HOOPSWORLD.COM: On Sunday, the Los Angeles Lakers came to terms with one of the top available free agents. Acting at first possible moment, General Manager Mitch Kupchak put in a call to Luke Walton and a deal soon followed.

On July 11 or soon thereafter, Walton is expected to sign a six-year, $30 million contract. At this point it’s not clear if he starts with a salary at $4 million and gets the standard 10.5% raises for returning free agents . . . or if he gets a flat $5 million each year.

Once the contract is signed, the particulars will become available.

While many Laker fans might take Walton for granted, this year’s crop of available players is relatively light. Vince Carter quickly agreed to return to New Jersey. LA didn’t have the cap room to offer Rashard Lewis a significant contract and the Seattle SuperSonics weren’t interested in orchestrating a sign and trade with the Lakers.

Other than Gerald Wallace (who has yet to decide on a destination), Walton was arguably the fourth best free agent on the market.

Some might like Mo Williams, Grant Hill, Andres Nocioni, Jason Kapono, Darko Milicic or Anderson Varejao more than Walton but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is the Lakers landed a top ten free agent with a reasonable contract and still have their Mid-Level Exception (MLE ~$6 mil) to spend.

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  • lakerfan81

    Fisher would be welcome back. I’m sure Jerry Buss would offer him a job if he came back to LA. For 2-3M I wouldn’t mind Fish sharing minutes at PG with Farmar. Certainly an upgrade from Smush.

  • http://Lakers.com Ed24

    We need you Fisher. Please come back to LA.

  • shins74

    He is one of my best Lakers of all time, classy, great hussle, great player in all, would love to have him back, do it Mitch, offer the MLE to fisher man, better him than any other player out there, he knows the triangle better than any other free agent.

  • magic32

    fishers not coming back, he said retirement is likely so he could move to a city where they have the medication for his daughter.

  • BeRkS_kb24

    I like d way he play and he loves playing with KOBE!

  • lakerfan81

    Magic32. Obviously his first priority is his family. But he said he would still like to play, but retirement is option if the team in the city he moved did not want to sign him. I was just saying that if he came to LA and wanted to play Jerry Buss would probably offer him a job and fisher would be welcome in LA.

  • BeRkS_kb24

    oh no!cancel bynum put him back to high school where kobe plays!I play better than him !!!!

  • http://www.vivathegame.com VIVA THE GAME | Dating tips

    The best thing for Fisher right now is to concentrate on his daughter. But when he is ready I’m sure Buss will offer him a place. Once a Laker, always a Laker, no matter where you go!

  • we need fish

    i smell http://www.getfish.com hahah

  • http://www.youtube.com/darkice18 darkice18

    this is my possible lineup:

    Fisher/Javaris/Yue Sun
    Kobe/Mo Evans/Sasha
    Luke/Vlade/Grant hill
    Ronny/Chris webber
    KG/Mihm/Marc Gasol

  • kgmvp

    YES!!!!!! finally some good rumor movements get fisher now

  • http://www.lakerfreak.homestead.com lakerfreak

    come on fish come here we got some good medicine here its LA and that would be the best possible scenerio for the lakers fish is the pg that knows the traingle the most out of all the active players and we need a pg plus i dont really like blake

  • cyrus

    If Derek decides that LA is the most suitable place for his daughter, it would absolutely crazy not to sign him back.

  • lakers4life

    [quote comment=”5194″]this is my possible lineup:

    Fisher/Javaris/Yue Sun
    Kobe/Mo Evans/Sasha
    Luke/Vlade/Grant hill
    Ronny/Chris webber
    KG/Mihm/Marc Gasol[/quote]

    yue sun and gasol are goin to play in the d-league or back with there team before they got drafted, i think its the team they were with before

    grant hill maybe to phx

  • daboss1848

    let’s not forget – he left for money
    don’t be surprised if he creates a bidding war amongst 3-4 cities for his services, resulting in full MLE over several years.

  • Fatty

    His family needs are certainly a priority right now and will be taking all his time and energy. My best friends child had leukemia and we all lived at the hospital for three months taking turns supporting the family. I could go home at night and get away from the hospital but my friends family could never do that.

    I am certain that once Fishers life gets back to normal some day, he will be a Laker again.

  • kobeguru


  • cyrus

    Fatty my friend,

    We miss you on the other side. What happened?


  • TheFaze

    New article about Lakers signing Crittenton and Mitch talking about Fisher…


  • marky

    fish come to L.A. I work at City of Hope. It’s one of the biggest cancer research and treatment centers in the world. We’ll take care of her.


    [quote post=”461″]this is my possible lineup:
    Fisher/Javaris/Yue Sun
    Kobe/Mo Evans/Sasha
    Luke/Vlade/Grant hill
    Ronny/Chris webber
    KG/Mihm/Marc Gasol[/quote]

    ok so theres a few things wrong with that.
    Lakers can’t get both KG and Webber at the same time. Grant Hills contract is too big, Lakers would look to sign a more suitable contract. Fisher would be a fit but obviously all of that can’t happen at once if thats what you’re thinking

    i also want to get bak the Fish – one of my favorite players i wanted him back since he was in goldenstate- but i think the first thing lakers should do is get a dominant big guy that could play next to bynum (maybe KG or JO)

  • Fatty

    Hey Vent Cyrus, Que paso?

