It looks like the Lakers are pursuing Raja Bell.

Yahoo! Sports: The Los Angeles Lakers and guard Raja Bell will enter free agency with a strong mutual interest to reach agreement on a deal, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. Kobe Bryant has become a strong advocate for Bell, a former nemesis. After missing most of the season with surgery to repair ligaments in his non-shooting wrist, Bell is still expected to be a coveted bench player among contending teams. He could give the Lakers another strong perimeter defender and a solid outside shooting threat.

  • Marwan Marzina

    Not a bad pickup for the Lakers but he is aging and has been injured lately. I’d like to see the other options first.

    • chad

      he injured his non shooting wrist…he’s fine and would be an excellent pick up


    *barf* I think I’d rather lose.

  • Jaime Quintanilla

    Why the hell not? We signed notorious Lakers Nation hater Ron Artest, and fell in love with skills and character. Might as well sign this dude too. LOL

    • LC09

      yo jaime idk bout all that notorious laker hater ron ron thems fightin words..we as laker fans never really had a problem wit ron, yea that playoff series but we beat them n he aint do anythin dirty to our players so him n bell ARE WAY DIFF..but if kobe says yes to it than we shud get depends on kobe and mitch

      • Cody

        Your grammer is trash and it depends on MITCH not KB.

        • HATER

          Are you a teacher? Alright then shut the HELL UP THEN this isnt school FOOL!

          • jaydubb415

            Lol ”thank you hater”i didn’t even read your comment until i posted my ”comment”or i would of been cool with just yours.but i deal with alot of ”smart asses”like him on ”niner nation”and its ”waaaay more”smart asses that ”make those kind of comments,still i don’t think cody is a bad person,he just needs 2 learn how 2 give someone advice without being ”dis-respectful”

        • jaydubb415

          First his grammer wasn’t ”horrible ”n even if it was who and the hell made you ”the spelling B champ”if you don’t agree with his comment ”say that”but don’t try 2 yourself look better at the ”exspense of others”your class-less!!!!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    I’d take Bell.

  • Slammin’ Brown

    Might as well add Ray Allen and Nate Robinson at that point.

    • jaydubb415

      If i’m ”the lakers”i am trying 2 get ”ray allen”and i don’t feel ”R.bell”is a consistent perimiter shooter that didn’t happen when he was in philly and it didn’t happen 2 later with the suns .

  • MichaelAKERS

    I don’t know about you Jaime, but I liked Artest even before that and I was still a Lakers fan. Even when Artest went up to Kobe last year in the playoffs, I thought Artest would be the only one that could beat him down. Plus, Artest had much respect for Bryant, just his emotions got the best of him that night. Raja on the other hand…I’d perfer to take Paul Pierce, than Raja Bell. That’s how much I hate him.

    • Leo

      Paul Pierce, that a-hole, excuse me. Sorry after what he did to the Lakers in 2008 forget it and what he is saying this year. I’m sooooo glad that the Lakers kicked their ass this year. We don’t need him in LA.

      • MichaelAKERS

        I don’t want Paul Pierce coming to L.A, trust me. But, I’m just saying Raja Bell, has a hit list in L.A and I’m one of those people that would not want Raja in a Lakers uniform, riding cocktails with Kobe when they win next year.

    • HATER

      F@$K Pierce. Cant believe you went there. I would go to a game and boo his ass if he tried to ride the bandwagon.

    • jaydubb415

      Ar”e you crazy if i’m the lakers i wouldn’t let ”paul pierce”play 4 us ” 4 free”i don’t give a damm if he was born ”’in the staples center”he’s fucking ”laker hater 2 the bone”4 someone who says he ”grew-up”loving the lakers ”hates us so much”.He went out of his way ”in 2008”when they won the championship ”and kobe won the MVP”2 say i’m ”the best player in the league”are you fucking serious paul”,that from a person who’s body looks like it haven’t lifted a weght let alone ”walked by a weight-room”please ”that MFr is good where he’s at.

  • dub824

    seems like a good pick up, its gonna be interesting to see who mitch picks between miller, bell, and mcgrady

  • 123kid

    great spot up shooter and plays defense, but i unno how he is now. he played great in his years in phoenix, but i am not sure about now. obviously him and kobe have respect for one another, but i would just consider him a last option.

  • Xtro

    Do it Mitch!

