A small update on what the Lakers are offering Lamar Odom…

Hoopsworld: The Lakers new offer is said to be a three-year offer in the $25 million range with possible performance incentives included in the deal that could push it north of $27 million, if the Lakers reach the NBA Finals again.

  • LOL

    damn LO is an idiot he should have just taken the first deal he was given lol. what he should have done is pulled a A rod and gone to management HIMSELF and done all the deal talkin rather than have his greedy ass agent do all the talking.

  • jeremy

    wELL ITS LOOX LIKE THT LITTLE GIRL d-wADE GOT HIS WAY, ESPN IS REPORTING THIS WAS HIS LATEST TWET: “the beginning..look who’s jersey is waitn for them in mia(no 7)”

  • avcpl

    great, now no Odom AND a pissed off Kobe…

  • Touch ME

    3 years 25 millions with incentives sounds like a good deal considering he only shows up for half the games this year.

  • HolyGuacamole

    Damn it, go take the deal, LO.
    Isn’t that plus a strong possibility of having your second ring good enough?
    Seriously, go visit a third-world country, maybe you’ll rethink the whole money business.
    He let the previous deals pass. Come on, LO. Take a deal already!

  • gugy

    Odom is an idiot.
    Go to Miami then, so fu-cking tired of this drama.
    Lakers will be fine no matter what.

  • LAKing

    Lamar would be stupid to leave LA for a piece of a crap place like Miami. He will be a nobody in Miami and he will end his career as a nobody with a purple and gold ring on his finger that will remind him that he was a somebody in Los Angeles.

  • lakergreg

    It’s almost as if the Lakers want Lamar to leave, or Lamar and his agent have, like Ariza, talked themselves right out of town. I sure hope the team has something more significant in mind as a backup player/plan than Shelden Williams.

  • http://CelticsSuckTheLakers Buffalo Bob

    Although 5 million lower than the original deal offered by the Lakers (give or take 3 million considering the incentives) this is still a FAR better deal, than what Miami is offering with his opt out after 3 years & 20 million with the Heat—his CA income tazes would be roughly 200K over 3 years, so the math is still on LA’s side.

    Your turn Lamar…..Kobe, Phil, rings and Ron?….or one year with D-Spade before he splits for NY, and you’re left with Haslem and Riley pondering what the hell they were thinking as you average 7 pts and 8 rebounds a game. But I’m betting your Snicker average will triple.

    Oh yeah…consider this Lamar: If you make the wrong decision and head back to Miami, you’ll feel the pain of that decision when Miami visits Staples, and you receive your Championship ring out on the floor BY YOURSELF, shortly before Kobe, Pau, Ron and Drew slaughter the Heat to a cheering crowd, who is booing you EVERY time you toch the ball.

    Ring, ring, ring….do you hear us now Lamar? Yep–that’s your legacy being flushed down a Miami toilet.

    This is the most ‘no-brainer’ decision any professional athlete could have….amazing you and Candyland lawyer can’t figure that out by now.

    John Ireland…where are you?

  • jeremy

    I honestly cant believe this is still going on. How stupid can you be? You dont take the first offer from the Lakers w/ the opportunity to win more rings, and now you may be headed to Miami for less money and absolutley no chance of winning a ring. I understand he wants financial security for him and his family….but seriously, hes been in the N.B.A. a while now, hasnt he made enuff money? Thos should have been over and done with weex ago. Well be fine w/o Odumb-ass

  • StephenA24


  • ShowtimeEra

    Amen to that bro!

  • Lamar-Biatch


    LA – ooo and $$$
    Mia – less money, no ooo….

    It’s your choice you dumb a-ss!

  • http://www.smartassproducts.com LakersFan4Ever

    I understand that Lamar–or any athlete of his caliber–wants to feel that they’re being paid fairly. But, come on! For heaven’s sake, Odom, just accept their offer and get back to the business of winning another championship ring.

  • rasta028

    [Comment ID #81569 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Only person Kobe should mad at is himself, he said it himself to do what’s best for your family, if Kobe really cared he would of opted out and signed for less to get the deals we needed done, if anyone is to blame Kobe is part of that… what 23 mil a year isn’t enough Kobe..PLEASE!

