Will the real O�Neal please stand up?L.A. Times: Where’s Jermaine O’Neal? Still a member of the Indiana Pacers.

The Lakers and Pacers have stalled on trade talks involving the six-time All-Star forward-center because the Lakers do not want to give up both Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom in a swap for O’Neal and power forward Troy Murphy, a source said. The Lakers would also include Kwame Brown in the trade.

O’Neal, 28, is consistently among the league leaders in points, rebounds and blocked shots. He averaged 19.4 points, 9.6 rebounds and 2.6 blocked shots last season, the continuation of a career that has been on a solid track since he was traded from Portland to the Pacers in 2000.

Murphy, 27, has outside range and rebounds well, but is a subpar defender who would be included in a deal primarily as salary-cap ballast. The four years and $42.3 million he has left on his contract, coupled with the three years and $64.1 million left on O’Neal’s contract, would practically guarantee that the Lakers would pay the luxury tax for years to come.

Numerous sources have said O’Neal wants to play in L.A., but the Lakers simply do not want to part with Odom and Bynum to make it work. Lakers officials declined to comment Thursday.

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  • Fredos

    The Lakers have done the correct thing in not taking O’Neal for Bynum AND Odom. As I have said before, it should be one or the other, not both. And what the hell are the Pacers thinking trying to unload Murphy on us?

    As I have said, instead of going for a Jermaine O’Neal or a Kevin Garnett or a Pau Gasol, why don’t we first go for some smaller but significant peices. First of all, why don’t we try to get Ron Artest. He would almost instantly solve our peremeter defense problems. Then why don’t we go for someone like Marcus Camby, who would solve our interior problems. Those don’t seem like big additions, but with players like those it is most likely that:

    1) We wouldn’t have to trade Bynum
    2) We wouldn’t have to trade Odom
    3) We get help with some of the Lakers weak point.

  • punkjones

    I’m really tired of the “I wouldn’t trade LO and Bynum for JO and . . .(fill in the blank)” talk. I would go ahead and do it. JO is our last best option right now in terms of doing something real. Murphy is a decent big man to get back as well, a ridiculously better fit than Tinsley. It doesn’t solve our problem in containing guard play, but you could use the MLE for that. Not sure Tinsley was exactly the guy we were looking for to do that anyway.

    I would have utterly no problem with doing that trade. At this point I don’t see what the Lakers have to lose, except for Kobe. Maybe others here are content to have Bynum to build around instead of Kobe but I’m not feeling that way. We simply don’t have the luxury of time to wait for Bynum to develop. You’ve got to gamble – and Murphy and JO is not a bad gamble in this system. One is a superstar player, albeit in the East, and the other is a very serviceable big guy who can shoot. Maybe we can include Cook or Vlad Rad in the trade as they will be expendable with Murphy.

    If the Lakers blow this one they can go ahead and kiss Kobe goodbye. Really. We can sit around all we want and be couch GM’s but the fact is the franchise player has said that if things don’t happen he’s gone. As usual Mitch is going to screw around, not get anything done and we’ll be stuck. You think Lamar and Bynum are too much to give up now (I sure as hell don’t!)? Just wait until you have to have a fire sale for Kobe when he opts out. That will not be pretty. Think we’ll get half of Chicago’s team at that point? We’ll be completely screwed just like we were with Shaq. Laker management has a chance to redeem itself now by getting the deal that many thought we should have for Shaq in the first place, Jermaine O’ Neal and another serviceable player (and Murphy is a hell of a lot better than Croshere who was on the table then).

    This is no time to get precious about Bynum. It’s not like he’s going to get a world of playing time under Jackson anyway. Dude is not down with Bynum.

  • http://www.kb24.com darkice18

    i hope theres a way of getting JO w/o trading Kobe,LO,Farmar,Ronny,Luke….

  • http://hellbydante.deviantart.com hellbydante

    Fredos does have a point… but i’d love to see JO in LA without giving up Odom tho… any chances of a multi team trade with the lakers?

