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ESPN: Maybe it’s the general tropical nuttiness that is Waikiki, where the Lakers are staying. Or maybe it’s holding the first two days of training camp at a high school, conjuring up the time in everyone’s life when anything seemed possible. (Heightened by the fact that the school, Iolani, considers anything less than four state championships in a year as a major disappointment, based on the wall banners.) Or maybe the Lakers have just decided to take a page out of Stuart Smalley’s book and eliminate their many shortcomings with blammer rays of positive thinking.

Whatever the explanation, and no matter how fragile the Lakers may look to the rest of the planet, inside the purple-and-gold bubble it’s all rosy. It’s as if last season’s 15-25 closing swoon and perfunctory first-round playoff dispatch by Phoenix never happened and Kobe Bryant never called the front office out for expecting anything different.

Whether it was Ronny Turiaf cheering a Brian Cook pull-up jumper (“I see you, Cookie!”) as if it were a Game 7 or GM Mitch Kupchak feigning ignorance of any offseason hullaballoo involving Kobe or Lamar Odom nodding toward Kwame Brown and predicting “he’s going to be one of the best players in the NBA,” all that was missing were Jack Nicholson, Chief and little paper cups with brightly colored meds.

“Expectations aren’t very high and that’s OK with me,” said Kupchak, startling the crowd of beat writers hearing it as much as it probably did you just now reading it. Then he clarified his logic: “All I keep reading is we’re not a very good team. Obviously, I disagree with that. We feel that if we stay healthy, we’ve got a good team.”

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    while reading this crappy article, i clicked on the link to see who the author was. No surprise there I guess.

  • lakerfan81

    It seems like everyone (sports writers) are just waiting for the lakers to implode. Its like they think they will be lucky not to finish last or to have Kobe at the end of the season. Its understandable why they would want that to happen (in Bucher’s case it will be consoling after the 0% chance Kobe shows up to camp), it would make a great story. But it does not make good reporting. Its just crappy. Come on. Report on injuries, and what the team needs to improve on, what they are good at etc etc, but don’t make it sound like they are just deceiving themselves because they are the worst team in professional sports.

  • foxxy


  • fatty

    I love the us agaianst the world stuff. It only makes us look much better when we prove them wrong. The last two years, most of the ESPN writers had us not even making the playoffs. They was wrong and they haven’t learned fron there lesson. So be it, PJ, Kobe, and company will prove them wrong again.

    Remember, the same writers had the Suns going all the way, even though the Suns haven’t beat a quality playoff team yet. None of them had Utah in the WCF, none of them had Dallas out in the first round.

    I’ve got a feeling about this Laker team, they will even susprise us.



    well lets keep it in perspective. we barely made the playoffs last year and phoenix got screwed with the 2 ejections that cost them the series and dallas played anyone else other than golden state they probably win it all. i dont think the sports writers were all that wrong.

  • Tim-4-Show

    The Lakers are playing against a stacked deck, and they know it. They have only one choice: to over achieve. Listen, we have 1 all-star (who happens to be the best in the game right now) and that’s about it. We have a loaded conference. We have refs that have been bought, and we have the media looking to drive a wedge between players on the team, which if they succeed will take away what little we DO have working in our favor.

    It will take career seasons from three. Kobe we can count on. I’m praying for Odom, but especially socks. He really MUST come through, or we’re toast.

  • ab4sure

    I agree with Fatty…this team will surprize us this year including many who rip the lakers here on this site. It will surprize Kobe too. I can just hear Kobe say I knew this team could do it. That will be funny to hear.

  • Tim-4-Show

    I believe the team CAN do it. The question is WILL they do it? I hope you’re right ab4sure… we’re all cheering for it, including KB24.

  • foxxy


  • mr47

    Wow, it’s amazing that the Lakers are still a PLAYOFF team and ric has to say things like them “once” getting quality players. I think the team will surprise us, 50 wins doesn’t seem so far with this squad.

    Also, i thought he went out of line talking about LO’s daughter like its some casual thing that happened. That’s called a tragedy, why can’t he leave that behind him and not use it as a shot at LO? I hate this guy.