There is a rumor over at Hoopsworld that the Lakers have interest in Robinson. Thoughts?

Hoopsworld: (Nate) Robinson won’t command nearly as much in salary, but his popularity as an electrifying 5-9 guard and two-time Slam Dunk champion could be valuable as an attraction in some small markets. According to one league source, the Lakers inquired about Robinson’s availability after his 33-point performance at the Staples Center on Dec. 16. Kobe Bryant has expressed adoration for Robinson and owner Jerry Buss was said to be smitten after that game.

  • Paul

    Interesting.. lets get our key players like Ariza, Odom, and Brown and we’ll see what we could do..

  • RJ

    Can we resign ariza odom shannon then start thinking of signing people we can trade people and get some cash then we can sign them and look to sign nate or other people.

  • WifelovesLuke

    Let’s try not to focus on anything except re signing LO, Ariza and Shannon.

    Besides, the triangle offence is not predicated on a true point guard. Pippen and LO (forwards with great handling skills) were and are able to bring the ball up court and initiate the offense.

    What we need from the PG position is someone who can move with and without the ball effectively, spot up for 3’s and play solid “D” against the small quick guards. Know the system we run before you go crazy on the “sign Nate” or “sign Kidd” talk.

  • DerekH

    I think that if the lakers don’t end up trading Farmar, then they shouldn’t resign Brown. After focusing on signing both Odom and Ariza, the lakers need to focus on upgrading at the point, I don’t think Brown or Farmar are the future at that position. Nate Robinson would be a HUGE addition to this team, he is a thousand times better than Sasha.

  • dawg

    I’d rather have little Nathan then Kidd, but it’s meh.

  • What will be…

    Don’t do it MK… This would be a step back. PJ has always said he wants big gaurds, other than DF(who’s an exception). Tex Winters’s Triangle needs big taller players. It’s only when the Lakers brought in the Arizas and the Paus IE the longer big players did the Lakers go to the next level. PJ want’s big guards and players, please understand that…

  • What will be…

    Also if S. Battier were available I would take him on the Lakers ASAP, even trade Farmar for him, if they could keep Brown. He would be a perfect fit next to Kobe…

  • xfellerx

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    Nate robinson isnt a true point guard. dood is a pure scorer.

    and i was talking about this the other day because i still havent forgotten about the rumors from the trade deadline. this would be sick.

  • ilikebasketball

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    on yahoo news in that article about yao’s possible career ending injury they said houston was in talks about trading battier.

    that is a player i would be really into getting.

    none of this jason kidd, or nate robinson talk.
    i think shane battier would be an excellent piece. great D and a spot up shooter, and a player than knows what he has to do when he has to do it and knows when to back down, as well. a perfect laker under phil fit.

  • ilikebasketball

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    you think we need another pure scorer?

  • Lakerfanl

    I love Nate Robinson!

  • CK

    Nate Robinson off the bench with Odom would be amazing…I can live another year with Fisher/Farmar/Brown with Nate coming off the bench, putting up points which is what are bench lacked…

  • willow

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    Seriously!!! Can this guy make anymore sense?!?!

    I just don’t get this sign Nate and get Kidd fascination. Kidd is 36 years old and is in the decline of his skills, (remember Karl Malone and Gary Payton??? didn’t work). Nate Robinson is first and foremost, a scoring guard. Defense is the last thing on his mind that’s why a lot of people are in love with this guy. I don’t see him flourishing in the triangle because for him to be effective he needs to have the ball in his hand. We don’t need a scoring guard when we have a lot of scorers as it is.

    Take care of business in-home first then evaluate which player will fit after. And no we can’t trade Sasha, Jordan, Luke for Chris Bosh or D-Wade or whoever superstar you guys want. It just doesn’t work that way. This is not baseball and we’re not the Yankees who doesn’t care about overpaying underachieving players. Last I checked they haven’t made the playoffs in a couple of years and even if they did, the Angels always eliminate them in the first round.

  • Big Dick Nick

    that Lil nigga can jump!!!!!!

  • WatWudChickSay? (WWCS)

    Don’t do it, Mitch!

    Total fool’s gold.

    Dude was NOWHERE until his contract season, then, SHAZAM!, suddenly he’s almost winning the dunk contest and scoring 30+.

    He’s carnival material and won’t fit into the passing necessities of the Triangle (cue the angelic choir) and he does not play D.

    Talk him up and let Cuban or some other fool sign him for a boatload.