According to one report, the Lakers are one team after Mancinelli.

mancinelliBallin Europe: At least three NBA teams are currently pursuing Italian star Stefano Mancinelli: the Toronto Raptors, who are seemingly interested in every European player that comes down the pike; the Los Angeles Lakers, especially with Lamar Odom still in free-agency limbo; and perhaps his most likely destination, the Portland Trail Blazers.

Team USA fans may recall Mancinelli from group play in the 2006 FIBA Worlds as the unstoppable presence that gave the Americans fits while going 6-for-6 from the floor in a hard-fought 94-85 win by the ‘States.

Though Los Angeles would seem to be an excellent fit for Mancinelli with its Euroball-style play and foreigner-rich roster, the Trail Blazers will surely be gunning hardest for the Italian’s services. Mancinelli was with the Blazers’ summer-league team in 2007, Portland will certainly be looking for a versatile forward after getting rebuffed by Hedo Turkoglu earlier this year.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    Ok screw this…don’t need anymore “good players-shooter-scorers” that don’t play defense….

    Vlad is a great example..
    and Sasha gives 4 fouls in 5 mins all the time..
    and CONGO CASh gives 5 fouls in 2 DJJJJJJJJJJ

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #80582 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I bet you haven’t even seen this guy play.

  • purple and gold for life

    Every Euro player is supposed to be the next Dirk. There are like 5 good success stories of players coming from Europe. The rest are decent but when was the last time anyone has said, “man those euro players sure can play defense”. NEVER! Not even Dirk. Offensively the Lakers have enough fire power. They need defensive minded role players. That being said, if he can shoot better than Sasha then I say get him.


    NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop pursuing another fcukin sasha! we just unloaded brain dead vlad rad and now the Lakers are lookin to add on more dead weight? Just sign LO already and fcuk these other cream puffs!

  • Young Im

    We could always use another scorer off the bench since vujabrick cant make a 3 to save his life. id be happy to replace him with this up and comming “star”

  • TonyF

    Guys, maybe LO don’t wanna sign w the Lakers for current offers.

  • Count Bogdan

    This is the last thing the Lakers need. Just sign LO and be done with it. Of course, this could be meant to show LO that they’ll move on without him if he doesn’t come to his senses.

  • Fdog

    This guy is good. Pull the trigger, forget about the n…….

  • David Regoso He’s better then Shasha Vuijic!!!

  • LKRFan

    Good video…sign him up!!

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  • Drake Hunter

    [Comment ID #80599 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Nice video David! Now can you post the one with the correct guy! The guy in this video is Marco. The guy the Lakers want is Stefano. DUH!!

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet

    Ummm no that video is of Marco Bellinelli

  • ron

    nothing great….marco bellinelli is the ultimate italian superstar….um what does he do in the nba??????