Now that the Lakers did not match Turiaf, what are they looking to do with Sasha? What about Artest; Dallas already said NO to Artest, so here is an update…

Hoopsworld: Word is talks with the Lakers and Sasha are not going anywhere fast and his camp is growing concerned that the Lakers may not be ready to pony up – Sasha has fired his agent Bill Duffy and is in the process of returning to Rob Pelinka in hopes of jump starting real discussions. Lakers sources say the change in agents basically starts everything over, and that a deal is not out of the question, it simply has to be in the right context and situation.

The Lakers continue to be one the most talked about destination for Ron Artest, who is expected to be traded before the opening of NBA training camps in October. Lakers sources continue to say there is interest, but not at the rumored expense of Lamar Odom.

  • Nocturnal Dream

    We need Sasha1 Forget Artest!

  • 2inthepink1inthestink

    We need Artest forget Sasha

  • PeanutButterSpread

    Good to hear if the Lakers are interested in Ron Artest but don’t want to trade Lamar for Bill-Bill. Seriously, Bill-Bill could have saved us a lot of time and speculation if he had just opted out.

    I have to admit, as much as I heart Ronny and love the Machine, the Machine did contribute more coming off the bench. Hopefully Sasha will keep improving in both shooting and defense.

  • LAKing

    Keep Sasha, Trade Lamar and BRING IN ARTEST!!!!!!!

  • Ethan
  • M0Z

    Come on Mitch….quit low balling Sasha. What other player from our bench scored 20 points in a finals game. The kid played with heart and passion. He’s young and gaining the much needed experience to be a solid back up for kobe or play the 2 when Kobe drops to the 3. Sign him and lets move on to looking for Turiaf’s replacement.

  • Freshh

    I don’t understand the F.O. sometimes

  • Jack Radmonski

    Sasha had one lucky game in the Finals. So what? This man is trash otherwise. He can’t play well when it counts and is your typical soft european who can’t play defense and flops like Manu.

  • xtro

    Addio l’macchina. Ciao Signore JJ Reddick.

  • Michael_23

    You know guys … we might be kinda screwed up here by the end of this month. If we lose Ronny to the Warriors and we move LO for Ron … whose are 2nd string PF? Vlad? Pshh.

    And we lose Sasha, whose are backup to KB?

  • goodfella

    dude you gotta keep sasha. feisty little a$$ defender, can shoot the ball, gaining playoff experience, it would be disastrous if you let this kid go, we can find a replacement for ronny, his minutes by the way will decrease next season w/ the incredible bynum coming back. sign the machine, get artest or the matrix, trip back to the finals next year. guaranteed

  • LakersFirst

    It depends what Sasha wants? Does he really think he’ll get a 5 year, $30M contract from the Lakers?

  • M0Z

    Why not…we gave 5 million to Space Cadet and Fluke Walton….

  • kb4sure

    i dont trust europian that much but we can try garbajosa good in the 3spot of the bench can shoot 3’s.let sasha go bring in coby can shoot and athletic and cheaper.don’t trade lamar for artest(he’s crrazy double headed monster)i rathered have marion over.what about josh smith?

  • Magic Abdul Jabbar

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    finally……someone talking some sense.

    Why is everyone so high on Sasha. Let me know when he makes a shot that matters. Its easy to shoot when you got a cussion and Kobe to bail you out. He can take his 7 PPG average and his stupid girly headband elsewhere. The $2.6m offered is by far the best offer he’ll get. Thank god its only for one year..

  • Mamba2410

    Let’s get Sasha, Garbajosa, how about we do a Odom, Mihm, Radmanovic, Walton for Marion and Artest trade, Walton is a very smart player who has a ton of basketball IQ, who doesn’t need that, am I right? Radmanovic may be an inconsistent shooter, sure, but he’s a very good one at best, and the only good shooters they got are Smush Parker (you know how he is…), Ricky Davis (no contract with them yet), Jason Williams (no contract yet either), Micheal Beasley (c’mon…he’s going to be mostly around the paint area), and the rest are bench warmers (Cook, Johnson, Cook, etc.). And finally, with Mihm, they are indesperate need for big men (they only got Beasley, Blount, Haslem and Marion [sort of]). While we get Marion, as he’ll help us with our defense along with him having a good jumpshot, that’ll help us also, and with Haslem, after two years, if we don’t want him, we can drop his 7-mill contract, but overall, he’s very strong for his height, and athletic, he’s also a pretty good rebounder as well, and he’s also a guy who works hard, in fact, I hear he’s a workhorse…he could be Turiaf’s replacement! So guys…what do you think of this trade?

  • Jamie Spears Insider

    We need Sasha, forget Artest. Sasha spreads the floor for us with his 3pt shooting. Artest can’t do that. It’s funny how people say LO can’t guard nobody. He was never asked to guard Paul Pierce. He never guarded SF, he always guarded PF. This is mainly b/c he was needed out of foul trouble since we don’t have Bynum.

  • lskerfan567

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    trade luke and mihm for varego f garjbosa(i take that back if he signs with the lakers)

  • yellowpurplefever

    I’d sign Sash for 3yrs/$10 mil or 4yrs/$12 mil. Just remember V-lady when he was in Seatle, the guy does not miss. That was why Kobe wanted him, bad. Fluke 2006 was descent enough for MLE at the time when he was producing. Who knows, once these guys got their $$$/big contracts then the game became secondary. Why? I dont know. But I know one thing “SHIP THEM OUT OF LA”
    Mitch has to come up with something creative, like send these guys to D-league for few days/weeks to wake them up. Give Ariza plenty of minutes, YEAH!

  • Smush Walton

    I hope Sasha is working on his game. He’s too inconsistent. 20 points one game – 1 for 10 the next. Also he’s got to quit the stupid flopping and learn to play real defense. His matador D play on Ray Allen at the end of game 4 (was it?) was a disgrace.

  • Sasha Vuyacic

    we need me on this team
    i love the laker nation