An interesting tidbit on the status of the negotiations with T-Mac.

Bleacher Report: Since his agent last communicated the veteran guard’s wishes to the Lakers’ organization back in early June, Tracy McGrady’s camp has not received any contract offer from the Los Angeles Lakers.

McGrady still holds great interest in playing for the champion Lakers, yet the team has yet to initiate any contract negotiations since the NBA’s free agency period began on July 1.

The reason for this lack of contact stems from the Lakers’ front office desire to maintain control over the negotiation process.

Back in June, Tracy McGrady’s agent indicated that the superstar guard would sign for no less than the mid-level exception at $5.8 million.

The Lakers, not intimidated by such a strong statement, have withheld any contract offers to the former Houston guard in response.

With the signing of Steve Blake at $4 million per year, the Lakers have $1.8 million left to spend using the team’s mid-level exception.

However, the Lakers would prefer to sign McGrady at the veteran’s minimum, a pay cut too steep for the former All-Star guard, who made $22.8 million during the 2009-2010 NBA season.

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  • xtro

    eh, he wants more money? never mind then.

    • Marwan Marzina

      I’m sure he will take a paycut. He got payed $22 million for not playing last season, I’m sure he’d have the same mind set as Ron did when he signed with us “I made money during my career and I lost money, but now its time to win rings”


    Who would you rather have as a bench player…
    If it was possible and all the ego’s went away, who would be better for the TEAM?
    bynum/gasol (phil likes one to be on the floor)

    • PRLaker

      you can put me on the bench and we’ll still going to win next year,lebron and wade can join together if they want, we’re still going to fucking win and that’s that

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    If he wants to play for the Vet minimum I’ll say we take him. We need to get Fish signed ASAP. I really want him back. If we can get MIller or Bell that would be nice too. I trust the front office to make the right decisions.
    I don’t see anyone in the West seeing us next year… they will put up a fight as always but we’ll be victorious in the end. We just have to see how things play out with the free agency in the east. Three-peat time. Go Lakers!

    • getgasol

      I agree. Re-signing Fish has got to be the top priority at this point. I think going after Mike Miller would be more important than getting T-Mac because I believe Miller would fit into our system better. If T-Mac wants to take a pay cut and play for whatever we can offer after that, then he’d be a great addition. With how often he’s injured, he isn’t really worth what he use to make anyway.

  • ^ ^

    No not T-Mac… He’s a ball hog… Do a sign and trade to get Mike Miller. Or go sign Anthony Marrow. We need sharp and consistent shooters!!!

  • Michael_23

    D. Fish is more of a priority than T Mac.

    TMac has to accept minimum for ANY championship contending team. (Lakers, Celts, Magic, or Cavs with Lebron)

    Since he wont accept a minimum in any of those teams, no championship. If he greeds in money, he can play for a team with Cap space. But after a week or two, there wont be a team with cap space since free agents would have signed to their respective teams already.

    He’s so injury plagued it’s difficult for any team to give him a chance.

  • Jonathan Hernandez

    lol Lakers and Tmac are ‘keeping quiet’ because there’s literally nothing going on between them right now.

  • TheLAKERSwon09

    I don’t give a shit use the money on fisher!

  • gus26

    guys… “bleacher report”… come on TLN this site is better than this… bleacher report is just as credible as one of the TLN writers no offense… its just an opion from the site (bleacher report) and they just guess what is going on… we’re better than this… can we stop posting stuff from bleacher report?

  • Pee Wee Herman

    Now that Jordan Farmar is gone. T-Mac can be the jersey number 1. :0

  • http://lexworld Lex

    Buck. D.Fish i love him but we need T.mac Mitch make it happen. it’s all about Kobe tho….if Kobe says he wants to play with T.Mac the lakers will allow it…’s thats simple

  • cjm

    there are reasons that houston and nyc dumped th guy. if he had anything left to give, we couldn’t afford him :) for vet’s minimum it’s worth taking a chance, but not one $0.01 more than that. and if he shows attitude, just stop taking his calls.