  • ECJ

    Jesue people…Lamar hasn’t signed with Miami. That report by D-Wade was a dumb tweet with an old pic of the former Heat when LO was there. I think he’s helping LO push Buss into offering more $$$.

  • TonyFisch

    At this point Lamar’s business legacy is looking more like chump than Trump. Nice Lamar. We will know what you are about shortly.


    “PERFORMANCE INCENTIVES”? Why the hell was Sasha Vujabrick not signed to that type of contract? If that brick layer was, then Buss would have had all the money that he needed to sign both LO and Ariza along with Ron Ron!

    I’m sure that this LO thing will work itself out, but in the meantime, Buss should really try to play hard ball with Sasha, Adam Morrison, and possibly Luke in signing them to a “PERFORMANCE INCENTIVE” contract!

  • Geloman

    If this is true, I would suspect LO is gone. He should have taken the first offer but right now, Miami has the better offer, if of course you’re talking about money.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Losing LO would be a set back, fo sho. But let me throw this out there. Bynum would then be expected to fullfil his destiny as a franchise center. He would know full well that each and every night, the Lake Show would need him to show up. He won’t be looking over his shoulder at the bench to see if Odom just got off it to come in. This may not be a bad thing guys.

    On second thought: F that, we need LO! LOL

  • http://thelakersnation.com AHMAD


  • mr.laker19

    Odom…. think nike… JUST DO IT DAMN!!!!!!!

  • jeremy


  • david valderama

    Let Lamar decides what he wants. You lakers fans are the one that’s hungry for another championship. If the lakers really want him, just match Miami’s offer. Now, if the Lakerss didn’t match the offer, are you going to say “the Lakers are dumb or idiot?

  • http://CelticsSuckTheLakers Buffalo Bob

    Where the hell is Kobe in all this?

    He’s enjoying his Asia World Tour, commenting that he’s “optimistic” Lamar will remain with the Lakers, while admitting that the Lakers are “…a much, MUCH stronger team with Lamar.”

    WTF Kobe? Where have you utilized your influence and team leadership towards bending Buss’s ear? In terms of how special this team can be for the next 3 seasons, who do you expect to lead the 2nd unit?

    Step up, or be prepared to chew the ass of Sheldon Williams as he continually makes mistake after mistake, trying to learn the triangle. That, and you may have to play all 48 a game, to compensate.

    Let’s go Mamba….you need to strike, and strike FAST!

  • LaAllDay

    3 years 25 mill, is roughly around 8.3+ a year. And add on the extra 2 that is a guarantee since we WILL reaching the finals again. The contract reduction isn’t much at all. WTF are you thinking LO? Nobody, n I mean NOBODY understands why your doing all this! I don’t know what was the most pointless issue in nba news this summer, Lebron’s wack dunk vid that they made a big issue, or Lo’s retarded holdout.

  • xtro

    ugh. no comment.

  • trade_lamo

    [Comment ID #81586 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s idiots like and stupid comments like this that makes not want to be a fan …

    KOBE is the ONLY player on this team that deserves a high/max contract, vecause he shows every game and plays hard. He’s clutch and with the game on the line go can always count on him. He is and has been for some time the best player in the league. No player of his caliber in any sport in any league in any part of the world has ever taken a pay cut – your comment is beyond stupid!!!

    Did MJ ever take a cut, did LeBitch James ever take one? Will he opt out next year for less money to help the team bring on better players? N E V E R !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With that said, Lamo should be thrilled about 7 Mil a year, that’s $1 Million for every he shows up. That’s more than Kobe makes …

  • PurpsNGold

    Damn! Jerry Buss really Jew’d Out this time.. Wow.. LO staying would pretty much mean another championship.. I dont care what any C’s, Cav’s or Magic Fans says.

    Hopefully we can get a trade for our other players before the trade deadline hits. If that aint crap, we got the Euro league. There are lots of tall & coordinated shooters there.

  • http://twitter.com/AceFreshh Freshh

    If true, I love the incentive portion – never overpay.