  • Day

    PG – ?
    SG – Bell
    SF – McGrady
    PF – Odom
    C – ?

    pretty cool yo

    • Victor

      Why can’t we get a decent big that wants to come to LA??? Jermine O’Neal where are you????

      • Day

        If we actually sign both Bell and McGrady I wouldn’t want a Jermaine O’Neal type player. I would want a quick, athletic, scoring PG and a Center who can run the floor.

        With Bell and McGrady not being as quick as they once were, if we put Odom and 2 more quick players on the court I think it would make our bench very dangerous. With the ability to push the floor and get open shots Bell and McGrady would be awesome.

        • Leo

          We don’t need Mcgrady here. With the salary that he has, it is better for Lakers get younger players with almost the same skills as him. Besides he is already injury prone. Lakers will just waste their money on him.

          • OaklandLakers

            McGrady doesn’t have any salary. He’s a free agent.

    • kobe_gloat

      samuel dalembert for C ??



    • DaTruthBme11

      pg sasha
      sg bell
      sf mcgrady
      pf odom
      c devin ebanks

  • ricky

    Ever since I realized that Bell was in the last year of his contract, I figured the Lakers would look into him at the end of the season because he’s a proven veteran, he can be another solid perimeter defender, and he can shoot the ball. He can really solidify the bench. Despite the clothesline to Kobe a few years back, I still think he is a good option, even Kobe thinks so.

  • lakers2000

    Hells bells! I would pick him up in a heart beat. The guy can provide defense. Defense wins championships. Just ask Ron Ron!

    • Leo

      I agree with you 100%. He can play defense and he can shoot too. And also I also agree that “Defense wins championship.” Goooo Lakers……

      • iiTzDanny

        Get Raja And T-Mac

        • KwaziMato;)

          Bro.. Why Is Everyone On McGrady’s Dick? The Guys Been Injured The Last Three Years On A Daily Basis.. But If He Can Stay Healthy On The BENCH!.. Thats A Deal Mitch.


            good post why would also ask why is everyone on Raja bells d##k as well. I hope we dont lose brown because I felt he was one of the few athletic guys on this team. Too often team. too often the lakers could not finish on the fast break. I am just saying I would like to see the Lakers go after some younger more athletic wing players for the bench.

  • realtalkLA

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    • chad

      u dont want people used to losing on your team. i would take Bell over Both of them, he is a winner and not one dimensional. If his shot isnt falling he will play D.

  • keepon_keepinon18

    The Lakers should go after Shane Battier too, haha. It seems that many many players want to play for the Lakers and minimizing players that can really affect Kobe on offense will be an excellent strategy. Luckily, Battier and Bell (don’t know how well he can defend now compared to ’05-’06) can also shoot the 3 well.

  • Be Strong

    U serious!! who’s next Matt Barny and Stephen Jackass??????

    • Toni

      Oh, heaven forbid! – Matt Barnes?!?! Cannot stand the guy, especially after he showed no class and pump faked Kobe’s face!!!!

      I really, really do not like or WANT Matt Barnes!!!!!!!

  • laker realist

    I just wan to point out that kobe has mad respect for any one that stands up to him and competes. I think its funny, if I were in the NBA I would get in a fight with kobe and maybe I’d be a laker next season


      hahaha…good point

  • Lakers 24 7

    You guys hate him because of his personality and because of his past feuds with Kobe. I would love to have Bell come off the bench. This dudes a good defender and can shoot the 3, which means, if we can pick him up for a cheap contract, we’ll probably end up trading Sasha.

    • Sheds

      You are right. Raja Bell would be an excellent pickup. Who cares about 2008? As long as the players dont have any lasting feud with each other, bring him in!

  • lakers2000

    Remember getting dissed by free agents a few years ago? Now there lining up! Shaq, how does Buses ass taste? LOL

  • Leikers!

    Nah! I say we sign and trade Farmar for Rondo.
    I hate the Celtics but dayum man Rondo can play!


      LMFAO! Sure while you’re at it, trade Brown for D-Wade. But I know what you’re sayin’. That dude’s got some skills!

      • Lakers 24 7

        We’ll give up Luke for LeBron.

    • HATER

      Screw CELTIC players they can all stay there and rot.

    • Sheds

      Rondo works on the Celtics because they already got some dangerous perimeter guys to which he can pass the ball after slashing and cutting.

      The Lakers already have too many bodies inside the paint area to make him effective on this team.

