Great article from Colin Ward-Henninger on the Lakers bench.

Examiner: The Los Angeles Lakers had one of the deepest, strongest, reserve units in basketball during the 2007-08 season. Led by breakout years by guards Sasha Vujacic and Jordan Farmar, the “bench mob” used to strike fear in the hearts of opponents and extend leads.

Last year they were downright poor, giving up leads left and right. The only bright spots were Lamar Odom, who was wildly inconsistent and started after Andrew Bynum’s injury, and Shannon Brown, who didn’t join the team until the end of the season.

This season did not start off well in Tuesday night’s win over the Los Angeles Clippers, with the bench giving up yet another lead.

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    Josh Powell should start if Gasol is still out then LO could come off the bench and that just makes the bench way better than Powell makes them, and the starters don’t need LO in there so it will work

  • LakeShowFaninATL

    Speaking of the bench.. I was on this blog today and Toni Braxton has S. Brown and Artest in her new video lol. I’m not sure why or if there will be any other players.. just thought I’d share.

  • WifelovesLuke

    What matters the most with this team is the progress of Bynum. Become the All Star and here comes the ring!

    1-2-3 Ring!!!!

  • lakers0828

    Well I personaly think Both Farmar and Sasha has out lived there welcome in LA and Morrison should start for sasha farmar can still play but he is on thin ICE

  • Robert

    Yes, last year Ariza started some of the time, and LO ended up with the bench mob, or LO started (after Bynum was out) and Ariza was on the bench mob. That was a better ‘match up’ situation (for the bench). As long as nobody gets injured, and Gasol returns, it will be ok. But I’m not sure if the Farmar/Brown combo is going to work out well anyway – Farmar is playing better, but we’ll have to see. And Sasha better hit more 3s this year.