Interesting note here from the LA Times.

It mentions that the Lakers have reached out to Webber and might possible get in contact with PJ Brown. Webber has said that he will return within about 2 weeks but did not make his destination clear, just said that it has come down to three choices. Are we one of them? Maybe…

LA Times: The Lakers have 14 players under contract and can add one more if they wish. They have reached out to free agent Chris Webber and might contact P.J. Brown, each of whom are forward-center types who have not played this season.

“We’re going to look at replacement players and if there is a way to get another big player that can help us win games,” Kupchak said. “Can you replace Andrew? Of course not. The list is short on the kind of players that if you picked them up, they would play and help you win, but we’ll look at it.”

  • drake hunter

    Webber would be a nice fit yet he should be so lucky that the Lakers are even considering him given whatever options he has. If he’s gonna come in here though and start making demands about playing time and his minutes and wanting to start, I say we sign PJ Brown instead because at least with Brown, we know we’re getting defense and a solid veteran who can be a calming influence on the youngsters and he doesn’t come with all the glitz and drama that Webber would bring to our team. Brown is an under the radar type guy and I think that would be good for us until Bynum comes back.

  • KB


  • mikedeezy2k8

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    true, no need ot have a joakim noah on the team LOL. if they let him know beforehand that he will be a backup to andrew bynum. and if hes not down with that jsut sign pj brown. he can shoot the mid range shot good so that will spread the court out even more.

  • fan4L

    Webber would be an great fit not only until Bynum comes back but also for the playoffs. His rebounding and his passing alone makes us a better team. Yeah once he gets into game shape he’ll be great fit for the lakers. And he has proven in his older age he can still get it done. He’ll be a laker. Who doesn’t want to play next to GREATNESS.(KB24)

  • Reggie

    GET PJ BROWN. He would be a great pickup.

  • Nabil

    1. Buyout Kwame’s contract and say, “Bah-bye”
    2. Sign sign PJ and give him Kwame’s jerseys, thereby saving a few hundred bucks. PJ shouldn’t complain, because the jersey was never sweat in.
    3. Sign Webber too! F the cap.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

    Dump lame-ar scrotum

  • http://mydeek.orgnigga PhantoM

    Im lMFAO @ all these kwame comments

    haha classic

  • kgmvp

    Sign C-webb now

  • DingleBerry

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    aint that the truth!!! kwame is the laziest player i’ve ever seen. see ya at mcdonalds next year make sure my fries are crispy kwame…

  • xtro

    Finally, C-Webb is an option. I have been clamoring about this idea all season long.

  • LakerSon24

    I think we should C-webb while keeping kawme for the BIGGER trade we really need this summer( either elton brand or JO).
    Maybe even get JO for by the trade deadline… C-webb could give 10pts-8rbs in 25-30 mins a night

  • Jed17

    I believe the LakeShow would benefit from a shot-blocking, postup defender rather than a offensive, playmaking big. I vote PJ over C-Webb.

  • hZm

    Both better than Kwame.

  • TonyStarks79

    Get PJ Brown..Webber is too can barely run up and down the court!

  • TonyStarks79


  • Drewbie04


  • e

    i say pj brown

  • The Kid

    I think something that’s overlooked is if PJ Brown will even come outta his retirement or whatever you wanna call it. Phoenix has been hard after him all season and he’s said no. What would make him wanna play for the Lakers?

    Hopefully he sees that with further development we could be as high as a #2 seed and challenge the Spurs for Western Conference Supremacy… HAHA!

  • kgmvp

    get c-webb and trade kwame for a good solid player.

  • e

    well now that i come to think about it…i really dont care…webber or pj brown either one is fine…just get rid of kwame!

  • MILO

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  • Edward

    PJ Brown.

