Kobe BryantESPN: While there seems little doubt Kobe Bryant wants out of Los Angeles, the Lakers don’t appear ready to make a move.

“I think we’ve made our position clear on that publicly and we have nothing further to say on the matter at this time,” team spokesman John Black said Monday.

Black referred to a statement issued by team owner Jerry Buss on May 30, which said in part: “We will continue to pursue every avenue possible to improve our team with [Bryant] as the cornerstone.”

Buss issued the statement after speaking with Bryant. The day before, Bryant first said he wanted to be traded during a radio interview, but seemed to backtrack on another interview after speaking with Lakers coach Phil Jackson.

Buss and Bryant met face-to-face last Friday in Barcelona, and while the Los Angeles Times and Riverside Press-Enterprise quoted sources as saying Bryant still wanted out, Black declined comment other than to say: “Our position is what was said at that meeting between the two of them will remain between the two of them.”

Buss, owner of the Lakers since 1979, recently sent a letter to season ticket-holders regarding the team’s desire to be successful.

“We received about 1,000 e-mails expressing concerns, opinions and frustrations,” Black said. “Dr. Buss wanted to address the matter himself.”

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  • LA-KB24

    KOBE is not gonna get traded … this is all just a brief time a frustration.. there is no way Dr Buss is getting ride of Kobe now or ever!

  • lakersforlife77

    Good……atleast ESPN is finally acknowledging it

  • Laker1988

    There is no way the lakers will ever give up Kobe.

  • lakersforlife77

    Disregard my triple post there, I thought my comments weren’t going thru because they weren’t showing up.

  • Ashraf

    im not even old enough to get a job yet but still if me and jerry buss wanted to be the owner of the lakers i think lakers would choose me and i think i would do a better job than him. we would have kidd JO and maybe.

  • Mr RiCo

    wishful thinking..

  • Big D

    Perhaps an overlooked part of this post is that Kobe’s demand to be traded on the website http://mamba.kb24.com/ is gone now.

    Subtle yet interesting I’d say.

    In fact, there are only two reasons I could see this happening: 1) The Lakers are much closer to making a deal that will make Kobe happy; 2) Kobe realized (perhaps through a gentle “reminder from the Laker’s FO) that his trade demands are hurting rather than helping their ability to sign better talent.

    I am sure we’ll know why soon enough and, until then, I am equally sure we will hear another 100 or so Kobe rumors.

    After the most dismal TV ratings for the NBA finals of all time (Google “NBA Finals 2007 ratings”), the media is pretty desperate for something that will grab people’s attention.

  • David

    Who would want a player and a teammate that doesn’t want to play for you. I don’t know why you guys keep defending the man. As great as he is, he’s even more selfish and immature and hindering chances of a trade going through to bring in help for him.

  • Mr RiCo

    KG is coming to the Lakers sooner OR later. Hopefully, sooner THAN later!

  • rjpnoi408


  • punkjones

    Kobe not going. At least this week . . . tune in next week for more Laker drama. I’m like an addict now. It’s boring again already.

  • Justin M.

    What the hell. On kb24.com on the true fans speak out all their comments say the dont care if Kobe leaves and would be just fine with it. I bet thoose were carefully picked out.


    it’s good to hear that kobe aint going anywhere..but wat about him staying with the lakers?? thats different>

  • Papihitman

    Dr.Buss is a drunker!

  • LA-KB24

    yo everyone notice that on Kobe site– KB24.com he took all his truth coments r gone– no more trade requests!! check it out kb24.com

  • lakerfan81

    I still do not think the lakers will trade Kobe. It just does not make sense either from a basketball stand point (Duh!!!) or a business one. The second one might be more important then the first one though. Do you think people are going to pay that price to see Ben Gordon and Luol Deng? NO. People just need to calm down and be patient. I still have (some) faith in Dr. Buss that he will be able to fix things at least for a little while. I think in the last couple of years that he has had less to do with the lakers than he has in the past. He is getting (very) old and he has been letting his son take more and more control. The problem is that Jim Buss does not know anything about basketball at all. But after hearing Byrant being so upset, I think Dr. Buss will remember that he still loves the lakers (even though its a business first) and will step in and tell everyone including his son to make something happen. So I expect a big trade to occur before the Draft. Then maybe another one afterwards around July 1st. so everyone needs to be patient, Kobe will be a laker at least for one more year.

