one bit. He might hurt me for a second but he’s not going to take my confidence. I’m going to wear a mouthpiece and some knee braces and I’ll be ok.

JR: How big of a twitter following came from that draft day when the Lakers called your name? Then until now, have you seen a huge increase?

AG: If they didn’t draft me than I don’t have 5,000 followers. I started getting so many followers and twitter notifications that by the next day my iphone had froze and broken; I had to get another phone. It was crazy. I was glad to be apart of something big.

DB: That’s what the Lakers do, they’re the biggest franchise in all of sports. Another thing that the Lakers can do, if you want it, is probably get you a reality show. We got Lamar Odom, Matt Barnes’ wife, Artest. I told your boy Darius Morris as well, just don’t get a reality show the first season. We got to make you get focused and work on your game, and maybe later on in your Laker career you can get a reality show.

AG: I don’t even watch those reality shows. I know females and everybody else who watches those things, but for me, I’ll stick to the basketball aspect. I’d rather see Lamar Odom playing basketball on TV than doing his thing with Khloe.

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    Like the last sentence.  Tell it as it is, AG!  Drain those 3s in the playoffs!

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    Wilt was a 6er when he scored 100?

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