Mike didn’t respond fast enough, his loss.

Twitter: Source told FOXSports.com that the Lakers offer to Mike Miller is no longer on the table following the Steve Blake signing.

  • ^ ^

    Dang man…

  • Eidraq

    that’s unfortunate but expected with the blake signing..no big deal, try looking into tmac for the vet min

  • Str8 Ballin

    Hello T-MAC where ar u?

  • http://thetruthrenaissance.wordpress.com/ BE_A_LakerFan

    Doesn’t matter. These players can play the field all they want.. they will be sitting at home next June just like Ariza. This is the Lakers.. we don’t need you, you need us lol. Mitch knows what he’s doing.

    • Danny T

      i agree, btw you guys should listen to this guy he knows wut hes talkin bout!

      • si pepe

        amen sir! aye aye

      • domz

        The dude looks like Joe Johnson

    • trippleocho

      100% agreed. Let him go and play with LeBridgette and win 60+ regular season games and out of the playoffs in May.

    • madbo726

      what a shame because mike fits in perfectly with triangle. Also he would have taken a huge load off Lamar scoring wise. That we still need, one more scorer off thebench

  • Kobe4Life

    Miller, don’t ever think you’re better that the Lakers! It’s an honor and a privilage to play for the Greatest Organization in sports history. NEVER turn down an oppertunity when it comes you’re way, because it will never come AGAIN!

  • daboss1848

    whole thing sounds bogus . . .

  • nooo

    i never knew that the lakers offered him a contract. if they did why whould he not accept it, its the lakers >.<

    • Reality

      Would have been a big pay cut for him to sign at the MLE

  • lakers0828

    Thats Good We dont Need Him anyways told You all he was gonna stay on the East

    • Odom the worst player

      Yes we could use him. He’s a good player

      • A bynum & Odom hater

        Yeah we he’ll be a great use for the team man dang!!!

  • say queensbridge

    i don’t trust fox at all

  • Robert

    Basketball is a team sport, and all the pieces ‘fit’ nicely for the last 2 years. We are losing pieces (Farmar, Shannon, etc. – hopefully not Fish) that are key to the success of a team. Heck, even Odom played a part at times, to carry through some times (recall that at the beginning of the playoffs he had some monster games).
    Anyway, I hope that Blake is a right piece to fit the pieces that we’re losing. And I hope that the loss of someone like Miller isn’t unfortunate. Also, is that it? No more chances for someone else signing? I’m still not getting how much they can spend outside of MLE or Vet’s min, if at all. Are there NBA rules? Are there limits? or can Buss spend what he wants?

    • A bynum & Odom hater

      @ Robert Are you serious? the pieces ‘fit’ nicely? We barely beat Boston…or even lose to them. What about this coming season with Denver, Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma, and San Antonio. All of them will get better respectively to their team. I don’t know about you but we need a better personnel on the court. Not a Sasha or a Luke and or even a bynum and Odom. The Lakers needs secondary scoring from the bench. I think Blake is a good pick up but we need another pure shooter that can defend like a Mike Miller or Raja Bell. But I agree I hope they can sign another player because the Western Conference is a good and tough conference. Even with teams with wins of 50 games didn’t make it to the playoffs a few seasons ago…

      • cjm

        how do you know all those teams will be ‘better” this season? i do know we will be better, even without new signings. going into panic mode before any major FA signings might be a tad premature…

    • http://myspace.com/taeyongpark Day

      The Lakers can spend as much money as they want, they just get taxed out the butthole if they go over the cap.

      • daboss1848

        Not completely accurate . . . once a team is over the cap, it can only spend its mid level exception (5.8 total for one player or multiple players), vet minimum salaries (1 mil), and bi annual exceptions (1-2 mil) on new players. We can spend whatever we want on our own players.

        • Robert

          Da Boss … thanks! This clarifies everything. (You are teh first person to explain this).
          So, how on earth can they offer Fish more than 1.8M (left on the MLE?). He didn’t accept $2.5M, but now it’s too late for even that??? Not good.
          Also, isn’t there a minimum of 12 players on the roster? I’m not sure they’re there yet.
          So, what’s really left to do?

        • daboss1848

          Fisher and Brown are returning players – so the Lakers are not bound by the cap limitations. Lakers can offer either or both of them whatever salary they agree upon (the catch being that the team will pay a dollar for dollar tax, since we’re over the cap).
          In terms of outside players – Lakers are limited to the bi-annual exception (2 mil)[I dont think they used it last year – you can only use it once every two years], the MLE (about 1.8 mil left), and veterans exceptions (salary determined by years player has been in the league).

