UPDATE: Looks like the Magic have just made a verbal agreement with Pietrus. Next!

This is very interesting. Looks like the Lakers are VERY interested in small-forwards this off season. Add ‘P’ to the list…

MiamiHerald: McCandless declined to say which team Pietrus is nearing a deal with, but said the teams that expressed interest other than the Heat were New Jersey, New York, Detroit, San Antonio, Seattle, Atlanta, Orlando, Boston and the Los Angeles Lakers.

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  • Michael24

    this is good

    but i want maggette or posey more

  • Michael24

    if we are intrested in so many sf does this mean we might trade vlad or luke

  • Lakers 24 7

    Too many teams interested in Pietrus, Maggette, and Posey…what are the chances that we land either one of these dudes, i’d be happy with either one

  • VoiceofReason

    He can play the 4 too. Hes a great player if you give him a chance to play.


    FINALLY!I just p’d my FREAKIN’ pants.

    Y’all just don’t know the talents this guy posseses,TRUST WHEN I TELL YOU,if your are a fan of hard-nosed,in-your grill defense….YOUTUBE MICKAEL PIETRUS HIGHLIGHT REEL ’07-’08 and imagine us winning at least 4 out of 6 rings while Kobe is in his prime,TRUST DAT!

    For those that still want Artest,GIVE IT UP(I DID).Role players are what we need not GREEDY,MONEY HUNGRY VULTURES who care less about CHAMPIONSHIPS as opposed to their wallets…well I’d rather have a guy that just WANTS A CHANCE,COME ON MITCH!!!

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Dude can ball.

    I’ll take experience (Posey) over other SF’s at this point.

    I love P though. He’s as athletic as they come…

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  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

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  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa

    If all else fails.. lets get him :](like if we can’t get Posey or Maggette). But we need to get rid of Mihm, Radman, and Luke. >_<

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=NA32weTIYzQ << ’07-’08 highlight reel. Looks good.

    He looks aggressive small forward.. and that’s what we need.

  • http://myspace.com/sonicussj Whatsa


    But.. I posted that link like watching the first 2 minutes. Watch the whole video, Pietrus is a freakin beast. He looked like Kobe in some parts :). And cuh could play defense!

  • LakersFirst

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    Pee’d?? I’m surprised you didn’t jerkoff in your pants the way you’ve been crying for this guy.

  • laker-nate

    im not 2 impressed on this guy, i like ariza more…im just curious what moves we make 2 get 1 of the many sf’s we r lookn at…who we gonna get rid of?…i know most of us wanna ship luke and vlad out, but what r the chances of that?

  • yellowpurplefever

    Mitch likes to pull surprises. If rumors that are in the Media too much it ain’t gonna get done. Lakers are laying low and prey on SF with a Defensive mind for sure. With Artest, Maggette, Pietrus, and Posey in the news and rumors the less chances they will become a Lakers. That is why I think James Jones has a real good chance. Shshshsh! Pls keep it on the low down

  • Daryl Imhoff

    This guy has always played well against the Lakers. I do not understand the Warriors lack of interest. There is certainly a lot of interest by other teams. I am always in favor of getting more athletic, and this guy seems to be an upgrade.


    Lakerfirst, that comment was EQUALLY AS GAY than “Kobe,tell me how my #$@ taste”,c’mon dude,I’m a GROWN MAN just giving his opinion on his favorite team.DON’T HATE because YOU haven’t said anything about who would be fit well with this team,APPRECIATE,PARTICIPATE,somethin’.

    I tell you what,if we don’t get Pietrus and they keep Vlad goin’ into the season,trust me,THEY WILL REGRET IT…BIG TIME!I’ve been a Laker fan before have the dudes ON THIS SITE were still swimming in they daddy,get it.So when I say I know who would fit well as a LAKER….I know what I’m talkin’about,Junior.

    LAKERFANSINCE’81.com,The evidence speake for itself.That’s why I kept sayin’ it over and over again because I KNOW PIETRUS IS THEE PLAYER WE HAVE TO PURSUE,doesn’t hurt to try.

  • Lakezilla

    Sorry but the news just broke. Real GM is reporting that Pietrus is going to sign with the Magic tomorrow. Sorry DC, your dreams are crushed.

  • Jon Barry Sux

    This Pietrus guys looks promising but don’t base all your hopes on a highlight reel. Hell, type in Luke Walton and you will see a bunch of highlights of him that I didn’t see last year. Basically it was a bunch of stuff he did to get the contract then dissappear.

    But after looking at his stats and Fluke’s, they are similar only diffrence is that Pietrus plays 5 minutes less a game.


    Welp,I guess the Magic are the lucky guys in the GETPIETRUS sweepstakes,CONGRADS AIR FRANCE!

  • S-quire

    Haha, I hope it happens for DCLaker’s sake. Although, I am a little curious what made you so high on him that you’ve been asking for him for months. You saw him in person? Or just watched a lot of games?

  • Freshh

    The Orlando Magic have reached a verbal agreement with shooting guard Mickael Pietrus and expect to sign him to a multi-year contract today, general manager Otis Smith confirmed to FLORIDA TODAY.

    this was shortived


    Congrads PIETRUS!He’s now a MAGIC(Orlando).I’ll still be rooting for yoyu as if your a Laker.

    Now get JJ!

  • LakersFirst

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    NO what is gay you ranting and raving over this guy like you’re his damn stalker. You’ve been crying for this guy, who is really just a subpar player, for the past 3 to 4 months. I even remember a thread where you recommended him and practically everyone replied saying Pietrus is just ok. Pietrus is exactly the same type of player that Ariza is. Why do you want two of them on the same team???

    Please son, don’t try to get act all high and mighty in front of me. I’ve been a Laker fan for well over 20 years and I at least live in the damn city. Don’t pretend you’re a GM saying you know exactly what the Lakers need. You’re probably one of the same guys that said the Lakers should trade Bynum for Kidd. Just go follow your Wizards

  • Nabil

    Well, if there is any truth to the notion that the Lakers wanted Pietrus, that GREAT news because it means that they already have something set-up to move one or more of our “SF”s – Lamar, Vlad, Luke, Ariza. Sweet!!! Let’s just hope it’s any two of those except Ariza. I’m sure there are teams that would love Lamar and Vlad. TWO guys who started on the western conference championship team?!?! And a big expiring contract?!? Don’t loose faith- we have plenty of tradable assets.

  • lakerschamps08

    well no more pietrus he signin with the magic..

  • lakerschamps08
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    bye pietrus hes going to orlando


  • daboss1848

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    scroll up . . .

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  • Jon Barry Sux



    I’m just happy I said a player’s name that actually deserved to be mentioned and wants to play/contribute and not just about the money,and if y’all are offended just imagine if we would’ve Vlad for him,OH THE POSSIBILITIES but….I guess you win and lose some.

    Azubuike’s still availible,JJ and Keyon Dooling for Vlad?I refuse to think this team the way it is is goin’ with same line up while everyone is improving.Wednesday Mitch better stop BS’in and start gettin’ on ‘The Hitter’ and calling up some of his TRADE BUDDIES(MEM./ORLANDO)and start tryin’ to find a way to GET VLAD OR LUKE(or both)OUT OF LA.

  • http://kb24.com Ed2424

    Maggette just signed with the Warriors.