  • punkjones

    LF81 –
    Rosen’s saying he expects a big trade, too (not Kobe), by the Lakers just before or on draft day. I just hope that Lakers FO gets involved in KG talks. So many people are dismissive about it right now, but it’s common knowledge that the Wolves are listening to offers. We know that KG is the guy the Lakers have been wanting all along. Maybe they can get it done. Sure it would be nice to wait until he opts out next year but there is no way, in this current shape of Lakers disarray, to know if he’d consider coming here for something as cheap as the MLE. That’s crazy thinking. Might as well go after the big fish (I mean ticket). Put Lamar and Bynum on the table for KG and see what’s up. LO, Bynum and our pick is a lot to offer McHale. It’s a hell of a lot better than what Boston can do.

  • lakerfan81

    I agree with you but I think The # 5 pick and Al jefferson is pretty impressive. Al Jefferson will be a pretty impressive player in a few years. But its worth a try to go after KG. I think KG has a lot of potential to sway any trades because his contract is up next year. He can basically debunk any trades he does not like by saying that he wil just opt out in a year. No team will want to take that risk of trading for KG if he specifically says he wants to play in LA. So Kobe and Dr. Buss need to call him and say come to LA. I think the most realistic trade right now though is the o’neal trade. I think the only reason that it has not happened is because if theres a way to keep either Bynum or Odom then why not try up until the draft.
    If they make that trade they need to keep the 19th pick and Brown. Jo is better at playing PF then he is at center. Brown, even though he can’t play offense, is a good defender. Plus his expiring contract is a good trading comodity especially toward the trading dead line next season.

    With a healthy team I think the lakers were a player or two away from being legitimate contenders (thats why I think Kobes so upset). trading lamar and Bynum for O’neal doesn’t make the team any worse (better defensively), so they would still be a peice or two away from actually contending (barring injury). You never know who will be available toward the trading deadline next season, the lakers just might be able to contend.

  • rmeazy82


  • lakerfan81

    Here is a link for the most well thought out take on where the lakers stand right now. It is the is the most realistic take I have read so far and probably perfectly highlights exactly what the lakers are thinking of doing right now.


  • punkjones

    LF81 –
    I totally agree with all your well spoken points here. You’re right about Jefferson, he does look like he could be something very special. If they could land Jianlin at the 5 that would be a strong move for them. I’m not high on any of the Florida guys so I was maybe taking the high draft pick too lightly. I’m with you all the way that JO does not want to play center, so keeping Brown, as annoying as he can be, is probably something they need to do as we have no other able bodies (will Mihm ever be able to play again?). We’ve got Turiaf, who could be great as a backup 4 and 5, but I don’t think anyone would be comfortable with him as a starting center.

    So yeah, if they could hold on to that 19 and Brown, I think it could be great. Those two guys Bynum and Odom seem to be the ones Indy are focused on. I never thought they would be so intent on Odom but there it is. Defense would be improved greatly to have JO along with Kwame in the front court.

    On other fronts, if Bynum is traded for JO that takes him off the negotiating table for Artest, which I think is a good thing. He and Walton are really too much for Artest. But if Bynum is gone already maybe visit a Walton straight up for Artest trade. I don’t think the Kings can really do better than that. Problem is Lakers FO are so conservative right now and I doubt highly that if they make the move for JO they will want to take a risk on Artest. Especially giving up a guy they all like so much in Walton. I would do it, though. I’m not sold on Walton. He’s slow, a defensive liability, and a bad shooter – notice his reversion to old habits later in the second half of the season. Not all of that was because of injury, he came down to earth even before the injury.

    Walton’s a good guy, but Artest at small forward with Kwame, JO and Kobe would be incredible. They would still and do still need to deal with their lack of point guard through trade or MLE, but I just don’t even know who that could be. Maybe go big with Grant Hill but he’s a guy I would really worry about in terms of injury – much more than JO.