        • Robert

          Daboss! You have restored my faith in this site. This clarifies everything.
          So, they should sign Fish for $5 / 1 year, or $2.5/yr for 2 years. Either way it’s the same $$, would give Fish some respect, and give the Lakers a chance to do things. If Fish comes up short next year, then they let him go. If he is a ‘supporting star’, then they have him for another year.
          I don’t know about Shannon. Either he wants another ring, money, or longevity on the Lakers. If it’s anything but $$, he could be back at a reasonable price for the Lakers. It would be good to have that speed anyway.
          So, that means there is plenty leftover for the other 2 spots. I think Bell would be a good (and cheap) addition.
          BTW, do you know if there is a ‘rookie’ fund? Can the Lakers sign both rookies with ‘other’ money?

        • daboss1848

          Rookies have their own rookie scale depending on when they were picked. (the rookie exception)

  • Wilt2

    As Billy Mats would say ‘thats cash,
    in the trash!’

  • Xtro

    Bell and tmac next.

  • DCLakeshow

    Two thoughts!

    One…yes…we could use his talent, and it’s a shame that we could ONLY give him a day to make a decision that will affect his career.
    TWO…this MAYBE tells me something about MM. Yes…he could get paid more elsewhere, but we’re talking about a championship quality squad. Is it the money that he’s playing for (approx $4-5 million more) or does he want to win ball games? If he’s in it for the money, then thank you for not accepting…we don’t need anymore Karl Malones.

    • Reality

      Don’t diss Malone. He took a HUGE paycut to come try win his one and only championship. It didn’t work out for him but give him credit for coming to LA for millions less.

  • domz

    This Goodman guy from Fox is just making BS’s. This whole thing was a bogus. First, they said LA give a deadline of Tuesday. Now that Blake was signed, they said that LA withdrew the offer. Where’s the effin consistency?

    Now that we have “Blaker”,

    -Resign Fish
    -Resign Shannon/Sign TMac or Raja for rest of MLE
    -Resign JP/Resign DJ or both and Sign a Vet Big man ala Kurt Thomas/Joe Smith
    -Sign our rookies if they’re good enough
    -Offseason done!

    • Robert

      As ‘daboss’ points out, the Lakers can’t spend more than the remaining MLE ($1.8) or Vet’s min ($1.0M) since they are over the cap.
      So, the Lakers are pretty much done, except for scrubs who might just help us hit 12 on the roster. No way a ‘reasonably good’ player (or role player) would want to play for less than $1M.

  • A bynum & Odom hater

    Why didn’t the Lakers give him more time? Dang man…

  • laker fan

    lets sign bell and tmac, f this cat

  • bodybags

    will ya’ll get off the t mac talk his knee is too much of a problem do ya’ll UNDERSTAND THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Half of you dont know shit about Basketball there is a reason why the rockets got rid of him

    • domz

      Ron Artest actually talked to TMac about getting in the Lakers roster. So you consider Ron Artest as someone who don’t know shit about bball?

  • Robert

    OK, it looks like we have 2 more spots, and $1.8M and $1M left to spend.
    So – Fisher takes $1.8M??? (yeah right).
    And – Bell takes $1M??? (yeah right).
    so … what’s left? what will they do?

    • daboss1848

      see above – Fisher exempted from our limitations.

    • Robert

      Thanks, daBoss…. I left a comment above your one ‘above’, too.
      I’m feeling a lot better about things, because I understand what’s on the table now. I think that the Lakers will get Bell, or whomever, if they want to have a ‘ring’. That’s better motivation than $$$. Artest proved that.
      Still need my q’n about where the rookie salaries come from, answered. Do you know about that?

  • regie francisco

    lakeshow! go lakers 3 peat!

  • justdogm1

    jordan would take less to get a good player, no doubt kobe is on board…he`s such a `TEAM PLAYER..right ball eashers?

  • justdogm1

    jordan would take less to get a good player, no doubt kobe is on board…he`s such a `TEAM PLAYER..right ball washers?

    • tooshort29

      let start by washing yours you stinky dude

  • maximus

    dear laker fans i could have sworn that mitch had mention him,yet wouldn’t disclose what was bieng said,therefore who knows what really is going on,who is coming or leaving,so with that the lakers are back to back champions for a reason,we ‘d love this player,hate this one,want that one but it in the end what fans have been cheering,and celebrating,us so with that let the GM”s do what they do best,and we’ll keep backing them up and lakers,we don’t have nothing to loose,because we’ve been winning it all for the last 2 yrs,thank you very much.

  • Bynum & Odom Is Overrated

    C’mon Miller join us and get the “precious” !!!

  • Robert.

    @maximus, you’re right. The GMs know exactly which pieces will fit into the Lakers organization, so that they will win another Championship.
    Thinking about the ‘big picture’, the big 5 (+Odom) should be intact (given Fisher signs). So what’s left is the bench. And as far as ‘now’ goes, there’s already an improvement by signing Blake. He will be able to run the Triangle, and will provide good offense.
    The last ‘spot’ will be a good choice too. I’m sure a lot of players would like to be with the Lakers. Miller would be a good fit, but if not, the GMs will come up with another perfect fit. The Lakers will have a nice pick of who will come.