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Not-so-sweet, and short – the Los Angeles Lakers lost to the Charlotte Bobcats, who have five more wins than their opponents tonight at 21-27. Just six games under .500. Remember when the Lakers were “just” six games under .500? Seems like ages ago, because here they are – 15 games under .500, with less than half the amount of wins as losses.

Adorned in their Hollywood Nights black uniforms, the Lakers were anything, but glitz and certainly nowhere near glamour. After 47 games in the books, they looked rusty, like they hadn’t played in months. And they look discouraged, and rightfully so. Who wouldn’t be?

The coaches are have little explanation for the what’s happening, the players are tired of losing and the media – we’re running out of ways to recap each loss. Tonight it was a 110-100 victory for the Bobcats, who still have a chance at the post-season in their conference.

High Points
– The Lakers had just eight and gave up nine points as a result.
Free throws – 22-27 from the charity stripe, 82%.
Pau Gasol – The Spaniard had another good scoring night with 24 points on 9-17, adding in nine rebounds and two blocks. He’s the only Lakers who shot over 50% from the field. With him, the Lakers shot 39%. Without Gasol’s offense, the Lakers shot just 36%.
Jodie Meeks and Nick Young did score 40 points combined, but they also went just 13-27 from the field for 35%

Low Points
Outrebounded…again. Jordan Hill – 3 rebounds in 12 minutes; Wesley Johnson – 5 rebounds in 20 minutes.
Gave up another 100+ points on 52% from the field.
6-26 from beyond the arc.

There isn’t much to say about tonight’s Lakers. They’ve played the exact same way they’ve played when they lost; failing to look back on the games in which they actually learned a valuable lesson (like rebounding being somewhat important), and then applying it for the next contest to give themselves a chance to win. But they continue this type of play, game in and game out, perhaps trying to maintain a certain level of energy. Unfortunately, who, in their right mind, would feel energized after losing a string of games.  They are, in a word, exasperating. (Side note: Pau Gasol is playing with an injured groin yet Chris Kaman remains on the bench, healthy, able to play, but continues to wait for his turn on the floor).

Box Score