Congratulations to our Los Angeles Lakers! And be sure to tune in on Sunday on ESPN to catch how everything transpired…

Bleacher Report: The Los Angeles Lakers Squad was named the best team of 2009 in the annual Espy Awards.

Led by their team captain Kobe Bryant, the Lakers won a Western Conference best 65-17 regular season record. They fought tough battles with the Utah Jazz, the Houston Rockets, the Denver Nuggets, and the Orlando Magic to win their fifteenth franchise championship.

Phil Jackson, the coach of the Lakers, was also named coach/manager of the year at the Espys.

  • Portman

    and i was just inducted to the guiness book of world records as the happiest man alive.

  • http://A& Robert Vega

    Went to the ESPY, ESPY SUCK. No food and no Beer sold anywhere. And once again Kobe get’s robbed.

    “GO LAKERS” “GO MVP 4 Life KOBE”

  • Stephen

    Ya dude WTF Lebron best NBA player my ass

  • Willmo

    ESPN and Sportscenter are the official LBJ highlight show. Every noght during the season they are always starting their shows off with “Wait till you see what Lebron did today” or some crap like that.
    Same thing with the commentator like Mike Breen who absolutely lost my respect when he called the most boring call for a champoinship moment. Remember? And now it’s official, the Lakers are the world champions” with the most somber tone of voice cause of course he didn’t want to offend his friend Stan Van Gundy.
    ESPN is eastcoast bias in everything. College Footaball, NFL, MLB and of course the NBA and College B-Ball.
    No surprise that Lebron will now get MVP for the next 10 yrs.

  • Portman

    lebron best player? the man barely escaped a sweep!

  • brandon

    lebron james who….. he is know were near as good as kobe
    and lebron doesent have a sonng made about him with lil wayne

    lil wayne: dont worry lebron get em next year

    ha the cavs aint doing shit in 2010