    Anyway to get possibly get Banks from Phoenix somehow? His stock is way down but I’ve always heard he’s an excellent defender. Rumor is they took him to get him away from the Lakers and if so probably not going to happen in a trade. I was just thinking maybe someone like Cook who is redundant here but might remind them of Tim Thomas.

    Otherwise who the heck is out there who could play some D at the point guard position. Granted I’d take Tinsley at this point just to have someone.

  • lakerfan81

    punkjones I don’t know what to do about the PG position either but if you could get Artest (but thats a huge risk and the only way I see the kings trading him to La is if they think he will sabotage them. But maybe Phil can control him. Marion would be better but thats not going to happen unless everyone in phx has lost their mind) then you wouldn’t need a great defensive player, you would just need someone to bring the ball up the court and someone who could shoot. But before you make a trade that requires both bynum and odom you need to see what other trades are available. If you could get a player like Gasol without giving up odom (I doubt it) that would be better. Even if they got O’neal I don’t think they could compete for a championship (unless you kept odom). But maybe they could work something out with Cook and the 19 pick or our two 2nd round picks to pick up a solid veteran player. then who know with kobe anything can happen. There is no easy answer right now. The biggest problem is that when they traded shaq they took Brian Grants gigantic over-bloated contract so they have no cap space to work with. But even if they do not get any better they will not t4rade Kobe. The only way they will do that is if Kobe says he won’t play and I think Dr. Buss would call his bluff. Plus If kobe did refuse to play that wold greatly deminish his trade value. So that won’t happen. Right now I don’e see the lakers competing next year unless (not tryong to jinx anyone) Duncan and Nash get hurt.

  • punkjones

    Hmm. Yeah, the point guard thing is pretty dire right now. Just JO isn’t enough to go all the way, but if they get the guts to trade Walton for Artest, high stakes high rewards, they would be damn close. Not sure they will take that risk though. Maybe they need to take Tinsley in that JO trade, though it would have luxury tax connotations. Still, better than what they’ve got right now. Farmar cannot start at this point, and of course, Smush is gone. He sucks.

    I would love to see the Lakers package Cook and try to pick someone good up. But I’m not sure they can’t get someone decent with the MLE.

    Gasol is a great plan B to JO. In some ways I like his game even more, but like you said not as good man on man defender.

    Grant’s contract was an absolute killer. They had the choice to take Eddie Jones or Grant and I wanted them to bring Eddie back to LA so bad. He was my favorite Laker and I’ll never let Shaq off the hook for all his “I need a shooter” crap – pushing for Jerry West to trade Eddie. What did they do? Traded an all star and a decent if sleepwalking power forward in Elden Campbell for a broken down has been in Glen Rice who only lasted a year and a half. Eddie was a true Laker. Remember when Eddie used to play in the backcourt with Kobe? That was amazing. Eddie was the guy who alerted Jerry West to Kobe to begin with. Jones was tight with Kobe when he was at Temple. Jackson (who was dismissed at the time of course) could have finally had his long, defensive minded guard to play point alongside Kobe. But no, Mitch had to take a big guy with bad knees (which they knew very well about – not a surprise)and the worst contract anyone has ever seen (besides Allan Houston). Terrible front office.

    Most embarrassing thing I’ve heard from Jim Buss was on the radio, his first big interview with the loose cannons, he was giving Mitch props for his dealings with the salary cap and staying under it. Staying under the salary cap? What about Grant’s contract? Then Mitch goes ahead and extends Brian Cook and Sasha in addition!! Absolutely inexcusable. I hate this front office so much. I don’t care who’s calling the shots. They all stink.

