Byron Scott
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The search for the next coach of the Los Angeles Lakers became a little more clearer on Friday as it was reported by LA Times Lakers beat writer Mike Bresnahan that the team will narrow its search to coaches with previous NBA experience:

The Lakers’ decision to go with an experienced NBA coach also officially ends their brief thought of interviewing a college coach. The team was open to many scenarios after Mike D’Antoni resigned in April, including talking to Roy Williams and John Calipari, but a college coach is no longer an option.

As Bresnahan writes, that decision eliminates the idea of the Lakers hiring a college coach, but also takes Derek Fisher out of consideration for the vacancy.

The candidates with experience who have interviewed so far are: Byron Scott, Lionel Hollins, Mike Dunleavy, Alvin Gentry, George Karl, and Kurt Rambis.

With the team looking to play a more half-court system opposed to the up-tempo style that was played under Mike D’Antoni, one has to think that Scott and Hollins are likely choices moving forward in the process.

Bresnahan goes on to say:

The Lakers currently have no interviews scheduled for the early part of next week and there is only a 50-50 chance they hire a coach by the June 26 draft, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The Lakers said from the beginning of the process that there was no rush in selecting a new coach but with free agency beginning on July 1st, having a coach in place would help give the team a sense of direction in the off-season.

It is also safe to assume that any coach would like input on who the Lakers select at #7 in the NBA Draft, if they do in fact plan on keeping the pick.

  • Tyler Katt

    Why am I not surprised that the Lakers may go into draft night without a head coach? Just goes to show that this team has no sense of urgency, and probably no sense of direction for the team starting from the top. Kobe should just sit home and collect his money for the next 2 years

    • laker4life

      I agree you make the most logical sense how can u draft and get a big free agent with no coach what is the game plan strategy that starts with the coach unless your phil jackson … uhm unlike jim buss he probably hates hearing or reading that but its true thats why jim single handed dismantled what phil built coaching staff aswell as players. The one thing in life ive learned his surrounding yourself with winners helps you become a winner jim will never learn that he determined to find out the hard way. Jerry B new what that meant ..i.e magic j…jerry west….phil j…..pat riles…

  • purp n’ gold

    I second Tyler’s sentiment, none of the prospective hirings mentioned excite. Byron Scott won in Eastern Conference with Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson, and Kenyon Martin in their primes. None of these guys were drafted by the Nets with exception to Richard Jefferson who had to be paired with Jason Kidd in order to accomplish anything. That said, he was still in a weak Eastern conference. I respect Scott for his contributions to Showtime but his winning percentage is scary. Lionel Hollin’s, took a team with limited talent and career journey men to the finals. That speaks volumes. The man has won with limited talent and has a team who’s identity is predicated on defense. Mitch, hire Lionel Hollin’s, I implore you,

  • Truth B Told

    Scott took an average Nets team and made them a better team……The East had good teams…..Pacers(Miller,the two Davis.Smits)76ers(Iverson and company.Larry Brown coaching).The East was better than they are Now.Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady.Miami heat was good……So stop with the Hollins comparison.

  • wardrobe99

    lets shock the world George karl always showed up with a team in the play off never could get over the hump that hump lakers how could he with the roster he had and the roster la had but he did make a showing at times he was close. how ironic it would be if he couched a team that was the hump we are the lakers we could put a team together much better than any team he had ever coached