      As much as I like the guy, it just would not work, might even make it worse because we got another guy who cant shoot the three well.

  • domz

    I’ll take him for the league minimum or Vets min.

    Question: can a team sign for multiple vets min or just one? because if a team can only sign one, I’d use the Vets min for a better option like an off the bench big man (JO,Brad Miller,Kurt Thomas, Shaq, etc)

  • Salty

    Bell fits perfectly into the Laker system. He’s a big combo guard that Phil likes at the PG position, he plays solid D, does the needed job of being a great perimeter shooter, and would most likely be had for a cheap price. Some of you guys need to stick to fantasy basketball with what some of your expectations for PG are.

    • domz

      PG position for real? Last time I check, Raja is plays as SG/SF and defends SG/SF.

      Lakers FO should focus first on signing a “good” PG with the likes of Steve Blake, CJ Watson (RFA though) and Luke Ridnour. Then sign a vet big man if JP or DJ leaves.

      Then let’s take Bell, TMac or Mike Miller, etc.

      • OaklandLakers

        Yeah focus on the 1 spot first. I prefer Felton and then it’s a fight between Blake & Watson. And I lean towards Blake because of his career 3PT%, the fact that he’s played starter minutes on a legit Trailblazer squad and managed to be effective without the ball (more so on the offensive end then defensive end for sure though) , and the shots I’ve seen him hit in critical moments in the 4th quarter. But I’m still on the fence on those two.

        But yeah I think you’re right domz worry about Bell T-Mac or Miller next.

        Bell I think makes the most sense. Considering the defense if it’s still their (which I’ve honestly yet to research to make my own decision if he’s still got D) And then those Tre’s; especially those corner 3’s.

        T-Mac is just exciting though…

  • 09-10-11champs!

    look guys, we cant sign JO, TMAC, RAJA, TRADE FOR ARENAS, TRADE FOR BOSH, ETC.
    Its fun to have this rumors about this guys coming to LA, but at the most, we can sign 2 , and they should be all about the ring and not the money.
    For me, first option should be TMAC, imagine him with LO and Drew or Pau playing as part of the bench! insane!
    He has made a lot of money, he earned about 22 mil this past season, so money shouldnt be a problem, if he wants a ring, then this is the place, and give him half the MLE. If he declines, sign Raja for the same money.


      I think when signing a player they should think about right now not so much the future, because right now there a champinship team. I like the idea of t-mac he would be nice off the bench i think they should go for him. Also i think they should go for mike miller or shaun livingston they are strong role players. Miller with guys like pau and kobe will have shots all day. And Livingston can penatrate and thats good in the offense. Also the lakers have some late picks in the draft and can try to get willie warren from oklahoma.

  • Sasha4Lvp

    no thanks. workout shawn livingston!

  • TeamMorrison

    If he can get back to his old form he is a perfect back up. We would finally have a capable sub for kobe thats plays tough D and can score.

  • Brian Shaw owns all

    Sounds good to me we need a knock down 3 point shooter off the bench. Either get him or Mike Miller.

  • Count Bogdan

    He’d be a great pickup! Assuming he stays healthy, he’ll strengthen our bench defense. His health is probably less of a concern than T-Mac’s or Shaun Livinston’s. He’s always seemed to be committed to team play so he’d fit in nicely.

  • Junya

    PG Childress/Felton/Livingston
    SG Vujacic/Miller
    SF T-Mac
    PF Odom
    C Channing Frye

    • Junya

      And or Bell. Lol

    • 123kid

      theres no way the lakers can afford all those players. ya a lot of players wanna come to la and stuff, but im sure the lakers wanna win, but at the same time trying to trim their salary and not pay the luxury tax. plus thats a whole lot of guys that dont really play defense and just like to score. i would suggest trying to add a tough veteran center like a pj brown or kurt thomas type guy, a sg who can shoot the 3 but still play D, and a quick guard.

    • Rio Rondo

      perhaps the dumbest thing i ever heard

    • Robert

      Hey Junya, I hear ya! I’m for “Childress to LA”. The thing is, I think he’s in the money track. He left the NBA, so maybe the ‘ring’ in NBA isn’t as important. If it is, he would be stellar addition.
      Then, get Crit, and Raja Bell, and we’re set! Cheap Cheap Cheap. Another ring next year.

    • Showtime4eva

      I like the idea of Felton,frye and miller.


