blackBleacher Report: … Imagine if the Lakers introduced an alternate black jersey, to occasionally wear on “big time” road games. How intimidating would the Lakers be marching into T.D. Banknorth Garden with a dominating black, trimmed with traditional purple and gold?

With strong talks of the Celtics introducing a new alternate jersey for home, (one that would be similar in design to their alternate away uniforms) nothing would be better for the Lakers than to introduce a new black jersey. (No design or print changed whatsoever)

Now many “traditionalists” are probably screaming their lungs out right now, but remember it’s not a complete jersey overhaul. The Lakers’ away purple jerseys would still dominate for much of the season, but a touch of black here and there would not hurt.

Again to those traditionalists, the Lakers have changed the design of their jerseys five times since moving to L.A.

Most would agree that those changes have ultimately made the Lakers’ uniforms better.

Change is indeed good.

As we head into the next decade, a fresh, black alternate jersey for the Lakers would do wonders.

Besides, just how good does the black, purple, and gold look?

  • mastarockafella

    Not bad. It would also raise revenue for the team and the NBA. Just imagine having all Lakers jersey in your collection. I just wish I have them all, but all I have is the home jersey (yellow) # 24.

  • ko_believer

    BEST damn lookin uniforms EVER.

    is this serious?? they should pull this off.
    they fit the championship team perfectly.
    classy yet intimidating.

    • Kevin McCall

      Yeah!!! What better color for the Black Mamba.

  • Manderoth

    Hmm why not? as 3rd option despite gold/purple and purple/gold…one season without white? who knows?

  • sasha vujabrick

    they can use that jersey on sundays if its true since i hate the sunday jerseys we have now well just my opinion.

  • aceman

    i like the white jersey best. the black jersey looks great, but i still want them to play in white jerseys.

  • schnide

    lol we didn’t lose at all this year with the sunday whites if i recall correctly

  • lakerfan4life

    sick i love them

  • Whatsa

    Do not change for the sake of change. Just saying.

    Change for the better. Black IS better lol.

  • sasha vujabrick

    [Comment ID #77372 Will Be Quoted Here]

    yes we did as i recall the suns blew us wipe open on a sunday with the white jersey on.

  • Eli

    The Sunday whites are awesome! The team was undefeated in the Sunday whites this past season. As for the new jersey, if it’s for special road games, I think it’s a great idea. Just imagine the team, in the finals’ road games, looking LETHAL in the black. The Black Mamba in black? KILLER.

  • lakeshoallday

    those look pretty sweet…

  • Eli

    [Comment ID #77375 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, we lost to the Suns IN Phoenix. The team wore the purple road jerseys.

  • Zoom Kobe II

    Kobe already wore this uniform in a photo shoot several years back, and for a time you could actually purchase the jersey and shorts in some retail stores. I repent that I never bought the shorts when I had the chance, and have since been searching E-bay that I might get luckky. Still searching though. These unies are sick!

  • Russ


    i’ve been wanting a black jersey for years!!!

    Finally, the Lakers might do it

    I think this is a great idea. The Lakers are going to look so tough in these. I think they should something similar to “Sunday Whites” and maybe have “Black Fridays” where we wear them on Friday night games (either at Staples or on the road) I think we should wear them like twice a month (not that much because then it’ll be overkill. Plus, we already have the purples).

    I just think it’d be a fun thing to do at Staples and on the road for BIG road games like at Boston or Cleveland.

    Great idea Lakers if you decide to do this. BLACK FRIDAYS everyone

    plus, can you imagine the Black Mamba in Black Friday Jerseys?

    God, how scary would that look?

  • Chris Manning

    I’ve been dying for a black/purple colorway since I first set eyes on them. I’m all for it. We should have a permanent yellow stripe or strip in memory of Chick — that would be amazing.

    I LOVE the black uni’s as pictures. I’m all for it!

    Plus, I have a feeling it would rack in $$$ like crazy. Those are a lot better than some of the alternate jerseys they sell in stores anyways.

  • Stephen




    Please, let that nickname stick

    it works out PERFECTLY

  • Margo

    Those jerseys are off DA CHARTS! i LOVE THEM.

  • lakersforlife77

    [Comment ID #77375 Will Be Quoted Here]

    That was a road game, they only wear the sunday whites at home. We were undefeated with the sunday whites.

  • lainok

    the only thing that would make it better, is if while the team wore them, they also wore those freaky white out contacts, some fake fangs, and put alkaseltzer tabs in their mouths.

  • KB24ForLife


  • Haddonfield

    Very Cool!

  • Moses

    I love our white Sunday jerseys, but damn those black ones looks sweet and would definitely be dope for special occasions!

  • MaMbA_24

    sasha vujabrick
    Jun 28th, 2009 at 2:19 pm
    yes we did as i recall the suns blew us wipe open on a sunday with the white jersey on.

    we didnt even play the suns on sunday at home this year lol….we didnt lose this year with the whites on….we even used em on one tuesday against Memphis and we won…i like the idea of black friday that would be sick!!but still keep the white for sundays….

  • L.G.Fuad411

    i actually like black uni’s, not that version though. i’ve seen people with a black but with white font, and yellow border. that one looks better.

