These aren’t your 2001 or 2002 Lakers. This dance doesn’t revolve around Shaquille O’Neal or only Kobe Bryant. It’s a surprising spring where, for now, everyone can follow the beat.

L.A. Times: Before every Lakers game, this nut named Ronny Turiaf runs around near the bench shaking every teammate’s hand.

He shakes every hand differently, a different finger wag or wrist motion for each player, and each player always remembers and responds.

By the time Turiaf finishes with the starters, he is standing at midcourt, music blaring, crowd cheering, at which point he dances alone back to the bench.

Not saunters, not jogs, but actually dances, different each night, swerving, shaking, unpredictable.

“It’s all about feeling your flow,” Turiaf says. “This team, we feel our flow, and we follow it.”

You know, maybe that’s it.

Maybe that’s why this postseason feels so different from every other postseason since Phil Jackson’s first title here eight years ago.

Maybe that’s why these mostly ordinary Lakers are so much more fun than those star-studded Lakers.

They’re not too big to do funny handshakes. They’re not too proud to dance silly dances.

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