There is a new rumor going around according to J.Givony of Draftexpress:

Washington Post: There is some talk that the Lakers could have a deal in place to swap the #19 pick and Brian Cook for the #26 pick and Luther Head.

Then when asked the question, “With all the chaos going on with the Lakers, what on earth are you hearing that’s going to happen? And what about that Greek guard they just made an offer to? He replied back with:

Jonathan Givony: Who knows man. I wish I did. I hear that the Indiana talks are back on, and that the Lakers don’t anticipate having the #19 pick at their disposal.

The Greek guard Papaloukas is the real deal. The best player in Europe and an absolute killer with the ball in his hands on the pick and roll. He didn’t have 13 assists last summer against LeBron and Team USA for nothing. They won that game for a reason. He can play, but they need to put him at the point. Putting him on the wing isn’t going to work since he’s not a great shooter.


  • kisofdeath

    do it!!!!!

  • Brandon

    Hooray! Luther head would be great on this team. Off the bench shooter and extra ball handler. Ship Cook out of here. If he isnt shooting, he is completely useless. At least Radman can play a little defense and knows what a rebound is.

  • RoWyN

    WTF?!?! ….. Why is everybody so eager to get head? ….. Let me rephrase that, Head is like Cook’s counterpart in the guards. Yes he can shoot and so can Cook but they’re both Defensively INCOMPETENT. Smush is better than Head! ….. This deal is so bad, it doesn’t even deserve to be considered!

  • curryxburrito

    It doesn’t work salary cap wise.

    LAKERS GIVE: Vujacic, Cook, 19th
    ROCKETS GIVE: Wells, Head, 26th

    makes more sense…

  • RoWyN

    [quote comment=”2782″]… Why is everybody so eager to get head? …[/quote]

    My bad kisofdeath, I wasn’t referring to you. I kept hearing this in the news and I really thought this was a waste of time. I hope Mitch Crapchuk spends his time more intelligently.

  • ONE

    cook for head? shit, i would cook for head anyday!

  • Gary

    head killed us last year . . . . DO THIS TRADE . . . no reason keeping Radmanovic and Cook on the same damn team!

  • Lakerboy248

    DO IT MITCH!!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    Yea Head and Cook can do the same thing, they both shoot 40% from three. But Cook avg 3.3 rebounds per game, and Head pulled down 3.2, and Cook is 6-10! Cook is a 2guard trapped is a 6-10 frame. Might as well get a real shooting guard. Plus, Head got 1 steal a game as well while avg 11 pts off the bench in houston. Not a bad deal for the Lakers.

  • kobefan4ever

    houston giving head to the lakers… i think that will be a funny headline :)

  • KG21

    bad trade