This is good news after Fisher met with the Heat.

ESPN: Sources told’s Ramona Shelburne that the Lakers have made a second offer to Fisher, stronger than the one-year, $2.5 million deal that was originally reported.

  • ahmad sarsak

    get fish plz .. pay him what he want without him we wont win it alllllllll.

    • Rio Rondo

      fish is not worth more than 2.5 mill, Ben Wallace just took a 1. something contract for 2 years to remain with Detroit, and he was pretty decent last year. Fisher should except the 2.5 its more than enough and stop being a team whore

      • Ervin

        If you follow…
        D. Fish wants the same contract he got last season….$5 Million…and after what he did in the playoffs, I think he deserves more than 2.5 mill, especially since we NEED him. He’ll end up playing for us, and yeah…Ben Wallace is over the hill, D. Fish likes to walk backwards when he is over the hill just so he can be on top again. Ben Wallace….not clutch. Fisher…more clutch than a stick shift.

      • 242LakerFan

        Refresh my memory. How many clutch, game winning or saving plays did Ben Wallace make in the playoffs this year?
        If you *dream* about Wallace and Fish in the same paragraph again you better wake up and apologize!

        • Rio Rondo

          how many awards has fish won besides championships? yes he hit important shots but you cant, deny ben wallace was a major part of beating the lakers, and was also way more superior then fisher ever was in his prime. im just sayin both players are done and must be happy to be playing one more year

      • Soso

        Did Ben Wallace help pistons win title last season? Can lakers win title without fisher last season? How the hell in the world can you compare those two players? Unless you know nothing about basketball.

        • Rio Rondo

          fyi wallace was a key piece to beating the dream team lakers in 04. yes fish did help them unfortunately but he wasn’t consistent, dude was missing open shots and lay ups .and i obviously do kno a thing or more than you

          • acgod15

            are you serious? ben wallace was in his prime in 2004 buddy. His contributions on the court arent the same as Fisher’s is at their age. Ben wallace doesnt bring leadership nor anything clutch, but maybe a defensive mindset. fisher brings leadership, clutch, and a defensive mindset. yeah he blew some layups and open shots, but who doesnt? oh yeah, what was wallaces free throw percentage compared to fishers? yeah, this is definitely not even worth the comparision.

          • Rio Rondo

            to acgod15 i stated in a comment above he was in his prime. i would gladly take a wallace in his prime then a fisher in his. and bro if its not worth the comparison to you ddont get involved easy as that

          • 242LakerFan

            Your comparison of them in their prime is irrelevant because the topic is what they are worth now. As for awards other than championships? Are there any that matter more?

          • Rio Rondo

            haters gonna hate

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Aww man take it Fish!!!

  • 24allup inya

    Fisher is worth more than Sasha and Luke! he at the very least deserves 5 mill like them!!! YUP!!!

    • Lakers Reloaded

      Your Right. Sasha and Luke need to take a pay cut or atleast trade them while they still have some value. Anyone who thinks Sasha is good is a FOOL. Sign Fish when he retires go after Chris Paul. His contract is up in a couple of years right?

      • Rio Rondo

        your a fool for thinking fish is superior than Sasha common man fish is at best a back up pg

        • Wilt

          I dont now what you are smoking or drinking but it is for sure not smart.

          • Rio Rondo

            lol thanks to sasha the lakers won clutch free throws hahah

          • Wilt

            thanks to fisher we won game 3 without him there is no game 6 or 7 hahaha.

  • Robert.

    I hope the Lakers gave him the offer he wanted. If they are going to give it to him anyway, they need to get it over with instead of playing the poker game they played with LO last year. That was a long drawn out drama, and ended with the Lakers folding and giving LO ‘mostly’ what he wanted.
    So, they should get it over with NOW so they can concentrate on building a better team, so that they can handle the Heat (and everyone else) next year.

  • Jack Y.

    Pat Riley is a pathetic rat. He goes after players who indicated they’d like to stay with their original teams. Recall, last summer he went after Lamar, even though he was the one who traded Lamar away for Shaq.

    • chad b

      take it easy Jack – your talking about a Laker Legend. ex announcer, player and 5 time champion for the Purple and Gold. He’s trying to build a franchise, Fish is trying to get better deal, Buss is trying to save a few bucks.