    Raja Bell is a good choice than Arenas, I think. Go for it.

  • dach


  • Be Strong

    Lol he’s too old, and y would u want him?? did u guys forgot wat he did 2 MAMBA?? JCritt and T-Mac anyone?

  • Drake Ramoray

    OMFG!!!!! I’ve been saying this on this website since the Goldenstate Warriors released Raja Bell instead of Devean George late last season. Mitch thinks just like me or probably reads my blogs. Bell is a solid pickup, good shooter and defender and a savy veteran and a hell of an upgrade from (Mr. Shannon all I’m good at is dunking Brown). We don’t need him to score 20, all he needs to do is play like 20 minutes a night. make a couple outside shots, and play solid D. If you think 33 is old then you should go tell Steve Nash and Jason Kidd or even D-Fish that their all washed up. He’s a bench player not a starter and he fits perfectly into our offense and a spot up shooter is exactly what the Lakers need. Once Bell signs, look for Vujacic along with Farmar to be signed and shopped around for a good point guard. If the Nets decide to cut ties with Devin Harris, look for the Lakers to jump all over that too! Again, as for T-Mac, he can lick dirt, the guys a loser and doesn’t deserve a championship. Bye Powell, Mbenga, Morrison, Brown, Farmar, and Vujacic. Waltons not going anywhere unless we can send him to New Orleans for Posey who the Hornets hate and want to get rid of and that would only happen because Posey makes more than Walton annually except Walton has one year more on his contract. Jermain O’Neal can go eat lead too because he’s washed up except he can’t accept it just like T-Mac. They both still wanna be the man and talk a whole lotta ish even though their broken down bodies can’t back it up. Either way Welcome to LA Raja Bell, what a way to start off free agency!!!!!!

    • Marwan Deletes My Comments

      -Sasha is under contract for one more year.
      -Why would the Nets want to “cut ties” with Harris? If they wanted to clear minutes for Wall, then they would trade Harris and EXPECT to get good, solid talent back…

      • Drake Ramoray

        Damn don’t shoot the messenger! The Lakersnation isn’t the only site that reports news. I read reports out there ala ( that the Nets could possibly trade Harris on draft night and plus the Lakers inquired about him earlier this year. I know Sasha is under contract for one more year. DUH! He’s an expiring $5 million dollar contract and we resign Farmar for one year to match salaries with Harris if he’s available.

  • Robert

    D wins games. I’m for Bell coming here. Lakers need good ‘role players’. They have starters, and need a working bench, and some ‘in betweeners’. Bell would fit nicely in the last 2 categories.

    • Spectorman

      bell and mike miller would be a great fit. they know how to be role players. tmac tho = not so much.

  • Spectorman

    I like this move. There’d be no drop-off defensively when artest heads to the bench. It’d be really tough to score on the lakers when the top wing players in the league have to be guarded by both artest and bell. dude. pierce, melo and lebron would be so frustrated.

  • Anna Gonda

    I have one word for what Raja Bell could do on this championship team – SABOTAGE. Sorry, as well as Artest defended Kobe when they were on opposite teams, RonRon never expressed hate towards him. Raja Bell openly hated and hates Kobe. I don’t know about this one. =/

    • kobez

      I agree. There may be tension but who knows they do RESPECT eachothers game though. Kobe respects him as a defender and Bell did say later on that kobe is a great player in this league. My only concern is injuries to Bell but this guy can play and is a great defender.

    • Drake Ramoray

      That’s the difference between girls and guys. Guys don’t hold grudges. They get mad and fight and then can make up over a beer the next day. Raja closelined Kobe in 2006. That’s 4 years ago!!!!!!! I’m sure their both cool now!

    • Rio Rondo College

      Raja would fit in better with my Celtics. He’s too hard for Laker fans. Laker fans like sissy players like Sasha and Luke.

      • XTRO

        and you’re still a loser.

      • HATER

        Get the hell out of here!

      • Alexstat

        Yeah cause PP is so hard? Were they so hard after GM 7. According to Doc all the Celtics cried, lol.


    why are you guys mentioning crittinton?

    • Robert

      Because he’s working out with the Lakers D-club. He’s actually a good fit for the Triangle, and would be a good role player. He did NOT fit well in the Wizards system, with Agent 0 (Hibachi), who wanted to ‘pretend shoot’ him.


        oh hmm well i havent seen him play really since he was with the lakers….Raja bell hes kinda old but he would fit in good with the fire he plays with. What do you think about shaun livingston? and oh yeah lakers have some late draft picks and can maybe try and get willie warren from oklahoma..i actually think he’ll be better than javaris will ever be.