  • kb24bestever

    fukkk this let his fagggot asss leave and trade for Turiaf now dats what i’m talking bout.. farmar or sasha,josh powell nd next year second round pick for ronny tu tu turiaf.. i would love him coming back to LA.

  • Mitch4Pres

    this niccuh is signing with the heat str8 up

  • Mike

    Right on Buffalo Bob. Where the hell are Kobe, Artest, Pau…they’re all outta the country doing their own thing. They need to be over here in Lamar’s ear, just like D-Wade is. And by the way, anyone see that Parker got hurt playing for
    France this summer? Why is it always the NBA guys that get hurt in international competition. Pau better not get injured…

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet

    This is really annoying and it really has ruined two players careers. Ariza and Odom playing for a winner and just playing makes a world of difference in your career and legacy unless players have forgotten that, unless Odom and Ariza aren’t really winners and are just players attempting to make profit. They could have themselves multiple rings/championships and cash in that way or they can cash in slightly more or longer contracts. None of the less The LA Lakers will be okay with Odom or with out but Shelden Williams is not the answer.

  • Armen

    [Comment ID #81569 Will Be Quoted Here]

    And a pissed off Ron Artest. Ron Artest and Odom and close, and Odom now will probably sign with the Heat. That’s a big blow headed in artest’s direction right there

  • lakerfan

    MARK MY WORDS IF LAMAR GOES, WE WILL HAVE JOSH SMITH !!!! (hey i can dream right lolll)

  • T. Rogers

    Folks, this is NOT Buss’ fault. Buss reached out to LO weeks ago. Odom didn’t respond to Buss, but contiuned to talk with Dallas and Miami. The is squarely on Lamar Odom.

    Also, don’t get mad at Kobe, Pau and others for being grown men and going about their lives. They shouldn’t have to hang around and blow smoke up Lamar’s behind so he can feel good about himself. I have read the that Kobe, Luke, and Fisher have all reached to Lamar during this little stand off. So it’s not on the team. It’s all on Odom.

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet
  • jeremy

    Odumb is waiting to see if the Lakers will up the offer at all before he bolts to Miami, which we all know Buss isnt going to do. Start packing O-dumb….ur ass is headed back to South Beach


    Stop the drama Lo..your worse than a little girl! Your agent blew it for you and your not man enough to push him aside and suck it up and do the deal. You should be thankful that Dr.Buss is offering you this much after all the years of a no show overpaid sugar junkie.

    Do what’s best for the family…..yadayada,you mean you can’t live on 100mil which would include this contract you made over the career??

    Give me a break fool……..

    Lakers, love em or just leave!

  • Lamar-Biatch

    [Comment ID #81614 Will Be Quoted Here]

    well said!

    Lamar is pulling a Glen Rice move here. The dude won a ring and decide to leave for more money. He end up getting into oblivion and nobody ever associate him with the three peat run. Kobe, Shaq, Fisher, Horry, Fox will always be remembered for that period of time.
    Lamar is making the same mistake. In Miami he will make the same or less money and Wade will make an experiment to se if the team will get better this season. If not he will probably leave and Lamar will be just double his consumption of candy and pot to compensate for his stupidity for moving there. Meanwhile the Lakers will be contenders.

    Lamar, you still have time. Wake up dude.

  • Dragon

    I don’t even got a job to say I’m making 25 mill geez that better than most people or even some movie stars. People are too greedy money really does change you though.

  • kb24bestever
  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

    [Comment ID #81586 Will Be Quoted Here]

    this is not Kobe’s fault..this is a business…Bynum is gonna make like 11mil next year..Sasha 5, morrison 5 Luke 6…so don’t give us bull about Kobe..he he made 30mil i would not care…theses other guy are the problem….for god’s sake Kobe is the GOAT 21mil is nothing.. Gasol is making lik3 17-18 mil…

    just shut up….LO should just take the offer…

  • BT_Rose

    dr. buss is hilarious. hes making it known to the rest of the NBA: Dont mess with the Buss-man. Being a Laker is a privilege, not something you can just sit and throw your deals around the house. Oh Lamar, dont pull an Ariza and look like a retard.