  • SILO


  • Rpoc

    Outrageous. Laker/Kobe fans are getting desperate if they want to do an offer the Pacers would love to do to redeem themselves form their GSW trade. Let’s just bend over once more to another team’s demands. Sweeeet

  • kgmvp

    For me the lakers have to trade kwame, lamar and bynum fo JO and Troy Murphy Accpet the deal Pls.!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why?
    1. The lakers still have a 1st rd pick in the draft and they can get somebody like bynum or even better than bynum.
    2. We get JO and TM we win in this deal troy can give 12 15 ppg and JO is an all star.
    breakdown its gonna be KOBE OR BYNUM WHY?
    we dont get an all star for sure kobe will not wear laker uniform next year. If I were the lakers accept the deal. They still have a pick that they can use for the so called FUTURE. Just accept it pls.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Martin

    I think the headline “Lakers & Pacers talks stall” rings as more desperate than it really is. The Pacers aren’t really in a position to walk away from the Lakers and deal elsewhere. For one, despite what they might say publicly, they must move O’neal. The team hasn’t improved in 3 or 4 seasons and he takes up far too much salary space for that; also, he’s the last link to the Detroit brawl, which they would love to be completely removed from. Beyond that, there’s is no other team that they can realistically make a deal with and I’m sure the Lakers know this. The Lakers desperation may be more public knowledge, but the Pacers aren’t exactly living free and easy. Both teams need to make a move and both teams have a player the other wants (O’neal and Bynum). To say that talks have stalled doesn’t mean that they are over. Like Mike Bresnahan wrote in his article, the draft is in a couple of weeks and free agency is not far beyond that; NBA deals become a lot more likely around that time.


    Who in their right sense of mind would trade LO and Bynum (arguably will be one of the greaters center to come) for JO? Bynum has a LONGGGG way to go.. and if ya’ll forgot… JO did not just come out of the gates… He struggled as well too and it took him a while to take his game to that of an allstar level.. do we really want to wait for Bynum to flourish? And this is one those decision that the laker’s front office has to face. Basically put it this way… Bryant now or Bynum for later.. … THINK!

    Lakers Problems
    Point Guard!

  • Ruin323

    I am a huge Laker Fan but and an even bigger Kobe fan, this is why it disappoints me to see the situation we are in, Kobe first and foremost Kobe went about his frustrations all wrong, he went public when he shouldnt have, by him venting his frustration he severely hurt the Lakers because now all the teams in the NBA see how bad the Lakers need a trade and that decreases the value of our players, when in the past we could of made some fair trades now the other teams want more from the Lakers because they know we need it and it is in their best interest now not to help us because they might have a shot of landing Kobe. He hurt the Lakers and evaluating the situation at this point it would be best for the Lakers if they did trade him.
    The best deal would be to Chicago for Gordon, Wallace, Deng, and the 9th pick. If that was to be done then the lakers have more pieces to work with and dont have any more pressure, then they can still pursue Garnett or Oneal by offering the 9th pick, Bynum, Wwamen Deng and Etc but if they can somehow keep Lamar they would have a strong contender linupe such as –

    Pg- Farmar (or a strong off season pickup)
    Sg- Gordon
    Sf- Odom
    Pf- Garnett or Oneal
    C – Wallace

  • http://www.hottopic.com Mr.47

    I think Kobe did give less value to our pieces. We are playoff contenders, the Lakers actually have talented players they can trade. Giving up LO and Bynum is too much. I would do what I can to keep bynum before keeping LO. LO is a strong player, but he’s never been consistent with us. If we didn’t have to trade LO, I wouldn’t, but his inconsistency makes him a trade piece.

    BTW, you do not trade Kobe. He might have messed w/ everyone’s value, but he’s still the best. We need our star to shut up and stay loyal, then we need to build around him no matter what.

  • magic32

    hahaha i want kobe to go to the bulls but you actually think the bulls would send deng,gordon,and wallace. Also how do you plan on getting JO or KG w/o giving up odom. Pacers and Twolves won’t give up one of the top rebounders in the league w/o getting one back.


    just make the trade mitch….stop being a little bitch!!!!!!!

