If you’re still trying to take in everything that happened in Laker Nation (and around the NBA) yesterday, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In what can be described as both perfect and terrible timing, today is Lakers Media Day at their facility in El Segundo.

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Fisher on Odom: “Obviously, I would never agree with anything that would have Lamar leaving our team for anybody. That’s how much he’s meant to us. I would assume that the trade is not being made just for exercise purposes, but maybe I’m wrong in assuming.”” (via Ramona Shelburne)

Bynum on trade rumors: “Mitch [Kupchak] has said nothing to me or my agent, so I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing.”

Bynum on the potential Dwight Howard trade: “If that happened that’s great for the organization, and I guess I’d be hoopin in Orlando.”

Pau: “This is not personal. It’s a business. Franchise is doing what is best for team.”

Fisher on Magic’s  blow up the team comments: “Magic blew himself up when he left. He is no longer a part of the organization.”

Kobe on Odom: “I don’t understand the criticism of [the] reality shows. I don’t get it. He had his best season last year. It clearly wasn’t a distraction. He played his ass off. I don’t get where that comes from.” (via Mark Medina)

Kobe on Odom Trade: “I don’t like it. He’s great at bringing guys together. I trust management knows what they’re doing.” (via Mike Bresnahan)

Kobe: “I got a nickname for everybody at ESPN. You guys are all starship troopers over on the mothership.”

Barnes on Lamar to Dallas: “It’s weird, but the defending champs just got better.”

Kobe on Lamar: “I doubt Mark Cuban protests this trade.”

Kobe on Pau: “We’re all thankful that Pau is still here. I was hoping we would have same core.”

Mike Brown: “I gave Kobe and Fish the opportunity to talk to the team about whatever they want.”


  • Aditya

    I hope lakers get Howard

  • Talent130

    they shouldve kept odom….signed chauncy…and called it a day smh

    • Carson

      we can’t sign Billups because only teams under the CAP can

  • ilikebasketball

    keeping pau was great.
    kobe is right, we still have a core, although lamar will be missed. weird, though,
    mitch must have something planned with athat 8.9 mil.i just hope its a great PG.

    if we get a great PG, i think we’ll do wonders this season.

    and some work on our bench s def needed.


  • Luizbassani

    Just don’t trade both Gasol/Bynum for DH12/Turkoglue…. PLEASE don’t do it that mitch.

    • Guest

      thats what I’m saying!!! If they were going to trade odom anyways why didn’t they just send him to orlando along with bynum…

      • Luizbassani

        I have great appreciation, on what Mith have done to Franchise, so lets see what happens.

      • Jc james

        Same thing I said them really dumb for that

  • ahka

    if the Lakers want dwight howard they need to give up pau gasol and andrew bynum that want the orlando wants back in return if the trade happen

  • Jolly Joe

    The 800 lb gorilla in the living room no one wants to talk about is that Kobehog is going to eat up so much of the salary cap that the Lakers will either have to dump players or Jerry B will be sending checks to D Stern for massive amounts of dollars.
    Kobe makes 25 million this year 27 next and $30,453,00 in 2013-14 when he will really be a washed up 36 year old ball hog.

    Also, Gasol makes $19 million a year for the next three years as well. Ouch and double Ouch!!!

    To get DH you need to get rid of Bynum and Gasol simply for the dollars; if they do that why would DH want to come play in LA??? He would be leaving a better group of players behind in Orlando than the garbage roster the Lakers would have left over.