  • Candyman

    I think Jerry Buss should include a box of jelly beans, 4 year supply of Snickers. And if Lamar makes the all-star team he should get starbursts as his incentives. I think this is a way to “sweeten” the deal.

  • Doctor Buss

    If he doesn’t take our reduced offer – there’s nothing else I/we can do for him. .


    I hate lamar odom at this point

  • edward

    odoam lakers 100% sure

  • Tadashi

    私はLamar Odomをなぜcan’愛する; t彼はロスアンジェルスが彼のための場所であることを見る。 それらdon’ tは私達がし、彼が確かに決して別のリングをそこに得ないようにマイアミの彼を愛する!

  • lakerman1

    Kobe has been in Asia trying to help promote the NBA and bring joy to the lives of Asian Fans. What has Lamar been doing besides playing these head games and some of you people need a dictionary some of the worse spelling is on this blog and it makes some of you sound like a bunch of idiots. Tell you what you want Lamar so bad why don’t you tweet him and kiss his A$$. This sh!t is getting ridiculous. No one is enjoying the current win to busy tripping about next year. What a bunch of nitwits.

  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #81569 Will Be Quoted Here]

    a pissed off kobe could a great thing!
    the additional motivation for a repeat

  • jeremy

    I say good riddance to this report—“An inside source at orlandomagiczone.com has clarified that Lamar Odom will sign a contract with the Miami Heat on Wednesday”

    Do they really think even w/ Odom and if they get Boozer they can win it all? The heat just want to keep Wade happy so he stays and they can fill seats….

    Have fun losing Odumb!

  • Robert

    This is much too ‘unnecessarily’ complex, so. Ok, here’s another angle. Odom would have ‘already’ signed with Miami if he wanted to go there ‘period’, right? Miami can’t offer him more, so what’s the point of meeting (w/DWade, Riley)?

    Well, perhaps LO’s buddy DWade (and Riley) are 1/2 serious about signing Odom. Yes, I know, they appear serious, and will find a way for him to work at Miami if he comes, but basically LO has nobody who can ‘leverage’ for him on the Lakers. I.e., even though Kobe ‘strongly endorses’ LO, he can’t threaten to leave the Lakers if LO doesn’t sign. Now, on the flipside, Kobe DID want to keep Sasha (instead of Turiaf), and he made that known to management. And look what happened. So, Kobe ALREADY let management know that he wants LO back. He can’t get into the financial aspects (giving up some of his salary??? he doesn’t need to do that – the OWNER needs to pony up). So, Kobe has already spoken. That’s already on the table.

    So, the only ones who can ‘leverage’ for LO to get a better deal with the Lakers is another team. More specifically, only ‘players’ can do this, if management doesn’t. So, if LeBron came out and said “I want Lamar Odom”, Cav’s management would try to get him, period. He didn’t do that; nobody else did that. Except … DWade stepped up and did that. The other angle I mentioned is that
    DWade is actually doing that to HELP his buddy Lamar Odom, get a better deal with the Lakers. I say that he’s 1/2 serious, which means that if the Lakers call his bluff, Miami will still sign LO (and in the process, LO is ‘stuck’ with Miami even after DWade leaves). If the Lakers then ‘up their offer’ to LO, Miami goes home and DWade says ‘good, my buddy got a better deal’.

    What is ‘stupid’ in all this is that the plan was ‘originally’ designed to get a better deal than the one Buss already offered. Unfortunately for LO, it backfired. LO and his agent are not the best businessmen. This turned into a screwy business game (as far as we, as fans, can see it). LO is just planning for his future. This may be his last best shot – too bad he’s bumbling it.

  • jeremy

    Well, I think we are starting to realize that there is an excellent chance Odom is leaving. If this turns ouit to be the case, I hope the rest of the Lakers are woerking their asses off in the weight room and in the gym because evry other team is going o see tham as weaker and having just come off winning it all, everyone and their mom will be trying to beat the Lakers to a pulp. This is especially true for Bynum, time to step up man. Pull your head out of your rear and start paying attention to those stupuid fouls u you commit. If he gets hurt, what can you do? But he better be hitting the weights and practicing his moves cuz I have a feling the Lakers arent going to wait a lot longer for him to “mature”!