    Too much hatred going on, no longer enjoying it. Glad your here.

    A simple statement: We want KG and we want him now.

    Let’s go Lakers !!!

  • steve

    SO FATTY and VENT….trust me it can get very heated over here….its very nice to have the extra bb iq that you have on this blog….fisher would be some very nice help for the new pg rookie…..32

  • dude

    the Flea had something to say and i hope KOBE listen

  • dakobestopper

    lets get a clue. that lieup can’t happen. we need KG and Dfish. won’t see hill or cwebb. punks anyhow. mihm won’t stay for less than the MLE right. forget him. trade one of the young guards, bynum and odom in a three way. deal done plus next two 1st rounds. sign dfish to the MLE.

  • lakersforlife77

    Let’s hope UCLA’s treatment program is top-notch :D

  • nyla

    I’d love to have Fish back! We need a guy like him on the team.

  • Fatty


    If we talk Lakers here, I’m aboard. I love to argue Lakers. Just not the mindless hatred that has taken over the LA Times blog.

    First things first, let’s get KG to LA and bring fish home where he belongs. He would be the answer to my prayers. He would absolutely turn around this program.

    Nyla – Amen to that.

    Marky – You work at a fine establishment. I know it well. Fish’s family would be well taken care of at the City of Hope.

  • steve

    I have had a good read of your posts on the la times blog..you guys make alot of sense..both vent and yourself.and nyla.i really like the kg idea but one thing bothers me,what do we need to give up to get him.From alot of the reports i read they tend to say that at lest one of the contracts like jaric or hudson have to come over as well and that means we will not only end up with a larger tax to pay but also point guard heavy.Give me d-fish over jaric or hudson any day even if it means giving him the part of the mle..

  • Mark

    Vote for Kobe on ESPN’s WHOS NOW tournament. Help him make it to the top

  • Mark

    Here where you can vote when its his turn.


    Spread the word and VOTE FOR KOBE!!!

  • lakers4life

    also vote him for best nba player for the espys

  • lakers4life

    Coby Karl, son of Nuggets coach George Karl, signed a free-agent contract with the Los Angeles Lakers and will play on their summer league team. –

  • J-Cool
  • cyrus


    I feel the same way about the “other side”. Mamba24 departure was really sad. He’s a smart dude with a clean sense of humor. It’s just too bad. I’m getting there too, it’s becoming unbearable over there.

    I hope this place doesn’t get conquered by the haters like the other place.

    Hey, Back to KG. I think Lakers’ chances of getting KG is growing as time passes. I don’t believe for a minute that Suns are going to trade Stoudemire, they would be crazy if they would and as Charlie Rosen said; Garnett game is not compatible with Nash and Kerr knows that. Golden State is not after KG, they want YI Jianlian, who is refusing to go to Bucks. So, the only suitable place for KG is LA and Charlie Rosen, whom I trust very much and who has been around more than all of those sensationalist sportswriters, has analyzed it very objectively in his report “KG to LA makes sense”


    Thanks for the props. I am looking forward to hang around you guys and have civil exchange of opinions. And having Fatty around makes me so much more comfortable.


  • http://www.myspace.com/kobegarnett Kobe24Garnett21
  • Rpoc

    Fisher’s agent is on crack. Did he learn from Sprewell’s agent?

  • Fatty

    Steve and Cyrus

    Two weeks ago I thought no way is KG coming to the Lakers. Too many other teams had too many other horses for us to compete. But slowly, one by one, each team has been eliminated. That leaves the Lakers as the front runner, amazing.

    What’s the expression, “be careful what you wish for” Getting KG will cost us plenty. I don’t know what to think of all these rumors, but my take was we were giving, Odom, Kid Bynum, Cookie, and now Critt or Farmar. Do we have enough pieces to compliment Kobe and kg? If you are right about Hudson being part of it, that complicates it even more. I don’t know much about Hudson, except he killed us in the playoffs once (Hey, but doesn’t everybody?)

    We still need a point vet. MLE could solve that. But how much of the MLE do we give up. We need a back up center for Kwame. Mitch says he needs to spend it for two players. He must think a trade is going down or just spend the whole thing on a point.

    Mckale going hunting? What a jerk this guy is. He knows the Lakers have the best offer for his team, but is having a hard time making the call. I think his owner will make the decision for him in the end.

    Everything for the Lakers seems to hinge on the KG deal. Once it happens, then “boom” everything else will happen in hurry.

    Fish will come home, Weber will sign, Kobe will come to his senses, etc…

    Happy times again. Let’s hope so.

    Its 4th of July, everyone, get out and have some fun. I’m the bartender for the neighborhood bar-b-que party. Loaded with benefits. I sample every drink that leaves my bar. Its called quality control. Yeah Baby!!


  • getgasol

    Get Derek Fisher back. give him the full MLE. I was saying this even before Fish left the Jazz. The Lakers should have their heads examined for ever letting him go. Fish was arguably their best player after Shaq & Kobe. I would rather the Lakers get Fish back than any other free agents. The Lakers weakest position is at point guard, and during the Laker’s 3 championships, no one on the Lakers played that position better. Besides, the triangle offense doesn’t need a true point guard anyway. Spending a ton of money trying to get someone like Kidd or Nash would be a waste. GET FISH!!!