  • suck it boston

    OMFG ABSOLUTE fuck AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    LET IT BE, LET IT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thelakeshow

    They should wear the black jersey’s on sunday road games and continue wearing the white one’s on sunday home games.

  • ArthurB1955

    Great Idea! Love it…Need a Power Color when we go into Boston & a few other Arch rival arenas…

  • willow

    It doesn’t scream Laker pride to me at all. Maybe i’m just old school. I still have my James Worthy jersey autographed in person hanging on my wall…when the numbers and the names were purple instead of white like they have it now…but I guess that would help generate money to offset the upcoming free agent market.

    I’m all for it if the majority likes it. I’m not that stuck in the past lol.

  • gus26

    those would be tight for road sunday games.. they wear the sunday white for sunday home games.. it would be nice to change it up a bit.. personally though i would add some pinstripes to that jersey though.. purple or gold.. what you guys think of that?..

  • Freshh

    Very dope, indeed.

  • ME

    i have a black jersey like this but for Shaq

    and it is awesome and looks sick

    they really need to make it.

  • Sean All Ivy

    Amazing. Road black Sunday jerseys would be a great idea. I love the purple and I love the gold but I think the whites at home are perfect one day a week and this would be a legit road option. Good idea!

  • Zj

    Switch the gold with the purple. And I like.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    black like laker souls…..

  • T-Mack


  • Isaiah


  • Jay



  • Bob


    the perfect name for these jerseys

    it cant be a sunday thing. we already have a sunday thing

    it’s gotta be BLACK FRIDAY

    think about it. it’s friday night, you’re on your way to Staples and someone says, “is there a Lakers game tonight?” and you say…

    “yea, it’s BLACK FRIDAY. cause we’re gonna murder the other team tonight!!!” haha, perfect…BLACK FRIDAYS

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #77406 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I kinda thought that same at 1st, but I think that the gold needs to be the OUTLINE of the purple otherwise, the purple would get lost as the outline of the Gold. The black and the purple are too similar and only the gold would POP and thus the purple would be lost!

    DO IT LAKERS!!!!!!! GET IT DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    they selling it already at staples center and team la

  • gus26

    i like pinstripes… [IMG][/IMG]

  • gus26

    hopefully this one works.. pin stripes

  • gus26

    what the?..

  • gus26
  • Krillinish

    I’m wondering if there’s any truth to this possibly happening or is this article and that picture 100% made and thought up by a fan.

  • Jay D

    they just need to bring back the blue ones that say “los angeles”

  • h_blunt

    [Comment ID #77448 Will Be Quoted Here]

    This one is really bad… Sorry guy!
    But the first one would be sooo nice!!
    But if we have it, would we have 4 jerseys??… It would be nice :
    – gold at home.
    – white at home for sundays.
    – purple on the road.
    – black on the road for sundays.


  • ATLakers

    Sunday home games in white, Sunday road games in black?

  • Shock

    Already got that one and let me tell you, it looks SICK!!!

  • Michael_23

    I’m ok with it. I just don’t wanna break the tradition of the purple and gold. Having the white jerseys are fine enough already.


    [Comment ID #77445 Will Be Quoted Here]

    YUCK! Those fcukin pinstripes makes the Lakers look like the Pacers! HELL FCUKIN NO!!!!!!!!

    I know that you might be enamored with the black jerseys and red pinstripes of the Michael Jordan Bulls days, but who wants our team to look like Indiana? LO is gonna look like a doppelganger of Reggie Miller! LOL!


    [Comment ID #77453 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Yup! Those were sweet!

  • Nissan

    Hell no.

  • KMH

    It looks very intimidating.

  • Bob


  • lilkobe24_game_is_more_like_lilcobykarl11

    Ah yeah! BLACK SABBATH! They should play that as the Lakers come roaring out onto the court! LOL!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    Sure, wear them one away game per season, maybe in Boston or Chicago.

    The idea here is to sell jerseys and grow league and team revenue.

    They’d sell a lot of these, so, sure, wear ‘em once and sell the hell out of them.

    If it helps to re-sign Trevor, I’m for it.

  • Octavarium

    This uniform would be awesome!!

  • kehn

    You guys can’t be serious. A black road jersey makes us like every other damn team in the league. The Lakers already have the best uniform set in the league – I don’t want my team to be switching their look every 3 years to fit the latest trend the way inferior teams like the Kings or Mavericks or Raptors have done. Wearing black doesn’t make us look more intimidating – it makes us look like 75% of the other NBA teams with black uniforms. Our uniforms say LAKERS on the front – that’s all the intimidation we need

  • hmmmm

    why don’t we ever wear the old school powder blue ones anymore?? these are really nice though.

  • kray28

    I came up with this idea years ago….Sunday blacks, if we can do Sunday whites at home, we can do Sunday blacks.

  • Kyle Andrews

    these look sweet and now i would be able to rock a kobe jersey at the ravens game.

  • ayyopotter

    I actually have one of these… GREAT IDEA! Lakers gotta go through with this!

  • Josh Herrington

    i actually have this jersey. i think it would be a better version of a black jersey.

  • Josh Herrington

    i actually have this jersey. i think it would be a better version of a black jersey.

  • #44 was Greatest Laker

    Gee, now the Lakers will look like every other team in the NBA. Good job! And to Stephen: The politically correct term is “African-American Fridays.”