  • proemb

    Tadashi is absolutely right with his comment.

    All kidding aside, Dr. Buss is proving to Laker Nation once again why his franchise is a total winner. Performance incentives for Odom is brilliant!

    I said all along that Odumb is looking for a long-term deal so he can coast and half-ass his way into retirement. He struggled to motivate himself during a contract year, what’s he going to do when he gets a 5-year deal?

    Let him slack-off and coast in Miami, because in LA he’s going to have to answer to the intensity and drive of #24 & #37.

  • spirikitik

    You people don’t know basketball.
    Lakers can win, with or without Odom.
    Odom shows 1 time in every 5 games.
    LO average 13 pts. for the last 5 years.
    Artest shows every game.
    RA average 19 pts. for the last 5 years.
    Morrison will start to contribute this year.

  • kobe8

    bye bye Lamar Odom

  • jeremy

    Since D-wade is so fascinated w/ getting Lamar back because of the “great stories he tells”…heres one Lamar will have to tell his kids and g-kids when they get older-


  • Robert

    spirikitik is right. Truth is, that every season is really ‘different’. The other teams are tooling up to compete with the Lakers. So, it’s sort of in the best interests of the Lakers to play ‘differently’, since the teams only have ‘last year’s team’ to design against.

    Just with RA ‘by himself’, the Lakers will have a different character. Actually, the Lakers needed LO in the playoffs. But now, they’re a different team ‘already’. So, if the role players play ‘up a notch from last year’ (e.g., Sasha, Morrison, Luke, Farmar, etc.), they will have a better team. Remember all these guys listed were ‘no-shows’ during the year, so the Lakers really played with a smaller rotation. If Sasha and AM hit 3s this year, we have a killer team. Don’t you think they will step up this year?

    In any case, ‘role players’ (like the role LO played last year) are critical – but – in playing their ‘role’. So, if it’s your turn as role player to make a critical steal, you’re on! and make the friggin’ steal. The little things are important. If the role players play their roles this year, the Lakers will repeat as Champs. The Lakers have their core, so they need to have their role players step up. Recall that DFish was a no-show for part of the season too. And Bynum was a ‘no-play’ for most of the season. Folks … we WON a championship with, really, just a few players. And NOW, we have Ron Artest – an ‘all-star’, NOT just a role player. That’s a HUGE upgrade, ok? What do you think LO will do if he comes back … RIGHT! he’ll play a role, again. Yes, he did a good ‘role’ job in the Finals, and it was important. If our team is different, it might require a different ROLE from LO’s role.

    So, don’t you think Kup/Buss will consider that? We have plenty of time until Feb. (mid-trade deadline) to do something, if LO leaves. If LO stays, we have a great ROLE PLAYER, ok?

  • jeremy

    well said robert

  • Robert

    One more thing to consider: Ron Artest was ‘defensive player of the year’. He knows defense, and can teach some of the younger ones some of his tricks. He can ‘easily’ be a defensive team leader. He and Kobe have been All-Defensive 1st team at various times in the last few years. That’s going to shut down opponents’ scoring, easily.

    And, they’ll sick RA on the big-ones: DWade, LeBron, Pierce or Garnett, etc. etc. etc. While he’s messing with those guys, Kobe can play his game ‘better’ and score (pressure off on Kobe’s ‘needed’ defense).

    We’ve got a lock on the Championship, LO or not. What we might have with LO is ‘besting’ the Bulls record for season wins. That would be cool, but …eh … Championships don’t hurt!

