There is no doubt Gasol has not only played like an All-Star, but has made some sick plays you’ve never seen a 7 footer perform as well. That being said, he still is behind in the voting – get out there and vote Lakers fans!

L.A. Times: All-Star votes continue to be tallied, and, no shocker, Kobe Bryant leads the Western Conference. Pau Gasol, however, lags far behind the top West forwards.

He was sixth at last glance, trailing Tim Duncan, Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki and Ron Artest, but comfortably ahead of Bruce Bowen and Shane Battier.

“It’s tough to get voted in,” Gasol said. “You need to get all the fans to make a constant effort to send that vote in.”

Gasol had almost 500,000 votes when the league announced updated results Thursday. Duncan had more than 1.1 million votes and Stoudemire had almost 750,000.

Gasol, who was an All-Star with Memphis in 2006, is averaging 17.6 points, 9.0 rebounds and 3.8 assists, numbers that will probably translate to All-Star status as a reserve. Starters for the game will be announced Jan. 22, and backups will be selected a week later by all the coaches.

“If you get in by the coaching votes, that also has a great value because they know what’s really going on out there,” Gasol said.

Just the same, he acknowledged voting for himself.

“Once or twice, just to give me a couple extra votes,” he said, smiling.

The All-Star game is Feb. 15 in Phoenix.

  • lakerschamps09

    yea soo we all eed to vote for gasol…..

  • jason

    gasol wont win the fan vote..its a joke..thats why yao will start at center every year till he retires and why vince carter stays up their in votes..alot of fans just vote for the players they know well…i personally hate the fan vote in all sports.

  • ignard

    T-Mac has more votes then CP3….that should tell you how stupid fan voting is.

  • Chinua

    He’ll get in as a coaches vote.

  • Milo

    as far as im concerned, Gasol is a better PF than stupid ass Duncan and Amarre so that just goes to show how stupid and dumb all the voters are…

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Maybe he’ll make the reserve team =).

  • portman

    i’m voting for kobe, lamar, andrew and pau EVERYDAY. the only other player out west for me is B-Roy. that dude is my non-laker favorite.

  • portman

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    yeah, that’s bananas, man. this ain’t 2002 people, t-mac is long gone.


    We should have a campaign to get more votes for our Lakers players

  • joey riggs

    Pau doesn’t belong in the all star game, there is too much talent ahead of him