The Lakers lead over the Celtics after the first quarter of play is 21 points.

This is the largest lead after the 1st quarter in NBA Finals HISTORY!

UPDATE: They also blew it in one of the biggest collapses in NBA history. Dark days Lakers Nation, dark days…

  • Michael D

    I often wonder where all those stats are stored that someone can know so quick a team or player made history. Either way, awesome!!!

  • kobeftw

    And they made the biggest upset in NBA Finals history…Lose a 24pt lead.

  • Freshh

    JINX Post??


  • gugy

    Stupid post.
    Jinx us.

    It’s over.

  • kobeftw


    24 points!!!! WORST LOST OF THE SEASON!!!

  • kobeftw

    24 points!!!! WORST LOST OF THE SEASON!!!

  • KING-BQ1981


  • kobeftw

    I’m removing TheLakersNation and all NBA links from my bookmarks. I can’t be reminded about this game.

    Starting memory suppression of this game. Maybe Lakers will have a chance next season with Bynum.

  • Ko-Pau19


  • vida8

    LD2K ..this one you….

  • Freshh

    BTW i was just being sarcastic
    This didn’t have anything to do with the game.

    so no hard feelings LD2K,
    Just venting my endless fury.

  • kPoAbUe

    inst it a coincidence game 2 we were down 24pts and we never got a call in the last 3 minutes and for somewhat of a reason boston got like 4? nice job nba u guys made it obvious to everybody u hate LA!

  • kPoAbUe

    imeant in this game game4 boston got calls

  • Deus_Ex

    How about biggest jinx in history!!!! Damnit!!!! How the hell did this happen?

  • Michael24

    how about two history making things happend

  • pancho


  • Lakers Galore

    this post is dumb you dont win games in the 1st quarter. =(

  • LakersFirst

    In addition to talent, heart and desire are needed to win a championship. No one ever mentioned anything about that in here. The only team I saw having heart and desire was the team in the green jerseys.

    Every Laker is to blame for this gut wrenching loss (#24 included).

  • Andrew

    What? No blaming the refs again? But that’s the Laker fan way: to cry “conspiracy”. Let’s face it: Lakers sucked and should have been swept. Once again, Mr. MVP ball hog Kobe had a sparkling 6-19 performance. The next Jordan….yeah…. Those 3 rings were Shaq, not this “And One” selfish egotistical guy who makes his teammmates worse by pulling them down not building them up. Let’s face it, the 3 rings were all about Shaq. He went to the finals with the Magic, he won 3 with the Lakers, and he won in Miami. Kobe has….well…not done anything!
    History will show that he was just a very talented flashy player, just not a good basketball player. There’s a difference. I mean, he’s won what? two scoring titles and one MVP? So what? Alex English won like 8 scoring titles and you never even hear of him.
    Anyway, Deja Vu. In the finals against Detroit we heard this crap about the refs for 4 games, then by the 5th game the Lakers fans blinders came off and they finally admitted that they sucked.
    All those lukewarm bandwagon Laker fans can take those stupid flags off their cars and put those BRAND NEW jerseys they just bought and put them back in the closet. Come on: Sasha? Jordan Farmar? These guys wouldn’t get off the bench on most teams.
    How come Lamar Odom hit his first 7 shots in 14 minutes, then only got 4 more shots the rest of the game? Was he stealing the spotlight from someone else?
    Here’s a guy who basically said “F… Los Angeles, I’m never playing there again.” They sucker fans took him right back. The team still sucked until Gasol came over and made them a winner. Oh, but Kobe got the credit (MVP) for how great a passer he was.

    Whatever, go cry yourself to sleep Laker fans. You suck and you’ll never win again.

  • Rinnegato

    This hurts bad. Opportunity just went out the window :*( Now I wonder if LA can make the greatest comeback in the history of the Finals down 3-1

  • lakersfan17

    we lost

  • ab17


  • Smush Walton

    First there was

    now we get

    Most devestating loss in Laker Playoff history. Celtic fans are once again lauughing their a$$es off at the Fakers. Crushing loss – embarassing to all Laker fans.

    It should be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR now that changes are ESSENTIAL for next year. Time to unload Smush Walton, Vlad, and Mihm. If Lamar is to stay, then he must be moved to the bench. We need intelligent, consistent, mentally tough VETERANS. Lamar simply can not be counted on in crunch time. Also it is obvious that Farmar is NOT the point guard of the future. A backup? maybe, but the main man? No Way! We’ve got to look to add a real point guard.

    Mitch, you better get busy.

  • Sopi

    lol how things change quickly

    didnt watch the ball game, i was in LAX

    glad that i didnt watch it shlt!

  • paul bingel

    34 > 24 – get garnett

  • sammie


  • long legga lai

    i still believe in my team. lets get sundays win and go from there!!

  • Geloman

    I say Bynum laces it up and gives all he’s got. His team needs him. Who cares about the future or next season or your long career. Lakers may not have this chance again and tomorrow is never promised.