David Brickley & Kevin Figgers are LIVE as they talk about the Lakers off-season. They ‘bring you audio from the Lakers exit interviews, they speak with NBA TV’s Sekou Smith, and take your calls on who should be the next head coach of the purple and gold!


  • Who should be the Lakers next head coach: We take your calls
  • What went wrong this postseason? We’ll hear from the players themselves
  • What do Shannon Brown and Bill Clinton have in common?
  • Interview: Sekou Smith from NBA TV and NBA.com
  • A tribute to Kevin’s love for Lebron James
  • Pau comments on his postseason struggles and “Personal Issues”
  • We have exclusive audio from Kobe Bryant after Games 1-4 of the Dallas series
  • Laker great feels “Disrespected” by organization!

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  • NBA.com

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  • Guildtank

    hey, David, great show.I love these chats, but I sometimes I wish you don’t talk over your co-host so much.

  • Julian

    First off all, I love the podcast and I listen to it every chance I get. Great job guys! However, David just pissed me off when he said people who have questions about 9/11 are asinine and crazy. To me, it sounds like your ignorant about the subject because if you really took the time to research 9/11, then I’m positive you would have questions too. I have friend thats an engineer and he said that there is no possible way an airplane could have made a building of that nature collapse. Especially, demolition style! Where is the tape that shows an airplane hitting the pentagon? Nowhere! There are so many questions that need to be addressed, but our government wont do that. Anybody who questions what they say are called crazy! Why? To me it sounds like they are hiding something. 

    People like David are so gullible these days because they believe everything that comes from the government. Politicians are master manipulators and big liars, so for anybody not question something like 9/11 is ignorant! The facts speak for themselves! People need to wake up because our country is being destroyed as we speak! We are roughly 14 trillion dollars in debt, which almost surpasses our GDP. What does that mean bankruptcy! Most people in the US think we are invisible and that we will never be bankrupt, but think again! If things don’t change in Washington, we are looking at crisis like never seen before.