Lamar Odom loves L.A. and L.A. love Lamar. Let’s just hope we can get him re-signed and begin our dynasty.

L.A. Times: There has been no movement in negotiations between the Lakers and free-agent forward Lamar Odom.

Odom, who made $14.1 million last season, is asking for $10 million per year in a new contact. Los Angeles doesn’t appear willing to grant his request, especially with their payroll increasing.

“There’s really nothing to report,” said a source.

If the Lakers don’t re-sign Odom, there only spending tool is the biannual exception, an offer of a two-year contract starting at $1.99 million.

“I hope so,” Kobe Bryant said of Odom returning. “He better be.”

  • kobe8

    ahhh f*ck

  • Robert

    This is not a good sign. We def. need LO for a championship next year. But if he doesn’t sign, maybe we can get Ariza back (he hasn’t signed yet) – I’m sure he’d take $8M for 3 years.

  • RJ

    Lamar better not do what ariza did

  • lakerferlife7

    Jul 7th, 2009 at 11:35 am
    This is not a good sign. We def. need LO for a championship next year. But if he doesn’t sign, maybe we can get Ariza back (he hasn’t signed yet) – I’m sure he’d take $8M for 3 years

    Sme people are just stupid^^^^^^

  • LakersFirst

    In the event that LO does leave (only saying it because IT IS a probability), I’m curious what plan B is for a backup Power Forward.

  • LakersFirst

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    I would like to add that I hope Portland signs Andre Miller. Portland needs a point guard and Andre Miller would eat up some of their cap space, which could prevent them from offering LO more than the Lakers can.


  • Lex

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    maybe package farmar and vujacic for a decent pf?

  • lakers101

    LO= Champions!!

  • http://Twitter Israel

    There shouldnt be a plan “B”. Just get LO signed. It is very obvious that the East is loading up. People cant add players and us to subtract players and expect to Repeat. It would be a HUGE mistake for Buss and Kupchek not to do EVERYTHING possible to get LO resigned.

  • desecrator91

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    Ya, i agree man but we still got to have a backup plan. I say the next best guy out there would be Brandon Bass. Hes young, strong, athletic and would give us even more toughness at the back PF. Hopefully it never comes to that though…..

  • lakerwar

    LO doesn’t sing there David Lee

  • cjm

    i would like to take this opportunity to say good bye to lamar, and hello to shaun merriman.

  • vbean

    get a clue no lo no championship

  • LakerFanThinkinReal

    LO!!!another ring or more cash?????

  • Andrew

    watch and comment please! my first mix

    shannon brown!

  • Robert

    Shawn Marion would be a good fit if LO doesn’t want to come back. Shawn has been a top defender for years, and just like LO, can play different positions.

    But of course, we’d rather have LO back. It’s hard to find a ‘replacement’ center for when Bynum gets injured, or gets 2 fouls in the first 5 seconds of any game.

    I think he’s playing softball with Lakers management (by considering Portland – not a good place for him to play, actually). Remember that LO is a ‘big city’ guy; LA and NY. Portland just wouldn’t work for LO’s nightlife. I think Kup’s should counter with $9M instead of $8M .. Buss will recover ALL luxury tax in playoff and Finals revenue.

  • kkk

    here we go again….greeeeeeeeeed”””!!!!!!!!…..thats why this world is corrupt…

    ignorant bz’s and money would F* u up—ReAl TAlK!!


    “I hope so,” Kobe Bryant said of Odom returning. “He better be.”

    Stop worrying! The Lakers WILL sign him!

  • Logicguy


    Do you guys really think you could get Marion for 1.9 mil? Portland would love to stick it to the lakers. The Lakers should have private detectives on LO’s tail 24/7 and if he tries to get on a plane, kidnap him and take him directly to the owners house where a contract should be waiting for him to sign. If he gets on a plane he will not return a Laker.

  • Logicguy

    THIS LO PORTLAND THING IS SCARRY (Are you listening Dr Buss?)

    Sports fans in Portland are saying they are trying to play low key publicly on this but are working hard behind the scenes to pull a fast STEAL without the Lakers having a chance to respond. A quiet pre emptive bid with pressure to take it now or we will go to David Lee. The fact that we do not hear anything down here in LA scares me. He may already be up there. Lakers will not repeat without LO and will not get out of the West if he is in Portland. LAKERS MUST ACT QUICK AND DECISIVE to keep this from happening. Get rid of one of the following; Morrison 5MIL, Walton 6MIL, Sasha 5MIL and carry only 14 players. If LO is gone, the whole organization is at fault. It has to be done quick. You will not have a chance to match!!!!!!!


    LO aint goin nowhere man. if we dont sign him then that whole letting ariza go was pointless. LO obviosly became the Lakers priority between those two when they wouldn’t offer ariza any money. its always something every year. but Odom is stayin in LA.

  • Fred A.

    here is articl- the word “destined” sounds positive!!!

  • lakers1fan

    f#cK that, eff Odom too! Greedy muthafukers. I mean, if he doesn’t sign is there anyone else that we can sign??? someone like Marion, Matt Barnes, Brandon Bass, Channing Frye, Al Harrington, or Grant Hill??? I felt sad to see how Ariza left and the reasons behind it but Odom? < He is VERY inconsistant and plays hard when he wants too. I mean I understand why everyone is so critical on getting (LO)back put I would rather have Ariza back then Odom. Kupchak, please look into Marion {THE MATRIX or even Bass and/or Harrington} PLZ…..


    It would Be very very bad if Odom is taken by our rising rival Portland… If we can’t keep him its going to be hard to win another championship. PLEASE SIGN LAMAR! PLEASE!