Seems like the Lakers are on top of their game with Sasha…

L.A. Times: The Lakers now move forward to free agency, which begins Monday at 9 p.m. They are particularly interested in re-signing Sasha Vujacic, a restricted free agent. “I intend to contact him at 9:01 on Monday night,” Kupchak said. The Lakers are also interested in re-signing Ronny Turiaf, a restricted free agent.

  • Whatsa

    YAY ;D

  • eIvis

    contact him at 9 on the dot

  • Banzai

    great….I was hoping for maybe a trade or a Ron Artest signing…lol

  • daboss1849

    dont over pay for sasha or ronny!!!!!!

  • gugy

    We should resign Sasha and Ronny. Just don’t overpay them.

    Is there any way Mitch could do a magic trick and make Luke, Vlad and Mihn disappear. I would cry to see those guys playing again next season. Please Micth get rid of the garbage!!!!!!!!!

  • LD2k



    Sign low with a clause in the contract that gives bonuses in line with performance. If you want extra on your pay check then produce. If not then be content to what you will normally get. To bad this wasn’t implamented in Fluke’s contract.

  • Tim

    thank you god.

  • Fred A.

    You got to sign low to GETARTEST.COM


    For sure sign SASHA, he is THE MACHINE baby. And plus you just don’t give players like him and RONNY away. And all I care about is 0CT. 9th, because that is when we play again. (preseason.) Offseason is always the worst thing ever. It is 4-5 months of no LAKER basketball, and it always goes by so f*cking slow, like we have about a year off. That’s how it feels to me

  • Lakers 24 7

    Sasha has potential to be next seasons Sixth Man Of The Year

  • candace parker

    according to sasha has the laker record for3 point percentage in one season

  • Soichiro

    JASON KAPONO for Vlade Radmanovic and Luke Walton, anyone??

    Toronto could include in the package a 2010 first round pick or a seldom used player.

    It can be done! Mitch!!! Are you there????

  • Anonymous.

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    Why would Toronto trade a 3pt champion for two streaky three point shooters?

  • candace parker

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    no bynum

  • Tim

    I’ll take Kapono. I’ve loved that dude since UCLA. Having two of the best three point shooters in the the league coming off the bench could be deadly.

  • ab4sure

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    Bynum is a starter

  • laker fans are myopic

    myopics always wanting to get rid of your trash for some other teams productive player .

  • ab4sure

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    Your right it can be done. As long as the Toronto owner and GM are laker fans and that they hate their own team. And if they do why don’t we trade radman, luke, and another throw in and get Bosh. I am sure we could do that, you think?

  • T-Dub

    Let him get some bites first!! This is what Mitch did with Vlad and Luke, no one else wanted them and we overpaid!!!!!!!

  • ab4sure

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    yes we overpaid but we were desperate for shooters. Phil and Kobe begged Mitch to get Vlad and kobe talked to him on the phone. There are valid reasons we got these two, they just have not produced.

  • Machinehead18

    Im so excited.I feel much better about this whole situation now.

  • daboss1848

    Kapono? Really? Has he played any D since elementary school? Is there an easier man to defend than the guy who sits in one place and shoots?

    Kapono? No, thank you!!! We already have a cheaper harder working version of Kapono – Coby Karl!!!

    Kapono?!?!? ROFL


    Get Pietrus and the only thing you give up is Vlad!

  • http://lakernation kauaimamba

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    stay off our site douchebag!

  • SiKWiDIt

    If i were Mitch i would trade Mihm and luke for draft picks. Vlad can be traded for a guy that would give us around 5 points off the bench. Which is better than his regular 34% shooting. Signing Sasha and Ronny is a first priority. our bench is nothing without them. Everyone wants luke off the team but the lakers staff just love his high IQ. Kobe once said he has set up plans for the team himself which is incredible. I hate the way he plays but if his smartness is helping us then why not

  • alex

    LOL…whats up with the 1 after 9?

  • Timmy Boyz

    Lets send luke vladimar and mihm to the nuggets for carmello anthoney……also throw in lamar and they throw in k-mart….

  • 2inthepink1inthestink

    sign him for 5 years 15 mil and tell him to lose his acscent

  • varsityoptimism

    thank goodness


    Mitch this was a biatched move. You really sucked here. You should be tea bagged for this one.