  • Ruin323

    I think Bynum is overated. If you look at the superstars now that came out of high school and look and earlier videos you can see hunger in their eyes and they play with a passion to try to prove themselves, Bynum lacks that hunger, he expects everything to be handed to him and everybody to be easy on him, that is not the type of attitude that is gong to make him a superstar. As far as picking up O’neal or Garnett w/ out giving up Odom is possible if the Kobe-Chicago deal is done, the lakers can then at that point trade Deng, Bynum, Brown, the 9th pick, or even make a 3 team trade for either player. I would Love to keep Kobe but if he does end up being traded this seems like the best scenario and presents the best options for the Lakers. But overall the first move shold be to fire Mitch, but the first mistake the lakers made the started the downward spiral was not voiding V-Rads contract when they had the chance to sign someone else.

  • lakerfan81

    Only 3 million!! WAIT!! let me dig around in my couch for some loose change and I will pay it.

  • wreck24

    I hate all u idiot fake fans that say you dont wanna give up BYNUM and ODOM for J.O i mean come on KOBE bryant wants moves and wants them now are we going to wait for an unproven player in BYNUM and a inconsistent player in LAMAR ODOM a man who HAS NEVER BEEN AN ALL STAR!!! PLEASE LAKERS FRONT OFFICE get it done no matter what i think we would be solid and a contender instantly .And if that dont work out i have another trade propose thats a hot rumor that was said in the lakers flag-ship station xtrasports am570 THE LOOSE CANNONS 12PM TO 4 PM its a 3 team deal involving the Lakers,Pacers,Nuggets…….Lakers trade L.O,BYNUM,KWAME,SASHA and/or the 19th pick to Idiana for J.O and JAMAL TINSLEY then the pacers would then send the nuggets that wanna realease salary cap room FOSTER,DIOGU then the nuggets would ship the Lakers Marcus Camby. The Lakers would also trade LUKE WALTON,JORDAN FARMAR to Sacramento for RON ARTEST………..PLZ LAKERS JUST GET IT DONE KOBE BRYANT NEEDS HELP!!!!!!!!!

  • lakersforlife77

    Whatever the Lakers do, they better not give up Odom in a trade for anybody besides Garnett(who has no chance of even being traded unless it is for amare). So I would like to see them get Gasol besides O’neal, just forget about him.

  • punkjones

    I do agree with Ruin 323 that Bynum is overrated. I do not get some people’s attachment to him here – he’s going to be one of the greatest centers ever? Please. I believe he’s got some competitive fire as evidenced his first year in that exchange with Shaq, that was great. But by the end of last year his confidence and his game really dwindled. That was not the case with guys like Stoudemire and Garnett at his age or even JO when he was a bench warmer on Portland. I remember him coming in and giving Shaq in his prime a difficult time. So all this crap about Bynum’s potential is looking pretty thin right now. He has some decent post moves but he’s damn slow and he doesn’t have a clue about defense yet. He may be a good player in a few years but we all know that we don’t have that luxury of time.

    Odom is pretty much gone. He’s a nice player, but he has not worked out with Kobe. Odom’s best moments as a Laker have been with Kobe off the floor. There’s no getting around that fact. And he is really prone to some disconcerting mental mistakes near the ends of games.

    Definitely, not voiding Cat Stevens’ contract was a huge error. They should have seen enough of him to know the signing was a mistake by that time. Even if the players’ Union would have gotten into the mix, he still would have lost. He clearly violated his contract.

  • punkjones

    I’m still thinking they should have gone ahead and made that trade.

  • evill

    trade andrew bynum,brian cook,kwame brown,19th pick for jermaine oneal and someone else,andrew is not in his prime,when hes in his prime,kobe wont be good anymore,i should they should trade him.

  • Ciek

    Andrew bynum has star potentional, but by the time he reaches that. Kobe will just be another great role player.