  • Eidraq

    [Comment ID #81650 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i think we just may be able to best that record with this team with or without lo..what we lacked last year was yet again defense..with us being so much stronger on defense it may definitely allow us to beat it..we lost some games last year which we couldve easily won

  • jeremy

    Defense wins championships……Bring it on Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan

    Growing up, just like most of you I’m sure, my dream was to one day wear the purple and gold. Laker basketball was life, I used to pretend I was playing alongside Magic, Jabbar, Nixon, Wilkes ect. But money? That was the last thing on my mind. I never once dreamed about signing a multi year contract worth north of 10 mill a year. And Im sure none of you did either, and can relate to what I’m saying. Still to this day, it seems like my days are planned around Laker games, and this is why I get stoked when I see people like Artest say I took less money because I’ve always wanted to be a Laker, or loyal players like Rick Fox who time and time again turned down more money from other teams to stay with LA. So when I see a player like LO piss and moan for a 10 mill contract when he is offered 9, I get a little disgruntled. It gets to the point where I say let him go, because there are too many people that would take this privileged opportunity to play for the Lakers and run. LO can go to hell if he doesnt want to play for the most storied franchise in sports history.

  • T. Rogers

    This whole thing has made me very appreciative of Pau Gasol. Think about it, LO WAS the second option when he got here. But he could never cut it as the number two guy. Pau was the main guy in Mephis averaging 18 and 9 and comes to LA as the second option and STILL averages about the same production. And we all know he doesn’t get as many touches as he deserves. In fact, Odom’s game actually started to blossom playing next to Gasol. Most of all Pau has been the most consistent Laker this past season. He rarely takes nights off, never complains and just works his but off.

    My point is the things they say Odom is looking for, a starting spot, more minutes, and a greating role in the offense, he had it when he got to L.A. He did not take advantage of his opportunity. Had he done so he may have gotten the big payday he was looking for. That’s his fault, not Laker management. Gasol was given an opportunity and he took full advantange. Similarly, you won’t see the good Doctor Buss beig as tight fisted when its time to resign Mr. Gasol. Odom should take note.

  • Wallyville06

    I’ve always loved LO’s game:when it was there. Maybe he will be out to prove Buss and Mitch wrong and have an All-Star year, but I doubt it. In our loses last year Kobe had a bad game or the bench in which LO was a part off didn’t show. Thats just it LO didn’t have bad games, he just didn’t show. He would come off the bench and put up 4-8 points or less. We’ve all been driven crazy by what LO could have done for years and this past Finals was a perfect example of what he should bring every night. Fans have a tendency to remember highlights and not the no shows.

    LO will probably end up in Miami, and then will be traded by his present day suitors next year. One thing is for sure, he will not finish his career in South Beach. LO is well on his way to be coming a journeyman in the next 2-5 years.

    Lords of the Rings

  • http://www.klac570.com VTB

    Laker Fans – Feelin’ You!
    Lamar, still in limbo, as we Laker fans wait to see if the lure of a looming repeat is enough to bring the 6-10 walking mis-match back to us. The path of the warrior is a path of victory. Come back to us Lamar, and lead this squad with your higher consciousness.

  • http://myspace.com/badlatinmutha JohnJohn

    F Lamar and get Sheldon Williams. Good defensive player and can play PF and let Gasol got to Center if and when Bynums gets in foul trouble. With Fisher Kobe Artest Gasol and Bynum…WOW…Possible 4 players heading to next years all star game. If A Morrison steps it up like he did in the summer league then those will replace Odoms points and Sheldon W or J. Powell will have to pick up the slack for Odoms defense and rebounds.

  • RonLakers85

    Odom Who?, All I can see Is Kobe and Artest terrorizing the court with their D!

  • Al the Laker fan you should meet
  • ilikebasketball

    [Comment ID #81656 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree.

    but money corrupts.
    and it’s never enough, no matter how much you make. and mix that with pride and ego and it gets out of control.

    what bothers me is that Odom made it so clear he would take a pay cut and loved l.a. so much and wanted to retire a laker. and now? he had a great offer. why even speak to miami?

    and that is exactly why i loved rick fox so much. and still do to this day. it’s great seeing the old lakers still invovled in the organization.
    and it’s mindboggling that players don’t see that, the home they could become apart of for life.

    wade, again, what a joke of a player. “come home”? “where it all started”? what a joke of a player. a fluke championship, as well. and now he cries and is tryign to take another laker player so he can win another fluke championship?

