Welcome back Fish!

TSN: The Los Angeles Lakers have re-signed free agent guard Derek Fisher, the club announced Wednesday.

Per team policy, no details of the deal were released. However, according to a report in Monday’s Los Angeles Times, Fisher has agreed to a three-year deal to remain with the team he helped to the last two NBA titles.

Fisher, who turns 36-years old in August, was reportedly being wooed by Pat Riley and the new-look Heat after LeBron James and Chris Bosh signed contracts with the team last week.

But Fisher will stay in LA, where he has spent 11 of his 14 NBA seasons, including the last three. Fisher was also with the Lakers for their three- peat from 2000-2002.

“At the end of the day, there’s one person I could not turn away from. Kobe Bryant asked me to stay but supported whatever decision I made. He and I have played together for 11 seasons, came into the league together as kids, and has been loyal to me even when others had doubts,” Fisher said in a statement. “I have decided to continue with Kobe, continue with our teammates and the fans of Los Angeles…Let the hunt for six begin.”

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  • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

    The deal is projected at $10.5 million over 3 years which comes down to $3.5 million a year. The contract is officially signed now, and he is officially a Laker.

  • Westcoast B!tch

    How the fuccc is Walton getting more money than D-Fish! Was Mitch smoking some good crakkk when he signed Walton to this contract that is killing the Lakers. D-Fish should be making at least 6 million, sh!t Darko Milichich is making 5 mill & that dude is a fucccin bumb. D-Fish is a mutha fuccin winner!

    • http://www.twitter.com/TLN24 Marwan Marzina

      When Luke was re-signed, he was averaging 11 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. Not bad as a role player and he was the most important role player for us at the time too. Still, I agree, the extension he got was a bit too much.

      • Sir

        What an asshole for being a contract year player. Playing good for one year to get paid then deciding to take a nap for the duration of his new contract. Fuck luke.

  • justdogm1

    thank-you, his defense is always good for a laugh,keeps other teams in games..

  • Laker s Army

    White Man cant run or jump or shot or defend.
    Oh but he passes well so does my 10 year old.
    Loke is a waste first he gives up his start position to Ariza . Ill just sit here and collect.Then he has no heart
    even though Farmar could not lead a band of idiots
    at least he has the balls to say he would like to try.
    Luke get real dude. Go to your crummy restraunt with your fucking gay ass friend we trade cant remeber his name dude had big ears. Brian Cook. He sucks like you
    cant hit open shots cant drive .
    What good are you but to collect checks.
    This makes me angry. Your dad raised you well
    collect and do nothing. Luke are you and Ammo
    car pool buddies because you both SUCK.

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