According to this little quip from Hoopsworld, the Lakers may be intereted in Pau’s friend in Navarro.

Hoopsworld: Part of the appeal of going to the Grizzlies in the first place was the ability to play with fellow Spaniard Pau Gasol, which could give the Los Angeles Lakers an edge on everyone else should Navarro decide a second stint in the NBA is worthwhile. Are the Lakers interested? Yes, yes they are.

However, the Lakers can only offer a minimum contract, which is not going to entice Navarro to make the jump. Keep in mind, though, the Grizzlies can still work Navarro in a sign-and-trade deal (if they did not also renounce his rights when they cancelled the Qualifying Offer), so should they decide they wanted to help the Lakers out (very likely with the benefit of a future #1 pick and some cash to take on a Lakers contract), it’s still doable. Do they still own his rights? Probably not – they had to remove Navarro’s cap hold in order to sign Iverson.

Likely in 2009? No, not at all. Next year would seem to be even more likely rather than this one, but again it’s not entirely clear Navarro would ever consider the NBA again.

  • Luke4Lvp

    i like this guy’s game a lot! get him mitch! trade farmar and sasha for this guy. let shannon brown be our future pg!

  • desecrator93

    i hightly doubt we’ll get him and I dont really want him. Most of these European PGs and SGs end up being scrubs within a yr (Sasha). He wasnt even very good when he played in the NBA so I dont really want him unless its for the very minimum contract.

    • LakersFirst

      I completely disagree that Euro PGs and SGs turn out to be scrubs within a year. Look at Tony Parker (he’s French). I remember the first 2 to 3 years, people in San Antonio b*tched about Tony Parker to the point that the Spurs tried to trade for Jason Kidd because they did not think he could cut it. I bet they are glad they held on to him now – He’s part of their “big 3″

      I think Navarro would be a good pick up and the Lakers are in deseparate need of a true point guard. Farmar to date is not quite there yet and Shannon Brown, to be quite (as much as people like him) as not really fully been tested. Now that teams are aware of the Shannon Brown, they are going to prepare for him – Now we’ll see how Shannon Brown really is.

      • desecrator93

        Ya but how likely are most of those Euro guards to become a player like Tony Parker? Not very likely at all.

        • LakersFirst

          Have to give them time to develop. Never say never. And don’t be so set on Farmar or Brown.

  • gus26

    i like this for next year a lot.. farmar is going to hold out in the off season because he is a restricted free agent.. he is already showing its all about him.. (changing his no 5 to no 1 ala smush parker).. this will be fisher and amo’s last year with us.. that totals 13 million in contracts plus powell and dj going to be free agents so about 15 million coming off the books.. even though the lakers will still be over the cap with all that money coming off the books they will have the mle to use..
    they could get a starting pg
    navarro, luke ridnour, sergio rodriguez
    or if artest ends up playing a lot of pf they will need more depth at the sf
    mike miller, kyle kover?..
    or maybe a veteran pf off the bench if the sf position is being handeled by luke and artest..
    jermaine o’neal (i know he plays c but he is 6’11”) udanis haslem
    or maybe a nice back up for kobe..
    t-mac, raja bell?
    or some an old center trying to catch a ride on championship team..
    shaq?.. brad miller.. marcus camby..

    one thing for sure is i will enjoy next this year for sure but if you didn’t like waiting for LO last season you better plan a trip out of the country for next summer.. everyone has been waiting for the summer of 2010.. and with the cap going down again.. it will be the poor staying poor and the rich getting richer.. aren’t you glad our team is on the rich side?.. I AM!!

  • lilkobe24

    okay guys stop this talk and let mitch do his job. we all know for sure hes brighter than all of us

  • Billy Kupchak

    ‘According to this little quip from Hoopsworld, the Lakers may be *intereSted in Pau’s friend in Navarro.’

    yesS~ i am a Grammar Nazi! :cool:

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