  • lakerfan81

    There is a rumor I read that the lakers are discussing a Luther head Cook trade with the rockets. Hes not a great PG but he is an OK shooter and is an upgrade from Parker. I was thinking about the O’neal trade, I just don’t think you can trade Odom in that trade unless you were sure you could pick someone else up (like artest). you really need 1 superstar and 2 stars to legitimately complete or two supertars (like shaq and kobe). I don’t know why indiana is so intent on taking Odom. Getting rid of O’neal and picking up Odom doesn’t make the team any better plus you have to pay his big contract for the next 3 years. I think that it would be a better move to create cap space with Brown. I think thats why they wanted to trade o’neal and foster for Odom, Brown and Bynum. that is the last trade the lakers should make and if they did make that trade they are the worst FO ever. I’d rather trade Kobe than make that trade. But I Think Indiana is backed up against a wall as much as the lakers are. So I think you can work something out. Even if it had to come after Draft day and include Mckie in a sign and trade then he would be cut thius freeing up another 2 million in cap space for indiana next year. They would then have to take whoever we picked in the draft. The trade wold look like:
    Brown, Bynum, McKie (sign and trade), #19 pick (in whoever they wanted to pick up, maybe rudy fernandez) for O’neal and greene.vI think that would put the lakers at a near contending level. Resign walton. The lakers would have 2 all-star caliber players and a superstar, someone to facilitate the offense in walton. They also would not have to take the risk of picking up a nut case in Artest. you could then use th MLE to sign a veteran who could come off the bench (maybe Hill). Indiana would get a potential star in Bynum (albeit in a couple of years) the 19 pick and about 10 million in cap space to work with next year. They also have other pieces they could trade to create even more cap space and then go after someone like Brand next off season. They would have a pretty good young players and if they could pick up another star in 2008 they would be contenders in the east in 2 maybe 3 seasons. I think it works for both teams.

  • punkjones

    LF –
    Yeah, I’ve got to say I’ve been kind of mystified why they want Odom as well. Obviously they’ve got a thing for Bynum, so I get that, but LO’s contract, plus he’s a tweener (although the most talented tweener in ages) and they’ve got Grainger who is kind of similar, cheaper and younger.

    I’m unfamiliar with Greene. I don’t know anything about him. What’s his deal? I hear you that they’re up against the wall, too, but I think we’re a little worse off right now. No deal at all means Kobe will write the Lakers off and I’ll never support that. I think he’s right to bitch about the front office. I’ve been doing the same for 2 years now and their reluctance/refusal/ineptitude in getting quality players around Kobe is abysmal.

    Luther Head for Brian Cook would be fantastic. I’d take that in a heartbeat. Now that would be a move I could get behind. I like that guy – he seems like a bit of a shoot first guy, but he can definitely hit the jumpers which at least would keep defenses a little more honest.

    I still don’t mind shipping Lamar out for a true big. It doesn’t bother me one bit. Very good player but will not fill the role other than rebounding. As much as it pains me to say it because I think he obviously sucks – I think we have to keep Brown (unless, as you said, Pacers wise up or are needy enough to do the deal for Bynum Brown filler and the 19). O’ Neal doesn’t want to play center. Mitch is already talking about resigning Mihm who hasn’t played in what . . . a year and a half? Two years? You’ve got to have a center. Watching lowlights of JO getting killed by Yao Ming on some other website (I think it was Clublakers) brings it home that even with a good power forward like JO or Gasol, they are still going to need Kwame’s post defense and big body against real centers.

    I know it sounds insane, but I really think the main objection here isn’t Lamar and Bynum going but the fact that we would have to throw in our last big guy in Brown. The more I think about this, the more obvious it is – give them Bynum because he’s the piece they really want, give them Lamar because he just doesn’t fit with Kobe or play the role of power forward as completely as we need, take JO and maybe that’s it – call it a day. Throw Sasha in for salary and just to get him out of here!!! Worst signing ever. Worst re-signing ever, too!!!

    The real problem I’ve been seeing with all the Indiana/Lakers proposals has been the filler surrounding these three main guys. You can’t give up Kwame as well because we’ll have no big man at all. You can’t take Murphy becuase he’s got a bad contract and he plays like a small forward shooting threes (like a better version of Brian Cook, but we have Vlad Rad already). Tinsley is ok, but another headache contract. This guy Greeene may be good but if so why is Indy going to trade him? If he’s young they’ll be holding on to him. They want to dump their crap into the mix and we should stay away from that.

    We should just do LO and Bynum for JO. People say it’s not an upgrade but it is big time. JO is an all star power forward who will be a perfect compliment to Kobe. Get a point guard some other way, MLE or like you said, trade a knucklehead like Cook for one.