  • lakerman34

    T-Mac as Kobe’s backup??? Imagine….Kobe only having to play 32-35 minutes….

    As long as we get DFish, we can spend any money we have on either Miller or T-Mac, I don’t care. Both bring something ENTIRELY different to our team, yet both would be EXTREMELY useful. T-Mac can create his own shot, while Miller can be Glen Rice 2.0 for us.

    • http://lexworld Lex

      Right u are….LAKERMAN34 but don’t worry about Fisher he’ll be a Laker he does’nt want to leave he’ll play for free
      for the lakers he’s at the end of his career & just tryn to do what he should get some money cause his playn days are numbered. ON the other hand we need Tmac

  • Guildtank

    Why don’t we sign Von Wafer for the minimum? He can replace Shannon Brown if he leaves and I remember him torching the Lakers a few times while playing for the Rockets last season. From memory, he could score quickly and efficiently, exactly what we need from our bench mob.

    • Robert.

      Agree! Von Wafer would be a good ‘cheap’ addition to the Lakers, fast, and can ‘slash’ (we NEED another slasher). Not sure if he’s a dunkaholic like Brown

    • Robert.

      Agree! Von Wafer would be a good ‘cheap’ addition to the Lakers, fast, and can ‘slash’ (we NEED another slasher). Not sure if he’s a dunkaholic like Brown.
      Also, VW is familiar with the Triangle.
      he would be re-united with Ron-Ron (VW was like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice to Ron-Ron). We would have a good ‘inexpensive’ player. Get him! Or get Crit!

  • gabriel

    the best thing about the laker win was the tha faces of the cel-dicks, priceless

  • PRLaker

    the best thing about the laker win was the look in the cel-dicks face, it was…priceless

  • Celtics Suck Nuts

    I don’t understand why the Lakers would even think or wait on signing T Mac for the MLE. If you can get a former superstar at this price, the team will be so unstoppable.

    There is no reason to reject him if he does want to play for LA. I’d rather see him playing the point than Blake. That’s how good T Mac is.

    Think of how flexible the team could be. Play him as a backup to Ron or Kobe, at the point, or even at the 4 when going with a small, quick lineup.

    • http://lexworld Lex

      That’s what i’m talking about, your thinking. T.mac can play the 1 the 2 or the 3 postion, if we can get him what the Dutch !!! is the hold up? if mac is on the lakers we got a scottie pippen for kobe

  • FISH2010

    Tmac is just waiting to see where LeBron plays.

    If LeBron plays with Bosh or Wade

    Expect Tmac there too.

    What a joke.

    • Robert.

      T-Mac might clash w/LeBron, ego-wise. I know, that could be a possibility w/Lakers too ..
      But – recall that the Triangle offense is built for ‘stars’ like MJ, Kobe, etc. T-Mac could learn the Triangle, come off the bench, and the Triangle would be set up to make him a scorer. He would NOT get that in NY (recall it would be ‘run & gun’, D’Antoni’s offense, which would actually not be good for him.
      T-Mac’s last ‘great shot’ is with the Lakers, period. I thought he had plenty of $ for nothing the last few years. So, if he wants a ring, this is the place to go (LA).

  • regie francisco

    lakeshow! go lakers 3 peat!

  • jose de jesus

    not t-mac…
    why not BOSH!!!!=)

  • QueenOfSports

    I’m not so sure this is a good fit for the Lakers – I think our main priority should be resigning Fish and then we are good to go. Happy to welcome Steve Blake to the Lakers. Let’s make it another three-peat!

  • tricky

    F u c k Tmac. He is a donkey!! Sign Bell. Lakers need to improve their defense. They don’t need offense. They have had the best offense in the league for years now. Tmac is a f u c k i n donkey and s u c k s donkey d i c k.