Here are some new power rankings from The Lakers rank in at #7. More so, Andrew Bynum leads all the centers in P.E.R. according to Hollinger of ESPN. Great, solid start to the 07-08 season: Off: 112.4 (7), Def: 104.5 (14) — We’re not ready to admit that we were wrong about the Lakers, but we are very impressed with Odom-less wins over the Suns and Jazz.

Here is the Bynum stats (based on PER). You will need an ESPN insider account but we have listed the top five centers: Based on PER:
1 Andrew Bynum, LAL 29.76
2 Tim Duncan, SAS 29.60
3 Chris Kaman, LAC 25.39
4 Al Harrington, GSW 24.32
5 Brendan Haywood, WAS 23.35

#22 is J.O. if you’re wondering.

  • SILO

    Ok, we’re better than the 7th spot. Common we blew out the Suns and shut down the Jazz. What more do we need to do? Hey and no Odom. Look out!

    Not enough could be said about the young Andrew Bynum. That kid went to work and came out a man. Arent we glad we didnt trade him now?

  • pr0mega

    I’d say #7 overall is very GRACIOUS considering we are only 2-1 although we did beat playoffs teams. But like the article says, they started from scratch and are going by impressive wins and off./def. numbers. Go Lake Show!

    I see us breaking into that “Top 4″ that PJ was talking about in the preseason!

  • LD2k

    The ONLY reason we SHOULD be higher is because of NO-Odom. That should boost us up… but as for now, that’s fine. I don’t really care about power rankings – or even PER for that. But for statistical purposes, I’m always curious to see where our Lakers are at :)

  • TheLAunit

    We get dog’d on every ranking in America. We should be in the top 5 becuz we beat the team that they had in the top five, make since right? Lakers are doing everything without ODOM, so when he comes back we should move up to #2. Bynum is turning out to be a beast after all. After showing Amare and Skinner that he was to big in the paint he came back against the Jazz to show Boozer, Milsap, Collins, and whoever else on that team That he also can run the floor, plus snatch 9 rebounds. Monster in the making….Go LAKERS!!!

  • lakerfan81

    SI has the Lakers ranked #4 (ahead of the Rockets who beat us). I’d say its too early too tell. Hell the Pacers are undefeated come on. All I want to see is the effort on the defensive end kept up. If they focus on that and moving the ball the Lakers will be better than most people think. Even on off shooting nights if they play good D Kobe can score at will. Defensive effort is the key.

  • Jrich

    Bynum is the man… I’m glad Buss didn’t trade him for JO… Andrew is gonna get better and better

  • MILO

    Hey, where is Mhim in all this #50??? lol


    what is PER?

  • Eric Thai

    [Comment ID #16466 Will Be Quoted Here]

    PER is “Player Efficiency Rating”.