    But we should keep the draft pick at 19. I don’t mind losing LO and Bynum at all. JO will more than appease Kobe – he is friends with the guy and he knows it will make us much better. Can we get over the hump in the West with JO and Luther Head, plus Kobe, Kwame, Mihm (if he can play at all), Turiaf, Evans, Vlad, Walton, Farmar, and a very decent MLE signing or two (split) – say Magliore, Patterson (the Nanny stopper), Hill, Kapono,or some combination thereof? I say that’s looking pretty damn good. That’s a team I can and I think the fans and Kobe and the FO could live with. There’s no desperation moves there. You’re filling the positions that need it and keeping others who fit and work well within the cap, such as Turiaf, Walton, Farmar and Evans.

    Still wish we could dump Vlad Rad’s contract but I’m dreaming. I actually like the guy and at the time thought he would be a good addition but the boneheaded snowboarding thing was just too much. That and Phil just wasn’t into him makes it hard to take him seriously. But no one will even sniff at that guy. Try to put him in the mix and it will be a bona fide trade killer!

  • lakerfan81

    yeah I see what you are saying My trade scenario leaves more talent but leaves the lakers thin up front. Both are risky trades. But before you make any trades the lakers need to find out if Bryant will want to be traded anyways. theres no reason to trade for O’neal or any other big name if Bryant still wants out. If he still is going to want out then just leave things as they are now. See if you can clear up some cap space (browns contract is ending, see if someone will take up Vlade contract, get rid of Cook for a smaller contract etc. etc.) then with free cap space go for a big free agent in 2008 (garnett, arenas, Brand etc.) This way you can hope that Bynum develops. Kobe will still sell tickets unless he decides he would rather sit out than play, in which case you trade him for more cap space. With all the cap space the lakers can sign a big free agent in 2008, or 9 because thats what the lakers have always done. They do not develop talent they buy it. the closest they ever came to developing talent was Magic (he didnt really need to develop at all) and Kobe (who only had to develop a little bit). This is why I did not understand the refusal to trade Bynum for Kidd. I hope that is not the future direction the lakers are going to take under Jim buss.

    But you know whats really funny though when you think about it. People are saying the Bryant is not bigger than the lakers organization but he is. thats just how sports work now. Should he be publicly tearing down his team mates and team. No. But is he wrong in doing so? not really. He is just being the “spoiled” superstar that the media and fans created. But if you look at the best two teams in the league (suns and Spurs) and detroit since they are the best team in the east (the CAVS were a fluke) their superstars are more than willing to sit back and let other people have the spot light. Duncan the best PF to ever play the game sat back and let a little guy from france be the finals MVP. Sure you can say that its because they are winning and the lakers are not. But I think the reason the spurs are so good right now apart from the talent is that no one player is bigger than the team. Not that you cant win with a player thats bigger than the team (MJ won) I just think its funny that the best team in the league has all the stars that do whatever it takes, even coming off the bench (ginobili), to win. Then you have Kobe, arguably the best player in the league right now (at least for 2 or 3 more years then its James league if he works on his jumper, defense and post moves), who is basically throwing a temper tantrum (no matter how right he is) and publicly tearing down his teammates. you have to wonder why people are defending him so passionatley. Bryant doesn’t care about the fans he just cares about himself. The reason people defend him no matter what he does is simply because he is bigger than the lakers. If he leaves or gets traded could the lakers recover. Yea. But he is bigger than the lakers simply because we made him that way.

  • punkjones

    Well, honestly, I think he has become bigger than the Lakers largely due to incompetence in the front office. Under Jerry West, the Logo for g’s sake, under the banners, under Shaq, under Phil Jackson, Kobe was the up and comer, the punk sometimes, the kid with the killer finishes and the flash. But he wasn’t bigger than the org.

    Jerry West for whatever reasons which have been speculated on ad nauseum, but basically boils down to he wasn’t given enough (whether it was part of the team he wanted, or more money, or just more recognition from the Buss family for all the years of service) – saw the writing on the wall, had already built the team back into a champion and bailed.

