It is now being reported that Buss has lowered his offer and a decision from Odom could be coming in the next few days…

bussyESPN: As Lamar Odom continues to mull his future, still hopeful that an improved offer for the Los Angeles Lakers is forthcoming, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade is trying as hard as he can to convince Odom to end his free-agent wait.

Wade announced via his Twitter account late Sunday night that he has flown to Los Angeles to “bring Odom bac (sic)” to the Heat. That was Wade’s follow-up to an earlier weekend tweet in which he implored Odom to “come back to where it started for the both of us.”

Although it’s unclear how much impact Wade’s ongoing recruiting efforts will have on his former teammate — or if Heat president Pat Riley, who’s also in L.A. this week, will be meeting face-to-face with Odom — one source with knowledge of the talks told that a resolution to the monthlong Odom saga is likely “in the next few days.”

Odom’s options, as of Monday, were choosing between an offer from the Lakers that has been reduced from its high point two weeks ago or taking one of the multiple fallback proposals from the Heat that are thought to be sufficiently attractive to coax him to Miami.

So eager to reunite Odom and Wade after their one successful season together in 2003-04, Miami has offered Odom as much as it can for a team well over the salary cap: $34 million over five years with an opt-out to return to free agency after the fourth season. Sources said that Odom, if he ultimately decides to return to South Beach, would likely sign the five-year deal or opt for a four-year deal that comes with a provision to return to free agency after three years.

One team source confirmed Monday that Lakers owner Jerry Buss, after pulling his initial offer off the table on July 14, is now offering “less” than the original three-year, $27 million deal that he withdrew when Odom pushed for a fourth year. Another source maintains that Odom’s preference remains returning to the Lakers after helping them win a championship in June but cautioned that he is prepared to return to Miami and reunite with Wade and Riley if nothing changes this week.

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  • laker fan who hates flukes

    Get out of LA Odumb.

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    Time to move on with LO Biatches!!!!

  • gugy

    Look, I like Odom, but I don’t think he is ESSENTIAL for the Lakers to repeat a championship.
    Dr. Buss is probably fed up with Odom antics and at this point he doesn’t give a fu-ck about it anymore, so that’s why he lower his offer if this is indeed true. I don’t blame him.
    Odom is just stupid, because he had a great deal few weeks back and because he became greedy or his agent got into his head now he might indeed leave and not have another chance for a ring.
    Truth is, Odom is very inconsistent so the money he is offered is the fair deal he deserves. If he wants more, then he should play with the same intensity and focus consistently like he played FEW games last postseason.

    I just hope this whole thing is over soon, so we all can move on. It’s just annoying all this drama.

  • LaAllDay

    Seriously, I just want something to happen already! Wether he’s with us or not, I really don’t care at this moment. At the beginning of the signing period I really wanted Odom back, but the way he’s handled his free agency, has got me and I’m sure awhole lot of LA fans, ANNOYED! Do we need him to repeat, Yes our chances are better, but if we continue without him, I’m satisfied with our chances as well. Just that alot more work will be needed from our role players, and premiere stars are gonna need to step it up. With odom, I felt it would come easy, w/o we’re just gonna have to work harder than expected. That’s all. Odom don’t get your head so gassed up by a good playoff run, your too inconsistant to be making such a big deal out of your whole “holdout” that your doing with the lakers. Remember all the trade rumors there were about you in the past? You could’ve gone!!! But Mitch and Jerry had faith in you, and you act like this? SMH

  • Robert

    Either way, it will be ok.

    More importantly, either way, it will be over!

    We can either start talking about next year’s Figueroa parade including LO, or maybe start speculating about what the Lakers will do to fill the hole for next years run.

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    Two important comments:

    1) Lamar Odom: You had your chance. Now you will make less money because of your greed. Lessons to all….if you dribble and shoot, you’re still no rocket scientist.

    2) Jerry Buss: You look horrible. Is Buss over 100 years old? Man, he looks like the walking mummy. Lesson to all….even if you are rich, looking old and worn out still sucks.

  • boogs

    if you think LO isn’t essential, who is as versatile as him that’s a free agent, that we could get in order to repeat? make your list. id love to see it

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    Jerry Buss: With all your money, how come you can’t afford plastic surgery? Look at yourself man… look horrible. For god sakes, please get a face lift and botox, something that will prevent scaring women and children.

