Interesting trade offer the Lakers turned down to the Nets for Jason Kidd:

ESPN: I threw my proposal out to a few league executives Monday, and they said they’d make that deal in a heartbeat — if they were the Nets.

In fact, I’m told that earlier this season, the Nets offered Kidd to L.A. for Odom, Vujacic and Jordan Farmar, but the Lakers weren’t interested.

  • jagjr10


  • LakerNation1

    farmar stays! >=O

  • LAKing

    Why in the hell did we not make this deal??? MITCH!!!!!!!

  • Mr.81

    Take out Farmar and it’s a deal, otherwise no.

  • Lamar 4 MVP

    why would we make this deal? we would weaken our frontcourt by giving up odom and overloading on pgs when we dont need anymore pgs

  • T.A.

    take out farmar and replace him with j critt

    lets get KIDD!!!!

  • keep24

    you people are crazy!!!

    Do you really think Odom brings that much to the front court. The whole idea of a front court is not just rebounding. It also requires a bit of scoring. And, besides, 70% of his rebounds are off of his own misses.

    With the offense running thru Kidd we’ll have everyone involved.

    Kidd/Kobe/Bynum — wow!!!!

  • Just_A_Laker_Fan

    Keep Farmar, he’ll be the next Jason Kidd. If they are willing to trade for a draft pick or Crit(although I see something good about him when gets the mins).

  • Lamar 4 MVP

    the key point to this report is that kidd was offered earlier in the season. the lakers were playing great ball early in the season. so why would mitch mess that up? but since the lakers are struggling without bynum, mitch might be rethinking the trade. so it doesnt mean the idea of kidd coming to LA isnt completely dead.



  • SuperDuper

    For you guys who are like “what?!!?!? why not this is JASON KIDD” I understand your reactions but think about it this way:

    Last year we could of got Kidd if we traded Bynum, a nice promising future prospect who showed flashes of brilliance. Most of us were disgusted that Kupchak passed on this, but look at Bynum now, hes untouchable. Farmar is the same deal here. We want to get young, and going young sometimes isn’t bad. Who knows? Farmar could be great and down the road, we would be saying to ourselves “Thank God we didn’t make that trade”. The truth is, we are a good team- a good team with several bad breaks- but once we get healthy, it will be our year, and not only for one year, but for many more years because we got a future.

    Yes, having Jason Kidd would be great, but with the stablility of the PG position we have and the fact that the Triangle only requires a solid – not necesarily superb – PG who can knock down threes as history has shown, JKidd would not help us greatly.

  • mplakers

    just another trade suggestion to kick around…the back court is a monster and the front court has only one possible weak spot…plus jason and fish can mentor farmar into becoming that future all star

    kobe/sasha/ coby
    radmanovic/turiaf interchangeable

    trade machine approved…we lose kwame, odom, crittenton, luke

  • MILO

    Replace Farmar with a pick other wise fu-ck the Net’s and Kidd for that matter!!!

  • MILO

    Then again this is probably the Lakers only chance to get rid of Lame’ar Odumb!!! but id rather give up Javaris

  • lakerschamps08

    yea take out farmar… then nets throw in magloire..and we give 1st pick and luke or mihm or radman

  • nyla

    Thank you Mitch! I don’t why you all are pissed off at this. We don’t need Jason Kidd. We have Fish and Farmar. They’re younger, shoot better, and defend pretty well. Lamar may suck sometimes, but I would never trade him unless we got a big in return. Especially with Bynum out.

  • Shaq786

    there is no next jason kidd… this guys is the only player who gets within a rebound from averaging a triple douple… EVERYGAME, he comes as a triple-double threat…

    now… who comes close to him again??

  • LakersFirst

    Yea, Farmar was the deal breaker. The Lakers have seen Farmar drastically improve and he’s only a second year player. Farmar will only be dealt if Java drastically improves and becomes more consistent, which is still an unknown. I agree with what other people said, THE LAKERS NEED A POWER FORWARD, NOT ANOTHER POINT GUARD.

    In all honesty, if I was in the NJ Nets, I would look to trade with Indiana. I would trade Jason Kidd/Nenad Kristic for JO/Jamal Tinsley. Even though this would be trading with an Eastern team, it makes sense for NJ. They would get JO, a big man (power forward) that they don’t have and point guard Jamal Tinsely who was having a pretty productive year until he fell out of favor with the Pacer coach (even Tinsley says he wants out of Indiana). With this trade, their starting five would be:

    Richard Jefferson
    Vince Carter (when he’s not injured)
    Jamal Tinsley
    Sean Williams

    Not a bad starting 5 (especially for the east)

    This trade makes sense for Indy because they would have replaced Tinsley with Kidd and with the up and down style that Indy plays, Kidd would probably fit in and find players such as Dunleavy, Granger and Kareem Rush. Also, for some reason in the offseason the Pacers were interested in Nenad Kristic.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #24041 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Well said – if the Lakers get rid of Odom, the need to get a power forward in return, not another point guard.