  • xx8baller34xx

    dude we need shaq back. hahah SIKE!! that foo is hella sorry too. but most likely we are gonna pick up c-webb more than pj brown cuz thats jus more likely. c-webb would be good but more for offense.. we need help on DEFENSE!! a shot blocker, a big to clog up the paint and a rebounder. but we need SOMEONE to help us out. we are currently in the #1 seed in the west.. we cant wait at least 8 weeks for bynum to come back, if lakers go on a lil losing streak we are in trouble of droppin down to 6th, 7th, or even the 8th seed cuz the west is so tight. phoenix is next.. and no bynum.. uhhhh this should be interesting. we better win..


    We have word that Joakim Noah from Florida has kidnapped the Bulls GM because wants a trade NOWWW and was last seen with a,what appears to be a NO.#8 jersey and yelling at his kidnapee saying “this where I want to go,NOOWWWWWW”!!!!

  • RDLAKB24

    i def would like the addition of chris webber.. he is a solid veteran .. —CWEBB KOBE D-FISH LO—- is a great veteran core

  • kingkb24

    i dout that we can get pj cuz he turned pretty good offers to dallas and phenoix at the start of the season and webber has already stated that he is interested in the lakers..

    newayz i dont care which one we, both of them are better then kwame and we kinda have to get him before the huge road trip.. and then trade kwame

  • rahil


    Then trade sasha and or mihm and or radmanovic for a good young, defensive big guy.

  • hellbydante

    i assume webber is out of shape now…. he looks heavy when he was a piston

  • LakersFirst

    PJ Brown would be a better fit (he’s more of a defensive big man and a rebounder). The only drawback with PJ is that he’s 38 (not sure if he’s in shape).

  • Killo15

    i think we should sign pj brown, trade kwame for anyone(cause apparently everyone with the exception of smush parker is better than him), and then once bynum comes back try this….

    C Bynum
    PF Brown (PJ not kwame)
    SF Odom
    SG Bryant
    PG Fisher

    itll be ironic that we let go of a brown and sign another one.

  • IMmichael

    brown sucks webbers better brown= 0 allstars

    C webb=5 time all star

  • Vaporize

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    Shaqs an allstar almost every year, do we want him?
    Not saying Webber’s not good, but I’m saying we need to get something done. Acquire someone, before we lose our chances of keeping our winning ways.

  • Tim

    doesnt matter if your an allstar or not…look, Lamar > Juwan Howard, but Lamar = No Allstar Appearances, Juwan = 1 allstar appearance, i like PJ brown but maybe hes a little too old, we’ll see

  • Galen

    i live in the philly area and go to some philly games and let me tell you, chris webber is absolutely terrible, but then again he was good in detriot but that might have just been the ppl around him, who knows.

    all i know is that i like the way our team is right now (before bynums inj) and if we keep playing like that we could contend for a title

  • Billy Kupchak

    i like TURNER! :-D

  • Osama Ben
  • Osama Ben

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    you are WRONG!! cuz when webber played for u guys he averaged 20/10 in 05/06 until he got injured or watever.. and if we can get 11 and 6 out of him we will be great and we cant do much worse than Queefing(Kwame) Brown.

  • kb24 4life

    hey, i heard that gilbert arenas plans to opt out and said that if theres a team where he can win a championship, he will go there for less money, this year, hes making like 11 mil, wil he come here for kwames 9.1???

    and sign cwebb no matter what…

  • e

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    im prlly guessing that because arenas is a dumbass, he’ll aim to go to the celtics first

  • Galen

    webber did alright but why the hell do u think they bought him out, because he wasnt worth the money and he wasnt GOOD. numbers dont always tell the truth. unfourtunately i still say we go after him for a short term deal cause any things better than kwame, but c-webbs days as an effective nba player are numbered

  • galen

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    nice trade actually but i dont think it will ever happen unfortunately

  • Nabil

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    Yeah, that is a pretty good trade. Could you imagine?

    PG- Fish, Farmar, Critt
    SG- Kobe, Sasha
    SF – Artest, Ariza, Walton
    PF- Odom, Webber
    C- Bynum, Kurt Thomas, Turiaf

    DAAAAAAAMMMNNNN!! Odom as a fourth option. It would be perfect until Artest randomly punches Phil Jackson in the mouth.