  • Lakeshow Lovr

    10-11 Los Angeles Lakers
    PG- ? Backup-Derek Fisher 3rd-Draft Pick
    SG-Kobe Bryant Backup- Tracy Mcgrady 3rd-Sasha Vujacic
    SF- Ron Artest Backup- Josh Howard 3rd-Luke Walton
    PF- Pau Gasol Backup-Lamar Odom
    C-Andrew Bynum Backup- Draft Pick or Free Agent
    We have like 2 draft picks to use so I would rather use those 2 picks, get them for cheap, improve them, then give them the money. Isn’t that what we did for Bynum? T-Mac has all the money he wants and all he wants is a ring and so does Mike Miller, isn’t this what the Celtics do in 08? and we can still pick up a PG if we still have extra cash to splash. And we would also have 2 roster spots to use during the season or if we need insurance for Bynum or any other injuries

    • Lakeshow Lovr

      Unless T-Mac can play a backup Point Guard and have Raja Bell as a backup or 3 string Shooting Guard

  • Marwan Deletes My Comments

    None of us on this site have ever played one minute in the National Basketball Association.
    –If signing Raja Bell is good enough for one Mr. Kobe Bryant, then it’s good enough for me.
    –Obviously the Black Mamba got a taste of the gritty, tough-minded defense + the three-point bombs that Bell delivered for PHX and he wants that on next year’s Laker squad.
    –If it’s good enough for KB24, it should be good enough for all Laker fans. He knows best when it comes to the NBA game…
    –Raja Bell, welcome to LA! All these haters on this site will be kissing your a** next year, just like they’re kissing Ron-Ron’s right now…


      thank you some people think because of what happened four years ago in the playoffs its not a good move!! can you imagine these guys in your grill…opposing teams would be like oh great we have to go play artest fisher kobe and bell in the back court

      • Drake Ramoray

        You don’t have to have played in the NBA to scout talent. Any knowledgeable basketball fan who watches the sport would know that Bell is a perfect fit on the Lakers. I mean I was the first to bring his name up on this site as a good pickup for the Lakers in the offseason months back! I should get a cookie for that.


          Another typical comment that Marwan should delete! HAHAHA! I agree with your entire post Drake. Bell would be a perfect fit. He’s a type of player that knows his roll and fills it capacity. Both he and Battier! If Battier was available then I’d say Battier over Bell, but otherwise this works!

          And the thing about not having played in the NBA… if that were the criteria then I guess this blog site would be EMPTY! That would mean that everybody’s opinions would count for sh!t!

          I hate it when people take that adage of “gotta walk a mile in someone’s shoes…” or variations of and go out of context with it! That then means that you can’t have any opinions about anything that’s NOT your profession! What? Because I’m NOT a politician, I can’t criticize a bill, law, or a Senator or my President? I can’t criticize a LAPD officer who I think used too much force in apprehending a suspect?

          And you wonder why Marwan deletes your comments… I say that he doesn’t delete nearly enough! HAHAHA!

          • Marwan Deletes My Comments

            All I’m saying is, I’m siding with KB24 on this one. Kobe has the “experts” opinion, so if he thinks it’s a good thing for LA, I’m going with it. F*ck what the haters think…

  • SunnyC

    hell nooooooo……….Critenton is much better ..younger .taller and speed … critenton just need a stable to grow with… he is only 22…good defender too …

  • Patrick Bateman

    Raja Bell has all what the Lakers need, 3 Pt Shooting and Defense. We all Know he can light it up from beyond the arc and Tmac and Mike Miller arent Known for Defense.

    IMO I would settle for Bell just because he can defend great players like Kobes, Carmelos, Wade, LeBrons.

    Maybe $2-3 Million a year for 2 years. Good pick up.

    • Marwan Marzina

      He also has what the Lakers DON’T need and that is age. The dude will 34 years old by the start of the season.