  • LAkerfan 4ever

    this is getting worse than the “Vikings-Favre” drama…listen,even if he goes to Miami we are still gonna be fine.Of course,having Odom coming off the bench make us really strong but let’s be honest, a lot of the guys in our bench didn’t even played their best basketball until late in the playoffs:Vujacic was GONE,I mean gone so I don’t think he can play worse than last year,Bynum wasn’t 100% healthy and his timing was way off,Walton was coming back from an ankle injury,Brown was a pleasant surprise and he wasn’t even familiar with the triangle offense,Morrison still has to play and show his skills…as you see,even if Odom leaves we still have the talent and the people to get the job done,we need to stop making excuses for them and the guys in the bench need to STEP UP and compete at their highest level.They are not playing for the Thunder or Grizzlies,they are playing for one the best sports franchises in the world….Los Angeles LAKERS!!!

  • lakerman1

    Gold Diggers do not care about Age or looks. Remember Anna Nicole Smith. The Old guy she married was one push from the grave. Jerry could look like a dead man walking and there would be plenty of Honeys waiting in line. Another part of it is the man Drinks, does too many drugs and parties a lot which he has a right to ite just that sooner or later it catches up to you. He could probably live longer if he took care of himself and had a Woman he really cared about. Lets face it the man is all about partying even at his age.

  • Robert

    Buss should contact Donald Trump about this. Trump would help him out with two things:

    1) considering that LO is actually an investment, and the return will be bounty from 2-4 more Championships. The returns will outweigh the initial outlay.

    2) how to do a proper hair comb-over.

  • xtro

    yawn. ho-hum. blah, blah, blah.

  • ilikebasketball

    is odom, or anyone, actually falling for wade’s retarded yearnings?
    come home? where it all started? he traded odom away to get a championship. and odom started with the clippers. odom should b!tch-slap wade for even trying to treat him like a retarded pool boy, with no memory of the past.

    my respect for wade has gone waaaaay down.

    i want odom back. i think this whole thing got out of control. and he’s been trying to figure out how to get back on the lakers witout losing face. and now buss’ lowering is making it harder obviously, for odom and his agent to keep some sort of pride intact after all this.
    but if it’s been this long he’s gotta be wanting to be with the lakers. now it’s just about whether he can take the hit on his pride and sign for less than was offered by buss originally. it’s his and his agents fault anyway.

    and correct, above, there is no way vujacic plays worse. and farmar came back too early. and morrison’s day is still coming. and bynum may not have the drive or passion that it takes, but he has the size and skills to be great for the team.

  • TonyFisch


  • Laker4Life

    If you think you know about the Lakers, you would probably think Lamar is a vital part of this Laker team. You can’t know if Bynum isn’t going to get ingured. For the past two seasons Bynum got ingured and Lamar took his spot. He shined. Lamar only makes us deeper and talented. With Lamar we can play small, fast, big, etc. Lamar maybe inconsistant, but he gives us the help we need when we need it.

  • Robert

    ilikebasketball — agree: DWade is pulling some crap. Also, consider this: he seems to want to use former Lakers to help him out. He used Shaq to win a Championship. He’s biting off the Lakers. He couldn’t win one without Shaq, now he’s trying to play LO. That’s kind of low in my book (i.e., to do it publicly). I don’t care about what I don’t know about – I’m sure he called him privately.

    But, to ‘call out’ Lakers fans publicly. Actually, he knows how great the fans are here, so maybe it’s a compliment. But at the end of the day, we get to call him out ‘back’. So, we can call out DWade and say that it’s a ‘lowdown dirty shame’ that you’re messing with us here. You don’t have good intentions. I’m going to call Charles Barkley and ask him to straighten you out, moth***fu****.

  • Dragon

    This is what he gets for dragging it now he getting less for all that shit he was pulling. Good I hope Lakers pay him even less so they can save a lot more money. Who knows during the season if he is in a slump again Lakers trade his butt.

  • lovekb

    It looks like a joke. But I just want this to end. We need to move on.

  • Kobe8

    If he lowered the offer the Odom is most definitely gone. He ain’t gonna stay for less money than he was offered before.