    Then Shaq got too damn greedy and wasted too much company time recovering from late summer surgeries, didn’t care about his weight gain and wasting half of each regular season getting back in shape. He made the mistake of challenging Buss publicly – Pay me the money. And let’s not forget, he was doing the same crap Kobe is now and not taking any flak for it whatsoever. That guy just bullied everyone. Talk about divisive. Kobe is nowhere near the level of Shaq and everyone still kisses that guy’s ass. Let’s go back in the memory banks. Shaq in Orlando calls out Nick Anderson – “That guy always wants the ball, blah blah blah.” After publicly going after Anderson for quite a while actually, then he turned on his once little buddy Penny Hardaway. Once Penny started getting more air time than Shaq, with the Spike Lee commercials, lil Penny, and all the hype, Shaq starting calling him out and dissing him. What an a-hole. Then, first week he gets to LA he starts calling out Elden Campbell. Ok, fair game kind of, Elden is a sleepwalker a lot of the time, but Shaq has barely put on a Laker uni and he goes public in the paper with the not so veiled comments about “Some guys here are just doing it for the pay check.”

    Next he’s on to Eddie Jones, putting pressure on Jerry West to trade him. “Gimme a shooter. I need a shooter and a rebounder.” So Eddie’s name is up for trade talk each deadline, he gets sick of it and he actually jumps on to the trade for Glen Rice. He wanted to get out at that point because he was sick of his name being in the mix every single trade deadline.

    Needless to say, I am not a Shaq fan. I was excited when he came here because I knew it was going to mean championships once we got a coach who could work with talent (I actually was hoping we would get Chuck Daly because he really liked the squad. But then he got an offer from Orlando). And he did, and the team we had around him (once Glen Rice was out of here!), was really a bunch of great guys. I will always have fondness for Foxy, Fisher, Horry – those guys were incredible.

    Sure, Kobe is an ahole, too. No doubt. But not for calling out Laker brass. I don’t like the fact that he’s screwing around the fans and I don’t like the fact that he’s essentially throwing his teammates under the proverbial bus (Buss?) – but there’s some shit going on here.

    The Lakers look utterly befuddled. Mitch, regardless of how little power he has is an incredibly useless GM on all levels. His talent evaluating sucks. Pure and simple. You don’t skip over Leandro Barbosa for Brian Cook. You don’t ever take Sasha. Walton was a gimme because everyone knew he was good pickup in the second round. Farmar fell into his lap. It goes on and on, but the guy just doesn’t have one iota of what you want in talent evaluation.

    Number two, this guy can’t do a significant trade to save his life. He also can’t public speak to save his life. He also has not an ounce of charisma in his body. He’s a friggin’ robot. And not a very effective one. He instills confidence in NO ONE!! That’s why Kobe is FREAKING OUT! On top of this, he is a pawn to Jim Buss who knows absolutely nothing about basketball. Did Jim ever play basketball? Did he ever scout basketball? Did he ever do anything except be the son of the Lakers owner? No. He should not be able to have the power he does over decision making. If he’s going to be the owner apparent, then train on being an owner. That means delegating authority to people who know what they are doing. If Mitch can’t be trusted to do his own work, fire his ass and bring in someone good. Last I checked Kiki Vandewegh was still available. He’s an LA kid, Pali High, UCLA, knows the ropes, has a good head on his shoulders and I thought he did a pretty darn good job of putting the pieces together in Denver.

    Lakers three headed decision making monster committee of Jim Mitch and Jerry has not worked whatsoever.

    Here’s my analogy/analysis here. What we have is a classic case of power struggle. There’s the three-headed beast, already named, in one corner, Jeannie and Phil (with the aid of Rambis as well) in another, and Kobe in another. Kobe is an alpha dog. When the big dog, Jerry Buss is showing signs of weakness (absentee ownerism, DUI’s, turning the franchise over to the lame ass son), Kobe is sniffing blood and wants to take over. It’s not his fault, it’s who he is. He is the shit and he’s not going to take crap from the weak dogs Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak. They have not come through on any level. Phil meanwhile, the old dog using his wits, has almost pulled a coup. He’s infiltrated the Buss’ by going out with Jeannie and she’s wrapped around his finger. Now, if Jerry Buss was wise about this he really would turn the franchise running over to her. She knows the Lakers inner workings as well as anyone, is smart, charming, good looking, and doesn’t pretend to know basketball. There’s no ego with her. If she were in charge, which she should be if Jerry ever quits, she would run things right and delegate basketball decisions to basketball people. If those people weren’t successful she would change it up and fire them. She is a business person and is the best one to run this team. Jim Buss is neither here nor there. He’s got too many fingers in too many pies. And Mitch is awful.

