Coming from a Denver source, the Lakers may waive Coby Karl. This would cut the roster space down to 14; 15 being the NBA season limit. With rumors of Walker coming to Los Angeles, should the Lakers bring on a 15th man assuming Karl gets waived?

Yahoo: The Los Angeles Lakers might just keep 14 players that have guaranteed contracts, which could result in Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl’s son, Coby, being waived.

“If the worst happens, we’ll figure it out and make the best out of it,” said the elder Karl.


    probably a good idea. we have enough token white people on the team. lol

  • Jrich

    Great news. Coby sucks balls. I saw him at the Clippers game shooting before the game. The guy was off on 75% of his shots. I don’t see what the hell Mitch or Phil ever saw in that guy. He’s pathetic.

  • hZm

    Hopefully we keep the other Kobe. Yikes.

  • Mr.81

    Let’s get ‘Toine instead :D

  • einyo

    do itttttt

  • MILO

    Well theres only room for one Kobe in the team!!!

  • fatty


  • Michael_23

    Feel kind of bad for the kid, media and Phil says that he shoots well but on TV …. it’s a different story. Perhaps he got too nervous. Anyways cut the kid, let him play in the D-League and develop his game a bit more. Lakers should come in with 14 players and should not have a problem picking up a free agent or a player that was bought out.

    The only play I will remember from Coby is when he blocked Corey Maggette’s shot.

  • blakie j

    I think they should keep him he is the best ballplayer i have seen in college he was a monster

  • cwame brown

    You guys should kill yourself. They shouldn’t trade him just because there is only “one Kobe” His only problem is that he shoots the second he gets the ball, but hey he’s a rookie, give him a year or so

  • justin s

    omg i was on yahoo lookin 4 coby karl sux and i found this and i started laughing my ass off me and always make fun of him cause he suy so much lol even my teacher does hahahahahahahahahahahahaha