  • Danny

    I think we have to consider that even though we’d be losing Lamar and weakening our front court…Lamar is a huge reason why we’ve lost 4 out of the last 5 games. He is not a number 2 option. He could be….but for whatever reason, he can’t make a jumper outside of 13 feet and without that threat, guys are just backing off of him and waiting for him to either brick a runner or charge into them as he inevitably goes left. But despite all of this, he would still be fine if he could perform in the clutch and this is where Lamar is at his worst. He just wittles away in the 4th quarter. More than anything, we need Jason Kidd because he is CLUTCH. Say what you will about his shooting woes…4th quarter and within 3 minutes remaining in the game, i’ve seen enough Jason Kidd plays to know that he can hit the tough shot or make the right decision when it comes time. Some guys have it…some guys don’t. Kidd is the warrior that Kobe needs next to him to finish off these games where it’s tight in the 4th quarter. We keep losing these games because nobody else besides Kobe can step up. Fish can do it…but he needs Kobe to feed him the ball. Kidd can do it with Kobe or without him.

  • mplakers

    i think my trade is worth getting rid of a soft bigs lamar and kwame

    kwame, luke, crittenton, and odom for jefferson and kidd

    it gives the nets a prospect in critt plus an expiring contract in kwame…odom’s contract is up in 2 years which gives them a way out of jefferson’s 4 years. the only contract they’s have to really eat is luke’s.

    meanwhile we get kidd who can really facilitate the offense to kobe and jefferson and bynum. kidd is also known for finding open men…just what vlad, sasha, and turiaf need.

    farmar gets a guard that can really guide him into becoming an allstar.

  • Ballin’08

    Look..with a Fish and Farmar combo it’s like having a well rested pg for 48 minutes anyway…so why trade away Farmar for Kidd…Farmar is only gonna get better as soon as he gets starting minutes…New Jersey knows this that’s why they want him…Odom isn’t the center piece for this trade on the Lakers side, Jordan is…Giving up Odom would only work if we got a “legit” power forward in exchange…or else we would have even less of an inside presence which is the reason we are losing NOW…duh. Another PG isn’t gonna fix our woes…are you “Kidd”ing me…pun intended. Kidd is a future hall of fame point guard, but not a $19 million dollar a year player, we don’t need to take on that kinda contract..

  • T-Dub

    The Nets can thow in Magloire or Boone and it WILL make sense. We get Kidd and another big to help replace Odom. Farmar is showing now, but I hate to give up on Critts potential. DO IT!!!!

  • Tyler

    i think farmar is to good to trade, why dont we trade sasha crit and rad

  • Phant0M

    You guys are fuccin crazy. to make this trade, even now with bynum and ariza out..

    Delusional lAKER fans, getting an erection with kids name.

    Plus farmar is a pg, for many yrs to come
    bad trade good decison

  • lalakerfan

    agreed with phant0m

    don’t look at the name. we don’t need a pg like kidd. we run a triangle offense and fisher and farmar are both capable of running it. we need a power forward. lamar, vlad and sasha for gasol?

  • keep24

    How about this trade:

    J Kidd for Phil Jackson, The triangle offense, 1st round pick and some cash.

    08 Champs!!!!!

  • Jsahmad


  • Jsahmad

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    Good Idea.. but take out jefferson that is ridiculous for Rod Thorn to even think about… just leave J kidd and Bostjian Nachbar

  • LakersFirst

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    Why go after Magloire now when he’s a unrestricted free agent at the end of this year?


    I wouldn’t trade my HUNGRY YOUNG TALENT,NO WAY! At Javaris wants to play the same goes for JF(Farmar).The Lakers have,basically,3 vets that act like the game is supposed to slow down for them so they can catch up,here’s a news flash,IT DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY and HOW MUCH ARE THEY GETTING PAYED AGAIN. I still say if they get J.Critt some more playing time and put him at the 2,let’s just say a NEW STAR WILL BE BORN IN LA,AGAIN! Lakers problems come at the 3 and 4 spot and a guy that can not only backup AB but can COMPLIMENT AND TEACH AS WELL(THAT’S SOMETHING WE AT LAKERNATION NEED TO CONSIDER,TEACHING AB SO KAREEM AND KOBE/DF DON’T HAVE TO DO ALLLLLLLLL THE TEACHING).Some of you know who I feel would be good for this team and YES I STILL WANT JO,TRUST ME HE’S ONLY HOLDING OUT TO COME TO LA,HE WANTS A CHAMPIONSHIP NOW AND LA IS BEST OPTION,GO TO YOUTUBE!!! In the meantime get Artest or Dalembert(Why’d they get Mbenga is beyond me)JO,Gerald Green(I’d put him at the 3,he’s better athlete than Walton and he’s NOT LAZY ON DEFENSE HE KINDA KEPT R.ALLEN IN CHECK,I REEEEAAAALLLY LIKE THAT)

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #24046 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Why in the world are the Nets going to trade Richard Jefferson?? He’s been their only bright spot this season averaging 24 points per game this season.

