Fox Sports: Training camp is well underway and despite numerous summertime trade rumors, neither Shawn Marion nor Jermaine O’Neal are in Hawaii with the Lakers. And for the Lakers, it’s just as well.Here’s why:

While Marion’s athleticism would certainly benefit the Lakers’ porous defense, he would not have been a good fit in the triangle. That’s because he’s not a go-to scorer who can routinely create his own shots and, more importantly, because he’s not a very accomplished passer. Also, since the triangle is essentially a jump-shot oriented offense, Marion’s erratic mid-range shooting would likewise be detrimental.

As for O’Neal, he’s prone to both injuries and foul trouble. Even with the variety and effectiveness of his post-up game, O’Neal has become more and more reluctant to bang with the other bigs in the paint. Not to mention his penchant for coming up short-handed whenever a big ball game is up for grabs.

Still, with Ronny Turiaf, Chris Mihm and Kwame Brown on the roster, it would have been a boon to the Lakers had they traded Andrew Bynum and various other spare parts (not including Lamar Odom) to procure either Marion or the other O’Neal.

But with these deals off the table, the Lakers don’t seem to have many viable options remaining. Too bad — because the clock is ticking and the future is now.

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  • ab4sure

    This article was written by Charley Rosen. I don’t see the Lakers looking helpless. I do see Charley Rosen trying to wield some power for his BFF PJ. Maybe in the future the article’s should state who wrote it.

  • TheLAunit

    People write anything about the lakers now, Helpless are u serious. the Lakers would be on top of the Standing this season wait and see.