The Lakers chemistry is reflected by this hilarious new ritual.

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    That is so awesome!

  • LC09

    lmao haha..but thats great

  • jliu

    someone is late lol

  • inverse

    Ha i can’t wait until other teams start copying

  • Negrodamus

    we’ve done this for volleyball and basketball at our school for a while. i like it though!

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  • Grammar Patrol

    I actually saw this from the corner of my screen, and I thought it was HILARIOUS!

  • BIgC

    All we do, we do it as a team!

  • Nam Thành

    LMAO =)) =)) they must be a real family now

  • LakersMike31

    Very funny. Anyone seen the movie Major League? I think its from that movie.

    • Jeremy

      yea it is from that movie hahaha thats pretty funny tho, in baseball you usually do it right as the pitch crosses the plate hahaha

  • Chris Ekstedt

    i have a question. what was the other ritual they did that was replaced by this one?

    Also, what is the new rule? you just can’t stand anymore?

    • 242LakerFan

      I must have missed the memo about not being able to stand anymore. What, did they get some NFL guys to start making rules?
      I love this, though. It may not be original, but who cares? They’re doing it together as a group. That was sorely lacking until the last couple of seasons and I love it!

      • Kam Pashai

        The new rule is that NBA states that players on the bench cannot stand unless it involves some sort of spontaneous reaction to a play.

        The other ritual before this was the players on the bench standing until the first basket was made.

        • Chris Ekstedt

          wow. okay… very cool. i like it. it’s a little silly, but so is how good we are as a team! yeah i said it…

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    THat is the gayest thing I saw since Adam Lambert was on you tube sucking on a mans armpit. Stop it Lakers…

  • pr00

    You sir, are a complete idiot.

  • Luke4Lvp

    they got the idea from Major League, minus the clapping at the end. funny stuff!

  • WifelovesLuke

    All we need is Pedro Serano praying to JoBu and we’ve got a great sequel to Major League. Or Willie Mays Hays on the fastest fastbreak ever only to throw up a brick and land in the photographers section under the basket. Artest can play the role of “Wild Thing” and shave his head with some mean looking design. Oh wait…he’s already done that.


  • lakerman1

    OK NBA 1st two steps allowed now before the dribble [ to accomodate Lebron KingCrab Dribble James ] now this. Next it will be pre game celebrations like Cleveland does by posing for the camera oh wait a minute Lebron is on that team never mind. Nice to see the Lakers band together though. Nothing will deter them from another Championship, as Martin Lawrence would say BELIEVE THAT.

  • mikey on tln

    lollllll looks like Joshpowell wasnt ready..

  • LakersNewDynasty08

    hahaha i love it!