  • ignard

    Man i’ll be happy when Kidd is dealt so we can stop talking about him coming here. ARE PROBLEMS ARE IN THE FRONTCOURT!

  • Jcritt.=star

    Critt should not be traded and besides since he hardly plays farmar has much more trade value than him

  • somelakerfan1

    he is a 19mill dollar guy rite. trade lamar 9mill and kwame 10mill problem solved kwame and lamar for kidd.

    i know we would be losing 20-25 rebounds per game but kidd is the #1 rebounder for point guards and ronny could get the bords. also resign dj or get they ryhme


    Laker1st,would you trade Walton for Jefferson? I would because Walton is not,my fault,WALTON IS NOT A POINT GUARD and he clearly thinks he’s one,that’s why we have DF/J.Farmar/J.Critt,hell,KB for that matter.Rich attacks the rim HARD,that’s how he gets most of his points whether Kidd passing to him on the break or slashing to whole which is what Walton should be doing,KB plays the way he should,ATTACKING THE RIM.

  • Mr.81

    They tried to rip us, we backed off…now Kidd wants out and they’re gunna have to move him…

    Dallas can offer Diop (small expiring), George (small expiring) and Stackhouse (has like 3 years left on contract at about 7mil or something). Not really that great…

    They wanted Odom, Sasha and Jordan before…now the ball is presumably in our park, so I think Odom, Brown maybe a 2nd rounder for Kidd and Boone would do it. 9mil off the books and Odom could be built around with Jefferson or they could let him opt out next season.

    I really don’t see a better scenario…I take it they’ll send him somewhere he likes…right? The Cavs is another destination but that’d mean taking on Larry Hughes’ 3 year 12 mil contract…

    Denver? Well, they could only really match the salaries by sending Kenyon Martin back to New Jersey, who has 4 years left at 13 mil…not what they want.

    The Lakers are the best option, are they not?

  • mplakers

    hey lakersfirst and to all of you out there…read my previous wasn’t serious… was a fun trade machine experiment.

    the nets would be hardpressed to trade jefferson but, there is one reason that they would. he and vince have huge contracts and one of them has to go if they are going to trade kidd because they might be thinking a total revamp of their lineup and direction. (going young) however, like i said it’s just a trade machine scenario.

    i’m actually hoping they can swindle chris wilcox away from the sonics.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

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    DCLaker – Of course I would trade Walton for Jefferson (from a Lakers perspective). However, the question I was posing was why would NJ trade Jefferson as he has been their most consistent player this year? One has to be realistic with the trades one proposes. NJ wouldn’t give up Jefferson, at least not for Luke Walton.


    Forget the perspective,if it was possible is all I’m asking.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #24158 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Then to answer your question. NO IT’S NOT POSSIBLE. New Jersey wouldn’t trade Richard Jefferson for Luke Walton as Jefferson is averaging 24 points a game this year and of their big 3 (Kidd, Carter, and Jefferson), Jefferson is the only one they want to keep.

  • T-Dub

    Not for Walton??? How about Odom? Would they give up Jeff for Odom?

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #24186 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I don’t think they’ll give up Richard Jefferson for anybody, unless his last name ends in Bryant or James. Richard Jefferson is having a career year. The Nets are set at the starting small forward position.

  • Shaq786

    it looks like NJN wants to rip some balls off and its very unlikely that they will include boone in any trade… i say we dont give them anything more than, V.RAD, KWAME, FARMAR, AND A FIRST ROUND PICK (and possibly Coby Karl)… FOR JASON KIDD


    Line Up:

    Kobe/Sasha/(COby Karl)

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #24208 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Sac isn’t going to give up Mikki Moore AS WELL as Artest. Mikki Moore is free agent at the end of the year so for Sac to give him to Lakers would be a gift (salary cap off the books). No way Sac does this.

    The only way the Lakers would get Artest is if Sac tells them to take Shareef Adbdur-Rahim (i.e. bad contract) who makes $6.2M next year and $6.6M the following year.

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