oneal_jermaine040515.jpgSporting News: There would be some coincidence if, indeed, Pacers forward Jermaine O’Neal is shipped to the Lakers to play alongside Kobe Bryant. After all, no pair of players has been more bizarrely uncertain of their desire to be traded this summer than Bryant and O’Neal.

Bryant’s trade-me/Laker-for-life escapades have been well-documented. O’Neal’s aren’t nearly as whimsical or controversial as Bryant’s have been, but still, the big guy’s words have followed an odd trajectory — he told reporters that if the Pacers are rebuilding, he’d like to be dealt to the Nets or Lakers. He was also quoted as saying that Larry Bird was trying to gut the Lakers in his trade demands, but then O’Neal denied ever making that statement. By the end of Tuesday, he was firmly stating his desire to remain in Indiana.

That might not be up to O’Neal. His waning trade value might be what keeps him with the Pacers.

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    ayyyyyyyyyyyyhhhhhhhhhhh man wat the bleep… i think we still somehow get him i mean even oneal says bird is trying to gut teams to get oneal soooooo… oneal demand a trade to l.a. 2morrow and we’ll get u and keep odom

  • cyrus

    No kidding???

    Not a word on this article is new to us; Sean Deveney is just repeating same thing that any 12 years old kid could give us. Also, this article is a few days old, they just time-stamp it with todays date adding that word “updated” to it. nothing is updated about this waste of paper and waste of time article. period

  • Rpoc

    I agree with Cyrus……!!

    /slaps myself

  • HustlinPhenom

    An age limit. :) 15 and above. Too many kids roaming around..

  • kobe24mvp

    this article is someones two cents not facts or solid sources,it is exactly like the kg situation except jo has spoke about going to LA, so we have an upper hand plus they should want to send him out of conference.

  • magicbalala245

    why is it showing this link we it should be showing this link

  • The Nugget

    hZm posted an article? :O

  • MambaKB24
  • rpouncy14

    Wat da hell?!!!! Do sumthin!!!!!!!


    ohhh man mambakb24 thats a great trade for lakers but i dont think that nj would give up rj but i like the trade…

  • kb24 4life

    i think we will get jermaine, later, but we will get him and without giving up lamar, indiana would have to accept andrew, jordan, cook, and kwame…

  • LAKERSCHAMPSO8… thats my trade i mean just like the rest of us i love to keep odom but since bird being a bi**h we gonna need a third team so how bout this but maybe need to add another player and picks but just maybe…

  • as1084

    why is all the writers putting the pressure on the lakers to make the deal??? the pressure is on bird for him to get something in return for Oneal. Plus kobe has said making the trade with odom and bynum for oneal is not worth making. so why is it on the lakers??!! also the lakers have next summer to improve and make trades cause kobe cant opt out for another 2 seasons. STOP PUTTING THE PRESSURE ON THE LAKERS, IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE!!!!

  • keep24

    NO S@#T!!!!

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