This will be a blockbuster of a season.

San Francisco Gate: The Lakers will host Houston in the other opening-night game on TNT. The Rockets hope to have Yao Ming back in the lineup after he missed last season with a foot injury.

The Christmas schedule will again feature five games, highlighted by the return of the Heat-Lakers matchup…

  • andy

    lakers vs heat on xmas day? NO ONE WOULDA EVER GUESSED

  • Westcoast B!tch

    That xmas game is going to be garbage! I like when the Lakers play Portland at the Rose Garden cuz that sh!t is like Game 7 for the Blazers when the Lakers are in town! Also wish Lakers played Boston on opening night, imagine Shaq watching Kobe get his 5th ring!

    • Carlos Osorio

      LOL. Shaq would be super bitter watching Kobe get his 5th ring and pass him up on the count list!!

      • gameplan

        If shaq should have been a celdicks earlier before the release of the schedule, that might be the celdicks in LA on the oppening night. there is no much sweeter than shaq watching kobe take his 5th ring, and shake hands while kobe’s wearing it. the BIG jealousy!

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so who does the HEAT open up with?


      Go fuck yourself, you are so in love with the Lakers you don’t know your own team, typical wagon.

    • 3queenswho?

      they open up at boston, should be a good game

    • NBAmazingKB24

      laker follower.

  • Genius

    i predicted dat lakers will face heats on the xmas day
    and i am right,,,

    • keepon_keepinon18

      You’re a genius!

    • Reality Check

      Your name should be “Capt. Obvious”

  • Fuego

    I cant wait for the Heat to blow out the Lakers. I wonder if Laker fans will throw debris on court like last Christmas, when the Cavs whooped on ya’ll.

    • LbC Ya562

      Wasnt thaat the season we won a championship too?…. Fag, yet another troll. I swear its great to be the #1 team. All the dick riders are all here in abundance, Laffs, fuego.. and a shit load more who probably dont even say shit. HATE HATE HATE

      • ignard

        Priceless……….we lost the Christmas game but won the last game of the season.

    • 3queenswho?

      what’s gonna be your excuse when heat doesn’t win this season

    • Carlos Osorio

      Yup. If Lakers fans do that again oh well. Cause championships are won in the playoffs not regular season son.


      lmao! fuego? you sound like a REALLY REALLY! cheap car. who ended up winning the championship last year? and the year before? is the Christmas game the only game you watch? YUP I WAS RIGHT YOUR A HOOPTY…

  • shamrock

    shaq to the celtics.
    lakers should say bye bye to the title.

    • 242LakerFan

      You mean the title of “1 of 4 teams Shaq shat on when he left”? You’re right, because we’re soon to be “1 of 5 teams Shaq shat on when he left”.

    • NBAmazingKB24

      lol thats funny. shaq to the celtics going to bring them a championship? lol funny shit.

    • The Big Clover

      The Lakers no longer can match up with the Celtics. The Lakers size means nothing anymore. Shaq will eat Bynum alive!!!!!!!

      • team_me

        we have a way better chance 2 go back 2 the finals the east is way tougher now.!

      • Carlos Osorio

        Wat?????????? Are you serious???? Man Shaq will miss 30 plus games like he has the last couple of seasons.

        • shamrock

          very true Big Clover. the celtics match up way better to the lakers now. plus they have much better bench with more defensive intensity minded players.
          i dont see how the lakers can get past this team in a 7 game series.
          imagine perkins, shaq, jermaine, garnet, wallace (????) coming at your bigs. fact is lakers are still soft in their frontline..
          bynum is as injury prone as shaq. remember that. if he goes down, it is curtains for the lakers.
          they should have grabbed shaq (egos aside). thats what differentiates the celtics from the rest. last year they made a steal in rasheed. this year they got jermaine & shaq.
          wake up lakers.. t-mac is still available.. just forget the chemistry issues and sign t-mac.
          else we are going to sleep on intensity come playoff time and just rely on prayers.

          • ThEMVP

            shamrock is probably Clover talking to himself agreeing with himself -LMAO ! all new-lows for C-Heat-trolls

  • Robert.

    The Cell-Dicks have finally reached the grandfathers trifecta status. Everyone on the team is over 100 years old, average weight 300 lb., can run the 100 meter in a few years. This will be the league’s slowest team now!
    Break out the wheelchairs! The Celtics are in town!
    Meantime, Heat vs. Lakers. One of 5 games on Christmas Day. No surprise. And we should re-iterate that the Lakers got 100% tougher (never mind just raw talent). We got some mean people on the team now. They’re not gonna stand by and watch DWade and LeBron high fly in the air – there’s gonna be some fly swatting happening. Looking forward to a good Christmas scuffle.
    Santa’s gonna stay home and watch the game – and the Lakers are gonna make it to the ‘naughty’ list. No Christmas gifts next year – except another Championship.


      You right, Santa will stay home to watch the game! He’s gonna farm out his routes man. You know how all the customer service is Indian now? Well, so is the new Santa… his name is SHANTI CLAUS! Hahaha!

      It’s a great way to start the season fellas… one of the 2 FCUKIN HATED ones in the east is gonna start off 0-1! I love it! I can’t ask for a better way to start the season… the Lakers 1-0 and either the Celd!cks or the Heels are gonna be 0-1!

      GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gus26

    the boston dinasours…

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    so everyone on the celtics are as old as FISHER?

    • 242LakerFan

      No actually no one on the Celtics is as old as Fisher if you measure their age like trees, by counting the rings!

  • laffs atu

    i love the LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kb24isthebest

      wat the helll?????/?
      than why do u always sit here hating???

  • Mike

    Haha poor Trevor Ariza, has to watch the Lakers get their rings and raise the banner the year after he decided to leave…. probably wishing he took that deal.

    • 242LakerFan

      Yeah, at least last year he was getting his ring as well. This time he has to just watch and dream of what might have been. Oh well.

  • kb24isthebest

    man everyone is saying that heat is gonna beat the lakers but they havent even seen them play and they already pick them as there favorites?!?!!?!? I HOPE we CRUSH the heat on christmas day!!!!!!!!!

  • http://57.amklac/ laffs atu

    im a fagget!