Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

To say that Lakers forward, Metta World Peace, has struggled this season would be a gross understatement. He is currently averaging career lows in almost every statistical category, including field goal percentage, where he is shooting a dismal 32% from the floor.

World Peace was outspoken in an interview with CBS Sports a few days ago saying that Lakers head coach, Mike Brown focuses too much on stats while not placing much emphasis on intangibles.

According to at least one Lakers player, whatever intangibles that World Peace believes he brings to the team, do not overshadow his overall ineffectiveness on a night in and night out basis. According to Joe McDonnell of one Laker player (under the condition of anonymity) expressed team-wide frustration with World Peace, and believes that many on the roster wouldn’t mind seeing the 14-year veteran leave:

“There are a lot of guys in here who’d just like to see him gone…I think we’d definitely be a better team if everyone didn’t have to walk on eggshells when he’s around.”

For all of his quirkiness and off the wall antics, World Peace has almost always carried public perception that he was well liked by many, if not all, of his teammates no matter where he played. However the mounting frustration with how the Lakers are performing, specifically on the offensive end of the floor, has possibly brought the players’ season-long frustrations to a head. World Peace can talk all he wants about intangibles and playing solid defense down the stretch of games, but one has to wonder if he is trying to convince Mike Brown and his teammates that he is truly being productive, or if he is simply trying to convince himself.