      • Marwan Deletes My Comments

        How old if Fisher again? What were they saying about The Mamba earlier in the year?
        BTW, I haven’t been living up to my screen name lately, can you start deleting some of my comments again? Thanks, MDLM…

  • ricky

    I wish we could keep at least both Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown. I don’t expect Adam Morrison, Josh Powell, or DJ Mbenga to return. If those two guards don’t return, I say we go out and get 2 point guards (for me, it’s between Javaris Crittenton, Steve Blake, Luke Ridnour, and Shaun Livingston). I think all are solid players and can be had for cheap. On top of that, we need either a scoring option off the bench or another solid defender to give the bench another leader besides Lamar because he’s too passive/unselfish to run a bench lineup on his own. (In this case, I would consider either T-Mac, Raja Bell or Mike Miller). On top of all this, we can also use another solid, veteran big man. (I’m not too sure what’s out there or who’s available for a minimum price, but if we can get a hardworking veteran big man behind Andrew, Pau, and Lamar, we should be set.

    I think that would be it in my opinion.

    I think our roster would be solid if it went like this:

    Starting 5

    C Bynum
    F Gasol
    F Ron
    G Kobe
    G Fisher


    C ?
    F Lamar, ?
    F (T-Mac, Bell, Mike Miller), Luke
    G Sasha (T-Mac, Bell, Miller)
    G (Blake, Ridnour, Livingston, Crittenton)

  • maccassedy

    The Lakers have both their mid-level exception as well as their bi-annual exception (about $2 million) with which to fill out their roster for next season. The mid-level exception can also be split on more than one player.

    • gus26

      the bi annual was used last year on brown… it can only be used once every 2 years.. so they don’t have the bi annual, but yes you’re right the MLE can be split up… by the way, if we sign a player to the min like the vet min or a second round pick that does not come from the MLE unless we specify that is where it is coming from… and we can resign our own FA to any amount of money without effecting the MLE also… wish is why i still think its weird we spend the bi annual last year on brown…

  • inverse

    As of right now i don’t want raja on the team just because i think he’s a douche, but if kobe’s down for it then i am i guess. Can’t hate, he’s a pretty good defender and he’s money behind the three point line, just never liked how he always looks angry, sorta like perkins. Obviously if he becomes a laker we’ll all like him but as of right now, lets just say hes not my favorite player. And everyone thats thinking about getting a pg, i believe the lakers already have made their move. J Crit is gonna be the lakers future pg, and hes gonna do great in that role. he’s 6’5 and is quick. He’s never been given a chance to show what he can do, but i believe this year will finally be that year. We would always see glimpses when he was in LA, but he was always competing with farmar. Now that farmar is gonna be gone, look for Javaris to get a lot of playing time, and be one of the most improved players in the league

  • Drake Ramoray

    Word to the Lakersnation! JAVARIS CRITTENTON is a scrub! Get over him already. The guys did jack when he was here and when he left. Memphis gave him a chance to start and he sucked and he couldn’t even find playing time on the sorry Wizards. Jordan Farmar gets schooled by players like Darren Collison and Ty Lawson and also said he doesn’t wanna be here and people still want him on the Lakers next year? Stop talking about all these bums like Ridnour, Blake, Crittenton, or Earl Watson. The Lakers are gonna get a PG through a trade. Start looking at names like Hinrich, Harris, and Calderon because their gonna need a PG who can start and let Fisher come off the bench and reduce his minutes so he’s rested for the playoffs.

    • inverse

      sorry, Im not giving up on a kid who has never been given a legit chance to play yet. He didnt have a chance in mempis because he was behind conley and lowry, and in washigton, it finished before it even started there. He hasnt been given a chance yet, let’s not label him a scrub til we’ve seen him play a full legit season. I really think this might be our PG of the future, lakers just dont have too much money to spend these days. We’ll see though, who knows what mitch has up his sleeve

      • Drake Ramoray

        If you drive a Rolls Royce and you get a flat tire, do you throw a used tire on that car just so you can get around or do you replace it with a brand new tire for that model car that’s gonna make it drive smooth again? Do you really think the Lakers need another project on their hands? The Lakers are built to win NOW! So what if Crittenton kind of knows the offense. Freaking Luke Walton knows the triangle offense better than any other player on the Lakers and he still couldn’t start over Artest who knows nothing about the triangle let alone get any playing time. Wake up from your I Love Crittenton dreams. He’s not coming back. If the Lakers can charge $86k for courtside seats to an NBA Finals game, you best be damn sure their gonna get the best PG to come in and give them some serious minutes and be counted on to produce for them at the PG position.

