New Laker Darius Morris (Right) joins the Voice of the Nation - Photo by Streeter Lecka | Getty Images

The Lakers season may have ended, but Voice of the Nation is rolling on. David Brickley, Kevin Figgers and Jason Riley are, once again, broadcasting from the Fox Sports Radio studios in Burbank, CA.

Lakers 2nd round pick Darius Morris, comes on to talk about being drafted by his hometiown team and what his expectations are coming into his rookie season. The guys are also joined by Sekou Smith from and NBA TV to talk about the pending NBA lockout!


  • Poll: Are you satisfied with the Lakers not making any big moves on Draft Day?
  • Discussion about the Lakers 2011 draft picks
  • Could the pending lockout affect the Lakers positively?
  • JJ Barea interested in signing with the Lakers?
  • Interview: PG Darius Morris – Lakers 2nd round draft pick
  • Mitch Kupchak expects Shannon Brown to opt out
  • Poll: Do you have a problem with Ron Artest changing his name to World Peace?
  • Will Ron Artest play overseas?
  • Interview: Sekou Smith –
  • Around the NBA
  • Dirk Nowitzki goes on a drinking binge
  • 3 for 3

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  • Meh

    Misspelled Darius Morris’ name

  • Jt21

    Meh, if they misspelled his name, then so did you because you spelled it the same way. Its not misspelled

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Lakers did not have much to pick from.  As for Ron Artest naming himself Meta World Peace, I’m like hey whatever man!!!! he’ll still be crazy old Ron Ron to me.

  • 123KID

    i respect the David Brickley Velvet Rope!

  • Kesean Turner

    Come on guys the LBJ v Kobe argument is getting kinda old fellas. BTW I’m starting to lose basketball respect for Bricks for his ridiculous views of LBJ. 

    Hopefully we bypass this issue and get to some real LAL news. 

  • Kesean Turner

    BTW a parallel view Bricks you don’t make it pass my velvet rope.

    You’re still on The voice of the nation podcast. Come on man step your game up. You haven’t transitioned to radio, or a telecaster, or sideline reporter yet?!?! Come on man, you’re still playing in the minor leagues of broadcasting. LOL.

    You’re nothing compared to John Ireland, Mycheal Thompson, Steve Hartman, even Vic the Brick. Step your game up son!!!

    I obviously don’t truly feel this way. I love the podcast Brick Figgers and the others, but this is how ridiculous you sound arguing LBJ v Kobe.

    Just my 2.

  • Marc OC

    Little Jimmie Buss takes over and Jerry West and Phil
    Jackson walked away. I think two of the best basketball minds saw what was
    coming and left because they did not want to be associated with the fall of the
    Lakers franchise.


    Dr. Buss, your Lakers franchise value dropped by $100M the
    day Little Jimmie Buss was announced as taking over. Little Jimmie fires Brian Shaw
    and the scouts and clearly wants all association with the winning Phil Jackson
    era to scrubbed away.


    Instead of the continuity of the fan and player favorite Brian
    Shaw he brings in a retreaded coach. Shaw showed loyalty and could have left to
    become a head coach elsewhere but stayed because he was expecting to be the
    next coach. He earned it and deserved it and you repaid his loyalty by embarrassing
    him and then firing him after all the head coaching positions were filled. If Little
    Jimmie Buss can screw over someone like Shaw then what does he care about the fans
    that sit in the nosebleed section?


    Lakers fans immediately think of the once great Rams and how
    they crumbled after Georgia took over. She immediately fired her step son, ran
    off all the “football” people, and put in bean counters. Two moves later they
    are now looking to move out again because the St. Louis fans are still turned
    off by her years after her death.


    With Little Jimmie Buss in charge I guess in 2 or 3 years
    Staples Center will become recognized as the home of the Clippers and Sterling
    will be considered the top sports owner in town.


    Money doesn’t buy you class or smarts. Jerry buss was born
    with class and smarts and earned his money; Little Jimmy was born with money but
    hasn’t shown any class or smarts.