Robert Horry and the recently release Mikki Moore are on the Lakers’ sights…

horryDaily News: The Lakers have an open roster spot after trading Chris Mihm to the Grizzles, and haven’t ruled out the possibilty of adding a veteran down the stretch.

“We keep that for a reason,” Jackson said Friday.

“If there’s a hole or something in your team and you feel like you can support that, it’s always nice to have that option.”

Mikki Moore was released by the Kings this week, while Robert Horry hasn’t played in the NBA this season.

“Robert’s been contacted by teams, but I’m not saying who I heard it was from,” Jackson said.

  • ph33shy

    r horry ftw! mr clutch!!! rested and rdy to play!

  • fabz24lakers

    I would welcome back Horry…and Big Shot Rob….not cheap shot bob….

  • killo15

    They should try to pick up mikki moore…I’m sure he’ll give us some energy and a big body to use against physical teams. He’d be a big upgrade from mihm.

  • Lker Roger

    go for mikki to knock some heads horry has lost his shot thats why nobody picked him up the spurs would not keep him for league minimum, lakers dont be fooled. He is really slow .And gets burned and laughs, I would rather have fox come back at least he aggresive. Trade Luke for some young talent just because he s teachers pet he slow and has no game.
    we need a young fisher,like a crawford from goldenstae farmar is too small and has aweak shot no defense trade him now . Farmar is a cheap ty lue
    with no game. mitch your not done there is still some bums mobenga want does he do carry luggage
    never plays how can he get better.mitch wake up dude some these guys are a waste.

  • mr.laker19

    Either way I would be happy, lets just make sure we pick up another PF or C before playoffs because I dont believe in Dacos

  • Freshh

    I doubt we get either,
    getting rid of Mihm was just a salary dump opposed to opening a roster spot for another person.

    If we were to pursue someone though, we should go for a veteran big man (Just b/c Pau is getting some rigorous mins out there)

  • LAKing

    I would love to have Robert Horry back. The Lakers won’t offer much at all for either players.


    Well i would love to have Will Smith back too… HAHAHAH.



    Watch this fellaz….

  • Michael_23

    Getting any of these guys would be all right. They would receive a pro-rated salary, maybe less than 500,000 if they sign. I don’t think we’d see either on the floor. Rob will be a good vet to have around in the locker room.

  • LAKing


  • 123kid

    i’ll welcome either one. moore gives good energy and can really bang dudes around if he is put in with pau or powell. but on the other hand, i think horry would be a lot better just because he knows the offense and im sure he’ll be a lot more of a factor since we only have half a season left and im sure he’ll do damage in the playoffs with the rebounding and pushing guys around. obviously both wont give us double-doubles and be huge factors, but it would be great to have some real bangers in the paint if bynum is out a bit longer. we need guys like pau and l.o. to be ready and energized come playoff time. plus, either horry and moore can be like how pj brown was to the celtics and how mourning was to the heat in their championship run.

  • trdsol23

    celtics are also after moore, and is the most likely destination for him according to hoopsworld


    Everyone needs to realize that now that KG is out for 2-3 weeks that they will loose the home court advantage and that they will have to play the cavs in Easter C. finals. That being said, it is goig to be the cavs and my beloved Lakers in the Finals because the Keltics cannot beat the Cavs without home-court advantage. Let’s go Lakers!

  • MILO

    yes i agree i’ve been saying that it’s going to be Lakers vs Cav’s all along! Boston isnt shit w-out KG!!! and i’d rather get Big Shot Rob than Moore!!!

  • Margo

    I really believe that it will be BOSTON and LA one more time! The resiliency of Paul P. will get them their, because out of the 3, he wants another one…NOW! With that being said…Horry will keep that toughness we need mentally on this team…and pressure DOES NOT BOTHER HIM AT ALL…as we all know! The Celtics are going to feel this year what we felt last year…but hey…it’s just a learning experience for them…lol!

  • Joseph

    if horry gets back in the game, he might be able to snag an endorsement with ‘just for men’ … so there’s more at stake for him then the league minimum

  • kb24

    horry yes

  • FarmarAllStar

    Mikki Moore looks like a tall version of Busta Ryhmes

  • Lker Roger

    Get him busta rymes on stilts. Mikki is mean and get ugly this is what we need. pau is to soft
    bynum is a elden cambell boy man against top players he runs like a little school girl.
    horry is a fat slow washed player .why do you think spurs cut him lose.he gets burned and smiles.
    mikki is like artest and sprewell a banger.
    plus if boston wants him go figure they can have horry he s not big shot rob anymore.
    mitch trade farmar and luke get something for these guys they are average players on a good team.mobenga too what does he do bodyguard for kobe .trade the dead weight mitch

  • Lker Roger

    mitch trade farmar luke and kobes bodyguard mobenga for crawford from goldenstate we need a young guard fisher is getting to many minutes and pau also .
    farmar is too small no game has aterrible outside shot. luke is slow and is a white mans proof he cant jump. get these guys the hell out of here.
    go sign mikki today. not horry that guy is a waste.
    mitch you need a guard thatcan score not sasha with ribbionsin his hair. and bynum boy man has no balls
    biggest wimp since elden yeah he put a big numbers before he got hurt against bums. look at his record against the east coast centers . what happens against duncan yao staudmire or west he runs and hides under kareems apron

  • Dave

    Lker Roger: Can you please use complete sentences and maybe even some punctuation in your next post? It might help us understand what you are trying to communicate.

    That good would be yeah appreciate it we do when happens

  • Lker Roger

    sorry english teacher I am a handicap and I do the best I can . Thank you for the help.

  • Lker Roger

    whats the matter dave dont have a reply . Your
    probably one of those gay white dudes that sit with other gay buddies watching laker games. Oh that sasha he s so cute.
    go f your self. I m locked up in prision for beating up on butt holes like you. So dont worry dude you can rest easy with you mother .

  • YellowPurpleFever

    Horry has NO gas left in the tank. I love ROB when he was here, but time has changed. POP let him go cause he was not effective anymore. I will entertain the Mikky option for back up and banging. PJ does not like “banger” so we have to wait and see.

  • lakers2000

    Joe Smith!!!

  • sketch

    Yo, doesn’t Horry have enough rings already? Hahaha! Time to give somebody else a chance!

    Look, who aas a Laker fan doesn’t love Big Shot Bob? None of us would forget all that he’s donw for us either! We all love him, but he hasn’t played all season, and he hasn’t been hittin his big 3s and that’s why he’s not around the League now.

    So, based on these reasons, I do believe that it would be a good idea to pick up Mikki Moore. He’s a very energetic player and is a very capable shot blocker. He can score in spurts. Since, offense isn’t really an area in which the Lakers are lackin, I think that Mikki Moore would be the perfect fit at this juncture! Sign him.


    Someone like a Mikki Moore is the necessary pick-up after the “Downgrade two-for-one Trade”, which weakened the team and eliminated an open roster spot at the same time!
    …This is real reason to dump the “Nice Guy”, but worthless C. Mihm for this year!

  • xtro

    get big shot rob. do it mitch!


    sOMe FuNnY peOple pOstINg sOme FuNnY ShYt oN hERe!
    HAAAHAAHAAAHAAAA, CoUgH-cOuGh… Heheheheheh