  • Drake Ramoray

    Don’t say we don’t have trade assets either. Brian Cook, Maurice Evans, Kwame Brown, and Javaris Crittenton were all no talent Lakers who got traded for players like Gasol and Ariza who turned into Artest. We can turn Vujacic into something good!

  • Robert

    Crit worked well in the Triangle. And don’t forget that during the ‘real bench mob’ days (in Fall 2007), Crit was part of that crew and his presence gave Farmar motivation to ‘step it up’. Remember one game in which the ‘bench mob’ scored 60+ points in a game? They were the highest scoring bench in the NBA at the time. That also included Ariza. One FAST bunch. Sasha was hitting 3s back then. Even Luke was hitting 3s (he led the NBA in 3 point shooting for about a month).
    Anyway, Crit knows the Triangle and would work well. And …. CHEAP. That’s the ticket now.
    Actually, it all depends upon whether Phil returns. He’s the king of the Triangle. In fact, all depends on this.
    As for Bell, I’m sure any move is run by Kobe, so if he feels that the previous encounter with Bell was just competition, and not bad blood, then I’m sure it will be ok.

    • Drake Ramoray

      This guys funny! Sorry Crittenton was not part of the aka (bench mob). The real motor for that bench was Ariza. Remember that he wasn’t starting in 07. Radmanovic was the starting SF. Ariza came off the bench the first half of the 07 season until he broke his foot in practice mid season. Crittenton barely played and this was when Vujacic was lighting it up from the floor and Farmar was playing well. Where were the minutes for Crittenton? The bench mob was Ariza, Vujacic, Farmar, and Turiaf! Get it right get it tight!

  • In └A We Trust. (D UP LA)

    Kobe can really be a GM in the future. Not a bad pick up, with his defense, and CONSISTENT 3pt shooting, bell will bring energy off the bench while Kobe or Ron Ron is resting. Nice choice.

    • In └A We Trust. (D UP LA)

      and please, if the Lakers has a chance to get Trevor back, please get him in a heart beat!!!! We really do need him then get Brendan Haywood!

  • Mr.Laker

    I dont think so, we need to get younger not older. Raja is old as fish! Lets look to add youth


    Let’s get shaq back. I know he dissed Kobe, I know he dissed Buss, I know he dissed L.A. but WITHOUT him and his hugeness we would be 4 behind boston instead of 1. L.A. needs to close the chapter on this. Can anyone dispute that he was the dominante big man for the late 90’s and early 2000’s?
    Every dominant bigman retired as a laker except Russell. He learned his lesson. Bring him home. Just like in the bible, Kobe is like the son that asked why the party and Shaq is the one that came home ashamed, L.A. will be like the dad.

  • XTRO

    defense is offense. defense wins championships. sign raja bell.

  • kobe_mvp

    sign 100% raja we need experience player. go lakers

  • another ring

    this would make our chances of a 3 peat greater than what it is. sign raja bell please.

  • another ring

    phil jackson daughter said she thinks phil wont return should we be worry?

    • double



    if shannon brown doesnt come back….get tmac plus bell or bell plus miller or tmac plus livingston.

  • jediWan

    Realistic bench for next year:

    SG- Raja
    SF- Luke
    PF – LO
    C – Brad Miller

    I honestly see a run at the 72 win record with this lineup!


      thats a good line up….but maybe add tmac in there with luke

    • LAKE SHOW 2010

      and who starts for the lakers at pg

  • Robert

    Concerned about T-Mac. He was a marquee player. Don’t know how he’ll fit in as a role player. Ron-Ron was all-D, but wasn’t even billed as an offensive juggernaut, and so he was able to adapt to the Lakers architecture well.
    Bell is clearly a role player, and may have a few years left, which is all we need for Kobe.
    I still think Crit has an upside, and Lakerland is the perfect fit for him. Nobody here recalls that he gave Farmar a run for his money in the day. This would be an upgrade for Farmar, which is all we need. We really can’t have the ‘best of the best’ players here, because we already have our starting 5 set. We SIMPLY need role players who fit into the team the way it is. Too many big changes, and it upsets the Championship balance.
    We only had ONE change last year – Ariza for Artest, and it was a great change that helped us win it all. We’re going to lose some players, so Kup has to replace those players ‘strategically’ with players who fit in, without costing Buss too much money (not they we’re all crying for Buss’s luxury woes, but we know that he won’t do too much more).