  • Robert

    ilikebasketball — yes! DWade is working at the “LA Lakers dumping ground”, or the Miami Heat. Also recall their ‘championship’ run, in which Dallas had them almost beat, but they won it all after. DWade could travel, foul, etc., and nobody could touch him. More fouls were called against Dallas guarding DWade. It was clearly a Stern/NBA coup.

    Yes, DWade is a great player, but will never be a top 5 player (I think so) like Kobe. (He might make it to top 50, like LeBron, but
    not the super-duper elite, like Kobe). LO doesn’t want to play with one of the greatest ever? anymore? LO has a chance to be part of basketball ‘history’. I wouldn’t give that up.

    Not sure who was saying this on one of these blogs, but it appeared that LO doesn’t really want to return to LA. Maybe LO just wants to party in Miami. What else could it be?


    Just like many of the Lakers fans who have had to deal with this Lamar crap for over a month, i am tired of this drama also.Lamar is acting like he is the second coming of Jordan.NOT! And i am sure {especially from reading the blogs}Lamar has lost fans over the course of this ordeal.before i close out,all those who think that the Lakers will be nothing without Lamar should look back at a Phil Jackson team. Remember Stacy King, Bill Wennington etc….There are players who are not signed to a contract yet who will be able to do wonders for the Lakers under Phil Jackson.

  • Please Leave LA Lamar

    To much money for a guy that smokes pot all the time. Sign a vet for the min. and move on. We don’t need him



  • Laker_girl

    first of all, miami is offering the mid-level exemption for 5 years, which roughly comes out to 5.6 million a year. The Lakers are offering 25 million a year for 3 years WITH incentive on performance which comes out to roughly 8.6 million a year.


    im really over losing sleep over this idiot debate. if he leaves this will be the biggest blow, even bigger than ariza. I think buss should just match MIA deal and essentially SAVE money doing so. Either way Lamar is a retard.




    Laker_Girl is 100% correct. Lamar odom must not know how to add and subtract… What an asshole

  • http://thelakersnation.com Docholidae

    I was checking back hoping to see some resolution to this but jokes on me. I want Odom back despite his “inconsistant play”, I like him for this team!!! He is important for this team. We can do it without him but it would be nice to have him! However, I just noticed that Hakim Warrick was available! I’ll I’m saying is that the last Grizzle that became a Laker worked out pretty well for us! So if not Odom can we please get Hakim! F*ck it I’m drunk! LOL

  • http://www.inverter-china.com/blog lovekb

    wow, updates about Odom now.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    lamarr hates kobe, give artest a few games, he`ll hate him too!

  • Carlitos

    wao dude!!!
    miami only wants us not to have LO
    and he is just fallin to the offer

    its not even a big differrence..
    well now it is…

    but how could you change another ring
    for more money
    LO its not gonna be that good over there..
    plus miami has a hundred big men
    he’ll get less play time

    just go man u fucked it up

  • Odom the worst player

    [Comment ID #81586 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Kobe doesn’t need to opt out. Why don’t you opt out where you work and give Odumb your money. I hope he leaves so idiot like you can cry yourself to sleep

  • EVan T

    ” Sources from the Lakers’ organization have informed that Lamar Odom and his agent, Jeff Schwartz, will be meeting with Lakers’ owner Jerry Buss on Wednesday morning. The issue at hand will be whether Dr. Buss has agreed to either a) add a 4th guaranteed year to the current offer, or revive the original offer of 3 years, $30 million guaranteed. I am being told that if Buss agrees to either of these 2 things, Odom will sign the contract there and then. If not, negotations may be further prolonged ”
    is this at all true ?

  • CUBBON21

    wow lo we show luv dis is wat we get oh wel lets sign sum1 else its football season man im a tru laker fan i cant move on to the next sport with out no answers lol nah 4 real lo up 2 u candyman LIFE GOES ON WID OR WID OUT YOU peace u wana win stay

  • Odom the worst player

    [Comment ID #81603 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Amen this guy is so stupid and even more stupid. Kobe deserve everything he gets on then some.

