ESPN: Lamar Odom scored a season-high 31 points, Kobe Bryant added 25 points and 10 rebounds, and the Los Angeles Lakers clinched a playoff berth Friday night with a 112-108 victory over the Dallas Mavericks.

The Lakers have qualified for the playoffs in 55 of their 60 seasons as a franchise, winning 14 NBA championships and 27 division titles — hoping for a 28th with a magic number of five.

Phil Jackson has made the playoffs in all 17 seasons as an NBA head coach — eight with the Lakers and nine with the Chicago Bulls. Jackson, whose nine NBA titles are tied with fellow Hall of Famer Red Auerbach, also holds the all-time mark for postseason victories with 179.

Pau Gasol had 25 points and seven assists for the Lakers, and Odom grabbed 10 rebounds. It was the sixth time this season that they have had three players with 20 or more points — all victories.

Gasol and reigning MVP Dirk Nowitzki both were playing their second game with their respective clubs since returning from ankle injuries. Gasol was 11-for-20 from the field and Nowitzki was 13-for-19.

Nowitzki led the Mavs with 27 points, Jason Terry scored 25 and Josh Howard added 23. Jason Kidd had 10 points, eight assists and seven rebounds. This was the Mavericks’ 10th loss that was decided by four points or less.

The Lakers won three of the four meetings with Dallas, reversing last year’s results when the Mavs won the season series for the first time since 1986-87 and only the second time overall.

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  • magicbalala245

    We takin over the NBA hey Boston just pack ur bag for 2 days in LA cause we expect to be celebrating on our home court in a sweep

  • Brett


  • kb24 4life

    how about the LO-Pau combination…. wow!!!

  • bryan

    lamar wants that extension

  • Ko-Pau19

    Amazing game. I’ve always known the capacity and ability Lamar has and tonight he displayed it! Kudos Lamar and great overall game from our Lakers! Keep it up guys!

  • Shril

    Yup.. I agree with Bryan 100%.. He played with the extension in mind..

  • gugy


  • MILO

    This is what the Lakers need to make noise in the playoffs.What a way to grind it out even though they were bahind for most of the game,I just cant say enough about Gasol.This man now has me believing that the Lakers will win it all this year.I heard that Phil said Bynum will not play untill the playoff i strongly dissagree with that!I think it is crucial that Bynum get’s at least two games in before the playoffs.I want Bynum to get a feel for what it’s like to play Duncan.My theory is that power on Duncan and length on Kurt (Gasol) will be the key to taking a 7 game series from them.PLEASE BYNUM COME BACK ASAP!!!

  • billyboy

    hell yeah!! fluke only had 5minutes! that’s the key

  • MILO

    I cant leave out LO, what a performance this is a guy whom i’ve been doubting all season long and tonight he made me a believer….

  • MILO

    [Comment ID #31676 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Devean George

    did you guys see me in action today!! I got blocked twice! but I had a dunk!

    Great win today, i like the fact that the lakers step up with playoff teams!!!

  • west213

    if kupchak trades LO this summer, i swer ima go to his house and just put a bullet in his head.

  • kobeLOpAuBYNUm

    la ruLEs!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • domz

    [Comment ID #31682 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LOL..Please use AK47 in shooting his crackhead…haha!!

    Where are the “Get Artest” and “Lame-ar O-dumb” peeps now???

  • domz

    Our team should prepare more for the Spurs and Hornets game…We shoulda, woulda win thse contests..However, our team still needs to sweep the other remaining games..Especially against Portland and Sacramento..include the Clipps, they have Elton Brand back there..

    So Good Luck Lakers!!!
    BEAT THEM!!!

  • jack

    [Comment ID #31676 Will Be Quoted Here]

    eheh.. but he really sucks though. so did vlad today, missed open 3s.

  • Smush Walton

    Way to take the ball to the hole tonight Lamar! Way to finally use that right hand! I don’t think I recall any dumb charging fouls. Great Job Lamar! At the end Lamar got a little out of control when he had a bad turnover and I thought we were going to start seeing his jumper again. Someone has to keep drilling it into Lamar’s head – NO OUTSIDE SHOTS!!!

    Unfortunately Vlad Rad was a bigtime no show tonight – missed three’s, getting ripped on D – very disappointing.

    Another typical Smush Walton performance – some bad passes, blown layups, badly missed J’s. Any time SW is on the floor – it’s Nervous Time!

    The keys to future success – minimize Smush Walton’s time on the floor, Jordan and Vlad need to get back to how they were playing earlier in the season, and Lamar needs to keep going to the hole and NO OUTSIDE SHOTS!!!

  • BEC

    Phil needs to make fun of Lamars jumpshot more, that seemed to do the trick to make Lamar take it inside.

    Although I dont like the “half-a**ed” first half and turn on the switch in the second half type of play. Its nice to see what this team is capable of, if the efforts there. It shows a lot of confidence this team has and that they can perform when it counts, under pressure.

  • Smush Walton

    The coaches must have told Smush Walton to knock off the pathetic slow motion, no jump, fall back post moves! (Those film sessions must have been brutal.) Second game in a row where that ridiculous shot did not rear its ugly head. Thank Heavens!

    Unfortunately, when Smush is on the court his defender basically leaves him wide open since he can’t make anything from the outside. We need to keep Smush on the bench as much as possible. Someone tell him NO 3’S! Those are a disaster!

  • Kobe08-09

    Apr 5th, 2008 at 3:33 am
    Phil needs to make fun of Lamars jumpshot more, that seemed to do the trick to make Lamar take it inside.

    Although I dont like the “half-a**ed” first half and turn on the switch in the second half type of play. Its nice to see what this team is capable of, if the efforts there. It shows a lot of confidence this team has and that they can perform when it counts, under pressure.

    Yo i know what you mean, but lakers could not make shots in the 1st half and they had no defence, every thing turned around in 2nd half and the 4th quater, so good win even tho we did not play great


    I,as a fan and as a part of LAKERNATION,learned a lot about this team last night and I feel LO summed up the season in his comments after the game, THE WILL TO WIN(though he was talking about Kobe). This team has shown heart even when I(or SOME OF US ON THIS SITE)didn’t think they would be as strong ’cause of the injuries,3rd place is not a bad deal considering that fact but I feel now is the time 1st place is the goal and they play like this… won’t matter who they play in the playoffs. Inspirational win last night.

  • Kobe08-09

    yo guys you know a site whjere i can watch last nights game, i saw it but want to watch it again. And Raptor Nation does not have it pleace give me a good site which works .

  • kPoAbUe

    great game by LO by the way Ira played yayayaya! lol finaly

  • Luis24

    Lamar was a beast, I knew he had it in him all along, bout time he gets his appreciation, screw Artest, and Sasha was a G as well, had that four point play and 3 and has tenacious D

  • Kampow3r

    The best part is, he says he wants to be a “Laker for life” So you know he will take a pay cut when his contract comes around to stay here in LA and be on the best team in the NBA!!