Chad Ford believes Lakers would be open to trade Oom for Marion. I have my doubts, but Ford chimes in from his chat

Lakers would still be open to a trade for Lamar Odom. Shawn Marion can be had. I could keep going, but those are the guys I could see all moved by the trade deadline.

  • mr. me too

    wouldn’t do it, we’re rolling right now

  • 123kid

    why oh why do these type of things keep popping up. its so old!

  • Lukes_girlfriend

    do it mitch add luke also so we can go play in miami…

  • Freshh

    I’d do it

  • t-dub

    DO IT NOW! We’re not getting much out of Odom anyways..

  • ojt

    if not odom please, please Luke and mihm and luke ….did I mention luke as in sorry , no good for nothing walton.

  • kb24thebestever


    please dont do it Mitch shawn aint gone do any difference he gone make us worst i dont know why lakers fans would want this to go down shawn marion its not doing anything in miami and yall no why because he’s a player that likes playing the fast break and it seems like thats the only way he can play in order to get his buckets but its not even like if he creates shots for him self he needs someone else to create shots for him like a steve nash and i dont think the lakers have a steve nash on their roster so why would us laker fans want this?

    Odom its a tremendous player and he’s able to play 4 positions and maybe even the center position. Plus he knows the triangle offense he’s been with us for a while that chemistry its there,he got no problem coming off the bench, he’s unselfish, he can run the fast break, and the best thing he loves being a Laker. so please LAKERSNATION lets show Odom the respect he deserves and lets think before saying that we need to trade Odom.

  • hyperdunk247
  • lakaluva

    Lakers could throw in Walton to make the salaries match. Powell could easily play backup PF to fill in for the gap of missing LO.


    Damn that looks good…

  • Shaq786

    I would not mess up what we have right now unless we can dup a bad contract, such as walton. Marion has a great relationship with kobe and would would not ruin the team chemistry…

    lamar, walton and a second round pick… for marion… NOTHING MORE….

    lamar and expiring is also not worth it for marions… IT HAS TO INCULDE WALTON!… otherwise we stay put

  • Whatsa

    On paper it looks good.. but Odom is +22 for the +/- or whatever it is now. Good things happen when he’s on the court.

    But why do the trade with the way we’re winning right now?

    AND Odom said he’s willing to take less money if he were to stay in the Lakers.

    I wouldn’t even wanna trade Radmanovic anymore, cause he played good that one time.. if he’s not consistent.. then maybe trade.

  • VIVA

    LAMAR will take less money to stay on a Championship Team. This story sucks!!!

  • F the color green

    i would try getting prince, he’s got playoff experience and can defend 3 or 4 spots. get prince instead

  • imfasterthanur

    Some of you guys need to think before you post. Goodness.

    Marion for Odom?

    If you have the least bit of understanding for the game of basketball then you would understand why that is an idiotic proposal. I’m not even going to justify myself.

    :sigh:…Go lakers..

  • lakerfan81

    Stupid speculation. The Lakers will not make a move, unless they start to lose. Why make a move when you are 25-5, have the best record in the league and are playing great basketball.

  • LakersFirst

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    Trading Odom for a bigger expiring contract such as Marion’s may have little to do with basketball. Instead, it has something to do with finances. Both players have expiring contracts, but would the Lakers rather have Odom’s $14M dollar contract off the books or Marion’s $18M off the books after this season. Remember, the Lakers have a certain player named Trevor Ariza to resign in the offseason (he’s an unrestricted free agent and will get nice offers), plus Kobe can opt out after this year, which doesn’t mean he’ll leave the Lakers but can opt out and resign with the Lakers for more money.

  • Milo

    [Comment ID #57859 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you’re stupid! LO is our best rebounder he brings the little things to the table that morons like you dont notice…

  • jason

    dont do it..dont mess with the chemistry of this team unless its just a no brainer deal..if u have to think abou tit all dont do one time i wouldve loved marion..but now i like the team we have..dont do it lakers..i dont believe they will.

  • lakers1fan

    LET’S DO IT NOW!!!!

  • kobe bryant

    noooooooooooooo mitch

  • Dracul

    There is no need to trade Odom for Marion. At least Odom knows the triangle – Marion only shined when Nash could deliver him the ball without the need for him to dribble it in order to score.

    As inconsistent as Odom is, I don’t believe that Marion will improve the team.

    If anything, now that Odom might be hurt and Luke+Farmar are out, we need to ship out at least Mihm for someone.



    what the lakers ned now is a decent point guard…..trying playing a trade for steve nash in replace for odom and mbenga……lakers have too many sf to play……lamar plays backup pf so why not get another pf from phoenix or do this trade with three teams……