      They are doing the dance and when the music stops Fish will be in LA

  • keepon_keepinon18

    It better have been MUCH better than their initial offer. Fisher wanted about a 2 year $10 mil contract and the Lakers ended up offering him HALF that. I know money is going to be tight, especially with the core the defending champs have signed on, but Fisher is not an extra piece to the puzzle. He is the one of the many colors on top that can’t be removed without hurting the big picture.

    • TheLAKERSwon09

      I 100% agree

  • laughoutloud

    Question :Will the lakers match the price set by the nets to sign morrow or do they not have enough cap room to sign him?

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I’m not worried. Fisher is NOT going anywhere. This is just like the Odom situation last summer but I’m even less concerned about Fisher leaving. Mitch will get it done.

    • Emily

      Hopefully you’re right Be_A_Laker. I didn’t think Trevor was going anywhere, and he ended up in Houston!

  • Jonathan Malik

    for god sakes were paying adam morrison 5mil. a year to sit his butt around all year dump him and pay fish as much as possible THE MAN IS WORTH IT HE IS A SUPERSTAR!!!

    • jonb

      “SUPERSTAR?!” wtf. The lakers are smart and will not overpay for a player who was horrid last season. 2.5 mil is fine for the duration of the playoffs. Weren’t there a lot of ppl calling for fishers head last season and now u ALL praise him like he’s kobe. Fish improved his play in the postseason but no way should we dismiss his OVERALL performance from nov. to june.

  • Paul Lee

    I love fish and he’s been a big part of the 5 championship wins this decade. But lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Besides those clutch 3’s fish had a bad year on both ends of the court. Our core players Artest, Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Kobe, Gasol. Push us over the cap. so if you pay fish 5mill you might as well say he’s worth 10mill a year which he isnt. I love fish but lets be real here folks. I like the blake signing, really underrated on ball defender, good spot up shooter and pass first point guard, plays his role always. 3mill a year is fair for fish and you guys know it

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    I think Fish should get a $3 to 4 million p/year contract. that’s pretty good. He is great but he is getting old and playing less minutes.
    Don’t get me wrong, he is one of the key players, but he can’t be too greedy.

  • Dtogawa

    Sun-Sentinel reports there is an expection from all sides that Fisher will wind up back with the Lakers.

    • sohail

      link please

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    Fish is ok at best. 2.5 Mil is more than enough. Yes, he helped us win the championship this year but he got payed for it. Here is a question that I challenge anyone of you….Can you think of any two moments last year that fish blew by his defender, juked his defender, clamped down on his counterpart? Asset or liability from Nov-June?

    • 242LakerFan

      By that logic no one ever deserves a raise.

      • Rio Rondo

        this guy 242lakerfan. is idk in love with d fish. get off his sack yo

        • ICE CREAM MAN

          242LakerFan is coming from a good place. If the Lakers had the cash to offer then by all means pay D Fish but they are already paying Luxury taxes. Someone made good point in this forum, w/ the taxes as they are now, a 5 mil contract will equal to 10 mil due to the other 5 mil to pay the tax on the guy. Now is D Fish worth 10 mil or would we rather pay a total of 10 mil to another PG?

  • 123kid

    what fish needs to consider:
    -understand he is gettin up in age
    -understand he has a chance to win 6 titles (two 3-peats)
    -kobe needs him
    -he needs to think of taking things 1 year at a time and not multiple years at a time.
    -the franchise loves you and the city loves you more than any other city does.
    -if he leaves, the city will have all hatred for him and he’ll be part of the most hated trio in all of sports, except to miamis eyes.

    what buss & mitch need to know:
    -that poker way of dealing with players doesnt work
    -consider a fair amount and dont just lowball
    -ship out and dont spend so much on players like sasha, morrison, and luke
    -be a lil aggressive with FAs and sweeten the deal with winning a championship.


      Very good points!!! I don’t hate Fisher, but it sounds that he wants max cash w/ max years. He’s “trying to write checks that his body can’t cash” (corny I know) but true. Also, people here “Can’t handle the truth”. He is in good shape, but he is at this point 1 1/2 – 2 steps slower then anyone else except for…except for? Oh, Luke Walton! And he is a Laker too. Enough of this mumbo-jumbo, who want’s a rocket popsicle? (I put my head back into my side window, sit on my rh drive seat, and drive away w/ my “It’s a small world” melody playing.)

  • NBAmazingKB24

    It will break my heart to see DFish go.
    It will break my heart even more if he goes plays for the Miami Heats…
    We need him. THats all.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    We can only pray that fisher signs with the lakers