    Anyway, this is a ridiculously long ramble, please excuse me.

    Back to the situation at hand. I don’t think so many of us are defending Kobe because he’s bigger than the Lakers, the fact is he’s saying out loud what so many of us have been feeling and voicing on chat rooms for a couple years now. The Lakers have been making bad moves all around. That simply can’t be denied any longer. Even pundits who rip Kobe will admit that. They have been so nonchalant and casual about rebuilding, calling it something else, not doing trades when they have the chance, not being aggressive. It just hasn’t been Lakers at all. Where’s the commitment to winning. They’ve had a crap record for three years running. That means don’t just bring back the same bad players. Make some damn moves. Where are you Jerry Buss? Off drinking and driving? He’s been phoning it in, he knows it, and Kobe just called him out on it. You know why? Not just because Kobe is an ahole (he is that for sure), but because the clock is ticking.

    Now I would call Indy and revisit that trade scenario. I would tell them that we’ll give them the two guys they want for JO straight up. If they try to bring in so and so’s ridiculous contract just SAY NO. Reiterate that we are willing to give them the guys they want for JO. I believe that deal works salary-wise, it’s like 15 mill for 18 or something, think that works ( or – % I believe).

    I wouldn’t ask Kobe about going or staying. He’s in a bad friggin’ mood about now. All you’re going to get is “trade me.” But we’ve been over that scenario and you simply can’t get enough back from any team. It won’t work. Kobe might be disgruntled at the moment, but if you show him that you’re putting together a contender by pulling the trigger on the JO trade, you’ve made a great step. Even if Kobe eventually leaves I’ll take JO over the inconsistency that is LO and Bynum any day. If Kobe eventually leaves, that’s 20 million off our books anyway, and JO will make a great compliment to any player we can get at that time, too. It’s a good trade for us period.

    Second, what is Mitch waiting for on the Luther Head for Cook deal. If ever there was a gift horse here it is. Don’t look the damn thing in the mouth. Just go ahead and take it. It’s even gift-wrapped. That solves our point guard problem and our Brian Cook being a one way player who sucks and has too big a contract problem in one fell swoop.

    Lastly, Laker FO needs to get some balls and make that trade – Walton straight up for Artest. With Bynum off the table already traded, they can no longer demand him in that trade. Nonetheless, the real component in that trade remains. Sacto doesn’t really want Bynum. He’s a project. They just want Artest out of there. They are not going to better than Luke Walton. I’m not so big on him personally as he’s such a poor defender, but he’s a good all around player and a good clubhouse guy. He’s probably sick to death of Kobe’s ranting and raving, not to mention his occassional bitching at Walton for boneheaded plays. I’m sure his dad would like to see him out of there.

    As insane as Artest is, he could bring so much to the Lakers. Where are you going to find a lock down defender in the post and perimeter who scares the hell out of everyone, can play 3 positions (this guy is so strong he gives power forwards trouble), and can also score. He’s intense. He’s another perfect complimentary player for Kobe.

    Again, it will take a lot of balls from Laker brass, but they could turn this team into a contender, literally tomorrow. Do all three trades, none of which are far fetched, and the team is gnarly. That’s just a scary squad. Luther Head/Farmar, Kobe/Evans, Artest/Vlad, JO/Turiaf, Kwame Brown/Mihm.

    The Spurs are an unselfish, well rounded team, but I still think they are soft. They give away fourth quarter leads like it’s Christmas day. Really. They almost got taken by the Suns, and that’s telling you something. Kobe has never been afraid of them – he kicks their ass. We’ve played pretty damn well against them, even with this current half-baked squad. If you sick Artest on Ginobli, Brown on Duncan and Head on Parker with help from Kobe (who can cheat somewhat on Bowen) that is something. I wish I got paid to do this.

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