I love D.J. I’m very glad the Lakers resigned him (though like the rest of the team he’ll have to fight for his spot as word is Mihm looks healthy)…

Hoopsworld: The Los Angeles Lakers re-signed center DJ Mbenga on Wednesday morning, extending their preseason roster to 19.

The terms of his contract have yet to be released.

As such, it’s not clear if his contract is guaranteed or if he has to earn a spot on the final roster.

  • Freshh

    DJ’s always entertaining to watch haha

  • KuyaJL

    That’s good. Hopefully he has a great season as a backup.

  • Mitch4Pres

    yeaaaaaaaaa git em dj!!! ive been waiting for this



  • Michael_23

    Mihm is healthy now but he seems to be injury prone the last few years. Good to keep some big guys.

    Remember when we had Bynum, Kwame, and Mihm and they were all unavailable? Ronny was there to backup and that’s not even his natural position.

  • Tim

    Go Mbenga!!!

  • http://www.thelakersnation.com Fred A.

    Oh, I heard he sign a 3-year 30 mil deal—–SIKE JUST PLAYIN
    But I am very proud!!!!!!!!!!
    GO DJ
    GO DJ
    remeber that song!!!!!!! :)

  • Zackloveslakers


  • LN1


    i always love it when stu and joel are pleasantly surprised when dj scores with a nice jumper. its great! =)

  • ignard

    even the pre-season games are gonna be fun to watch this season.

  • http://www.jamieinsider.com Jamie Spears Insider

    It doesn’t hurt. I hope he does make the final roster. The guy improved as the season progressed last year.

  • yellowpurplefever

    DACOS TOO!!! Hope he makes the final roster. Good Guy always win.

  • kobe124

    Mbenga is a beast since he blocked our top player at least one time.

  • Lakers 24 7

    Atleast DJ got some post moves he can put to memory and do MORE THAN ONCE, and actually hustles and grabs a few boards with the limited time he gets, unlike Kwame.

    DJ’s a kool dude, if he can work on that post up and turn around jumper then he can be a decent backup

  • mr.laker19

    Aye, I think he a alien lol. For real though, dont he look like he from Mars or something? Somebody call the men in black.

  • Lakers 24 7

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    Don’t know bout no alien..but he got big ears

  • me

    Look at this monster put back dunk by him over Camby. WOW

    Mitch sign him on the official roster!

  • http://www.myspace.com/fabezee fabz24lakers


  • 323 TOWN


  • kobean

    [Comment ID #50980 Will Be Quoted Here]

    he is 80% human 20% gorilla

  • yellowpurplefever

    Yall got the Wrong guy. Sam Cassell aka E.T is alien looking. DJ is from Congomars. lol

  • http://TheVerveNerve.com Billy Kupchak

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    that was niiiice! :cool:

  • albert

    I hate when dj trys to block every shot, then he gets dunk on

    but good sign

  • lakers08-09

    Have to love DJ and the fact Mitch & Lakers FO R bringing in all these high quality guys.The compatition will be great for Drew.

    The saying in basketball is you only get better by playing against the best.Last year the team had a hard time with enough guys to

    The thing that made the Lakers the team they were ,was how hard they worked, & practiced against each other. Go Bomb squad!