  • DCLakeShow

    Listen…Ron Artest clearly signed to ride the coat tails, and thankfully, that gamble paid off. I don’t think it’s the same with Raja. I think if Kobe and he, are big enough to put aside their differences, then that shows that they’re both just about WINNING…and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. You don’t have to like every player on the team (I can’t stand L.O or Ron), but if they’re bringing something valuable to the table…and in this case, we’re talking about exceptional defense and an outside jumper, then I’m all for it.
    OR…we can just keep the same bench that hasn’t done anything in the last two years. Take your pick.

  • MichaelAKERS

    I commented this already, but now I’ve thought about it full circle. At first, I was worried about Raja and Kobe, with their differences and all. Like DCLakeShow said, I think if they put the differences apart, they can win. We already have Artest guarding the SF’s, now. Imagine, Kobe guarding the SG/PG and then when the whistle blows Raja coming in and defending the SG/SF? Damn, no break for any team what so ever. If we do meet the Celtics next year at the Finals (If they make it), I can definitely see Ray Allen having about 2 or 3 three-pointers total in a game. With Kobe/Raja defense, I think this could work out well.

  • Robert

    You got it, guys! Bell is ‘pesky’, and more effective than Sasha (might not foul as much, but still bother the player they’re defending).
    Also, it will probably be a bargain. Bell will get a ring, in exchange for lower price. Actually, the Lakers still have to sign 5 players, so they just have to choose, that’s all. It will be money for return on investment. I say that Bell is a bargain, and I’m also pushing for Crit (he will prob. play for anything).
    But I would really like to see Josh Childress come our way. However, he would probably ask too much, since he made a lot in Olympiacos. He may not be interested in an NBA ring, since it appears he’ll play basketball anywhere for $$ (well you know, gee, who wouldn’t ??).

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    I’d take bell i think he is a good defender.

  • jonb

    Does ANYBODY think we NEED YOUNGER ATHLETIC players? The lakers should look to move up in the draft and sign a cheap rookie that can bring energy and that we can mold for the FUTURE. I know vets r cheap too but no more guys OVER 30 please, the thunder scare me…

  • Topher

    I think we should get Travis Outlaw, Steve Blake, and Raja Bell. Outlaw and Blake should split the MLE and Raja with the Vets min. I think we should get Outlaw because he is A YOUNG ATHLETIC player!

  • Robert

    ok, that’s my argument. Crit is young enough, and should be able to handle a quicker guard. Just let Ron-Ron teach him some D, that’s all.
    In fact, I think Ron-Ron could benefit from having a younger player, to pass on his ‘defense’ knowledge. It would be just the thing needed.

  • JenFD

    Definitely wouldn’t mind.

  • Niko Daza

    Same starting five. Not going into details. This is how it’ll work.

    Fisher re-signs for Vet. Min.
    Brown, Farmar, Morrison, Mbenga, Powell bolt.

    JCritt (League Min.)/Draft Pick
    Bell (Vet. Min.)/Vujacic
    Miller (MLE)/Walton
    Draft Pick or maybe resign Powell or Mbenga.

    This is all under the assumption Coach Jackson returns. We don’t really need a big man. As much as it seems like we do, we don’t. With the way the roatations are, back-up 5’s don’t really play.

    The only problem is PG. JCritt would be playing heavy bench minutes even though he is unproven. Sasha could split minutes with him, too, to solve it.

  • jonb

    omg GET OVER JCRITTT PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AP

    could be interesting
    my dedication to lakers fam

  • http://www.twitter.coim/gringoburritotv Gringoburritotv

    it’s obvious the best way to get signed by the Lakers is to have a-go at Kobe.

  • Alex

    Horrible misleading title. In the article it says Kobe has been a strong advocate for Bell. This could mean anything, giving him some praise in the locker room after the game. Your title suggests Kobe and the Lakers actually want him on the team. And when is the last time Adrian Warjonowski has written anything legitimate? He hated Kobe when Kobe wasn’t winning. And now he’s all over Kobe’s nuts. He loved Lebron at first but after Lebron started losing he started his shit talk again. This guy probably has never even played legit basketball…

    Lets stop the misleading titles and get back to real news.

  • David Z


  • DaTruthBme11

    its obbivous what kobe is doing…artest DEFFENCE TOUGH AS NAILS…raja bell AKA the best kobe stopper thus far……. hes getting deffenders to help him out

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  • lakershd

    nah hes too old