Lakers need a bench… what we have now isn’t a bench.

OC Register: Attached to the flinging arrow was the zinging word that Phil Jackson knows really cuts Gasol.

“Pau was soft,” Jackson said Friday night.

On Saturday night, the 7-foot Gasol came out and found daring single coverage from Houston’s 6-6 Chuck Hayes, who rather closely resembles the stocky Rockets mascot bear “Clutch.”

Perhaps with Jackson’s Charmin still stuffed in his ears, Gasol tried to barge through Hayes and shoot over him. Hayes stayed low and stayed attached, affecting shots but not drawing whistles.

Gasol was incensed as an early Lakers lead was erased. He stormed to the Lakers’ bench. In that timeout is when Lakers assistant coach Brian Shaw went to Gasol, did some swim moves to get past his scowls and frustrations and pointedly told Gasol to use his speed and skills to get away from Hayes.

Shaw demonstrated a post-pivot move to remind Gasol to spin and spin back the other way and reach for all the tricks in his bag. Jackson, even though he’d thrown that “soft” ball out there Friday night, had been thinking the same thing.

That’s why after Gasol listened to Shaw and finished with a season-high 30 points, Jackson smiled thinly and said of Gasol this time: “He was nifty.”

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  • 007

    i HATE our bench except for Odom. Sasha sucks majorly and apparently now has a huge attitude and ego problem. well they ALL have ego problems.farmar is inconsistent and yet he thinks he's better than the likes of deron or CP3. and shannon more often than not makes THE WORSE decisions on both ends of the floor (mostly offense though). hope these guys at least start playing together to offset all of their negatives.

    • Drake Ramoray

      WOW, I couldn't agree with you more on Shannon Brown! I think you're the first blogger I've seen on this website who isn't kissing Shannon's butt! I think this guys got no basketball skills or talent what so ever. He's just athletic and too fast where he can't control it and playing in a system that can make any player good if given the playing time. Does 4 teams in 5 years mean anything to you? Mitch you didn't find a diamond in the rough, you got a scrub playing with talented players and also greatness in Kobe. What about Ariza? Yeah he's good but for a guy playing almost 40 minutes a game and was brought in to Houston to be their primary scorer, I don't think 15 points a night is going to cut it.

  • 007

    And i don't understand why Gasol has to repeatedly be told to STOP BEING SOFT. pau has been very inconsistent this year. im glad that he's sort of picking it up now. he's been better these last few games during the win streak except against okc. i just dont understand how he knows that he can be agressive but has to be reminded to do so. i mean wtf. AND PLEASE MAKE YOUR DAMN FREE THROWS. (i mean consistently cuz i know he did better in the houston game)

  • Drake Ramoray

    Telling us the Lakers don't have a bench is like telling us the wheels on a bus go round and round! Thankfully 5 of these guys don't have a contract for next season and another has an expiring contract. I hate seeing Josh Powell kiss Kobe's azz! He really needs to go next season just because he sucks and is annoying! He's trying to be Turiaf only Turiaf can play. Shannon definately has to go and so does Farmar. Vujacic needs to be traded. Mbenga can stay just because he's a funny dude and he does play defense. Mitch has done a great job of revamping the team to a championship caliber level but what he needs to learn from Jerry West is that he can't just sit on his laurels like his job is complete once a championship is won. That's why West resigned as GM. He couldn't handle the stress of keeping the team at a competitive level every season. Mitch wins his first championship as a GM and what does he do? Basically trade Ariza for Artest and resign Shannon who only played ok the second half the season last year for us. Other than that, he basically sat and watched everyone else in the league get better and he kept the team exactly the same. That's why the Lakers are struggling to find some consistancy right now. The talent on the bench just isn't there. Loyalty to your own players that you drafted and brought up into the league is great but that player has to be proven his worth to resign them. Did Walton really need a 6 year contract? Was Vujacic really worth $5 million a year? Was Brian Cook that valuable to resign? Is Bynum really worth $12 million a year without proving anything except how to get hurt? The only guy worth resigning wasn't and his name is Ronny Turiaf! I think he may have finally learned his lesson this year by not offering an extension to Farmar. This bench has proven it's uncappable of holding down the fort while that starters are out. The bench mob was only a bench mob when Ariza was coming off the bench. He and Farmar played well together. The Lakers bench should be called scrubs! I expect a major overhaul this offseason regardless of whether they win it all or not. Raja Bell tops my list of a guy we can really go after and have a good chance of getting. Mitch you got a lot of work to do this offseason. Let's hope for your sake the Lakers can win it all this year to make up for you being content on a roster filled with holes!