Even after trading for Morisson and Brown, it’s good to hear that the Lakers didn’t stay pat in the last few hours of the trading deadline.

N.Y. Post: According to a source, the Kings, Lakers and Oklahoma City made plays for Robinson at the trade deadline.

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

    Oh yea…I would have done that all day! Mainly because his mentality is one of a KILLER on the court! His ability to score allows D Fish to really get rest on the bench, I know Farmar can score too, but I love N. Robinson’s game. Or maybe it’s just the fact that our bench have been sucking lately…lol!

  • LAKing

    Oh man, I would’ve been shocked and excited if this deal went through. Our team would be… just forget it would’ve been even more of a nightmare for the rest of the league. LOL. Why didn’t this happen??? Who did the Lakers offer???

  • LakersFirst

    NY was probably asking too much for Nate Robinson. His play has improved dramatically so his price tag went up.

  • xtro

    dang it! we missed out on the kryptonite!!

  • Jason4rmLA

    Nate the Great!!

  • willow

    We already have a lot of scorers when they’re clicking on all cylinders. We’re one of the top scoring teams in the league. Last I checked Nate Robinson is not a defensive guard. We already have that with Shannon Brown. We just need him to get used to the offense and he will be just as good, if not, a better guard than Jordan Farmar. He looks like a good combo of athleticism and toughness that Jordan’s lacking at times. Even scoring 10 or 14 points and giving the opponents’ guards hell on the defensive end. It would’ve been a nice trade for Nate but I think we have a diamond in the rough with Shannon Brown. I’m just sayin…

  • http://www.lakersvolssparks.blogspot.com Margo

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    You know what i do agree with you on Shannon Brown. I do believe he is a diamond in the ruff on our team. He reminds me of Dwayne Mitchell, but a little more polished on the defensive end! We have got to get this guy incorporated into the mix! I would have (with Bynum out), Pau, and L.O. down low, and the perimeter with Kobe, Fisher, and Brown! If given a chance this guy could really help our team!

  • Msouten

    lol tht would have been great if we got Kryptonate man

  • dub824

    i thought PJ likes tall guards.. haha they went after the shortest in the league

  • showtimelakes

    Is this the reason why farmar has stunk for the last few weeks?

  • Andrew Rafner

    to quote my dear Daniel Faraday “If it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen”

    WHY is this even relevant news?

  • Lker Roger

    Nate is great but to small. Lakers need to get rid of farmar dud is weak not a good outside shooter and no defense. Next is puke walton dude cant job no defense greatbasketball iq huh why because he s white. makes bad decisions with the ball sunday he lost that game for us. He left barnes to guard shaq
    barnes hits 3 we lose great iq luke. Also barnes had a record day guess who guard him luke the puke cant jump walton. Phil get this guy out of the line up .
    Mitch 3 guys to get the next trade deal with farmar luke and dj kobes body gaurd. Why did you not get mikki moore you idiot. And please dont get horry or byron russel.