  • EVan T

    and LO told PAT AND DWADE thanx but no thanx today ? atta boy LAMAR

  • LakerDownUnder

    [Comment ID #81685 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Where’s the source of this? It doesn’t seem to be reported anywhere else???

  • CUBBON21

    to all the haters whos watchn espn just waitn 4 da lo exit wel guess wat it doesnt matter anymor wer goin to the FINALS again i no u dont wana hear this but KOBE is the BEST player in the world “ZON” TALK ALL U WANT BOUT LABRON dis labron dat dis is the same time JORDAN took off and dats wat kobes goin 2 do

  • EVan T
  • SliqRiq

    I heard on the radio this morning that Kobe told LO not to decide or sign anything until he comes back which was today cuz he wanted to speak with him on his decision.

    Maybe Kobe has a way to persuade Buss into giving LO a better deal or maybe just telling LO that he wants him back either way I thought that was cool for the Laker leader to put his 2 cents in on this whole LO saga.

    Maybe thats why LO hasnt made a decision today, I guess we’ll find out soon

  • Mike G

    LO isn’t as good as a businessman as Buss that’s for sure. How do you think LO will feel next year when they lose in the first round of the playoffs to orlando and Wade leaves him there to rot for the rest of his career? You saw what he did to his supposed friends in his restaraunt scandal, don’t think he won’t do it to a guy who he only played with for one year. Let me see Kobe, Gasol, Artest, Bynum, Fish and Jackson or a bitch Wade who won’t sign an extension and a 30 year old coach. What’s the problem LO stop smoking and get with it.

  • http://CelticsSuckTheLakers Buffalo Bob

    Due to Brett Favre staying retired, and not coming back for his 19 season in the NFL, Lamar Odom has signed a one year (guaranteed) contract, to quarterback the Minnesota Vikings for the 2009-10 season.

    It is also reported, that after the NFL season is done, Lamar may finally make a decision on his next move with the Lakers, sometime next February.

    Stay tuned LA…

  • Travis Neil

    i am sick and tired of the candyman being a little crybaby. if he really doesnt wanna play for the greatest basektball team ever than the hell with him. in the words of pedro cerano…i say Phuck you jaboo i do it myself.

  • Fakers

    Although 5 million lower than the original deal offered by the Lakers (give or take 3 million considering the incentives) this is still a FAR better deal, than what Miami is offering with his opt out after 3 years & 20 million with the Heat—his CA income tazes would be roughly 200K over 3 years, so the math is still on LA’s side.

    Your turn Lamar…..Kobe, Phil, rings and Ron?….or one year with D-Spade before he splits for NY, and you’re left with Haslem and Riley pondering what the hell they were thinking as you average 7 pts and 8 rebounds a game. But I’m betting your Snicker average will triple.

    Oh yeah…consider this Lamar: If you make the wrong decision and head back to Miami, you’ll feel the pain of that decision when Miami visits Staples, and you receive your Championship ring out on the floor BY YOURSELF, shortly before Kobe, Pau, Ron and Drew slaughter the Heat to a cheering crowd, who is booing you EVERY time you toch the ball.

    Ring, ring, ring….do you hear us now Lamar? Yep–that’s your legacy being flushed down a Miami toilet.

    This is the most ‘no-brainer’ decision any professional athlete could have….amazing you and Candyland lawyer can’t figure that out by now.

    John Ireland…where are you?

    What an idiotic story…pathetic

  • Lakerfan

    Everyone just take a big breath. LO will be back with the Lakers mark my words. It will happen tmrw or thursday trust me.

  • edtmamba7

    [Comment ID #81696 Will Be Quoted Here]
    If LO goes play qb for MINNESOTA let’s get the best lefty out there. Mike Vick

  • Jordan

    [Comment ID #81684 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • http://CelticsSuckTheLakers Buffalo Bob

    Jul 29th, 2009 at 12:06 am

    Hey “Fakers”….”Tell me how my ass tastes…hey Fakers….let me tell you how your mother rates, hey Fakers…..”

    Until you can make an intelligible and coherent contribution to this site, STFU, and stay on topic, douche bag.