Some “crazy news” – pun intended. The Lakers were interested in Artest earlier this season, but now, it looks like there is some liking on both sides. From today’s SacBee…

RealGM: Kobe Bryant has admitted that he wouldn’t mind playing alongside Artest, and there is a growing belief that the strong personalities of Bryant and Coach Phil Jackson could help keep Artest in line.

As a restricted free agent, Ron would have to take a pay cut to the projected midlevel exception of approximately $5.6 million.

A sign-and-trade doesn’t seem to make sense as the Lakers will likely be looking to unload a bad contract like Vladimir Radmanovic.

  • Michael24

    wow how are we gonna get him here

    we might have a starting line up of

    fish next year

    what happens if we get artest wtf!!

  • 1ofMany


  • gugy

    He will behave under PJ and KB.

    Artest wants to win and play for the Lakers and he will help enormously our D.

  • Michael24

    luke and ariza will be backup sf next year most likely

    i know odom will start

    but maybe if bynum will be willing to start off the bench



    sign and trade vlad rad and maybe mihm

  • lakerschamps08

    umm idk.. wat happens to luke and vlad rad, or ariza we have too much small forwards.. so how is it gonna work and is artest gonna start or come off bench??? and does he want to come off the bench and can he learn the triangle offense

  • e

    i love this idea…have bynum be the sixth man off the bench..starting five would pau, odom, artest, kobe, fisher

  • Sako

    I’d do this if we don’t give up many players. I’m concerned that’ll it will be too much power.

    C: Bynum/Mihm/Turiaf
    PF: Gasol/Odom/Turiaf
    SF: Artest/Ariza/Walton
    SG: Bryant/Vujacic
    PG: Fisher/Farmar

    Odom can be the backup PF. He can possibly win 6th Man!

  • LD2k

    You guys, he’s a free agent.

    “As a restricted free agent, Ron would have to take a pay cut to the projected midlevel exception of approximately $5.6 million.”

  • http://lakernation kauaimamba

    We dont need him..yet.If we win the championship(when we win the championship)why screw with that roster?Who are you gonna bench?The team seems to be cohesive right now.Bynum will be back next year.Were good!

  • ab17

    [Comment ID #36326 Will Be Quoted Here]

    oh ok so that means he’d have no choice and take the pay cut??

  • i love l.a.

    didn’t we try this a few years ago when we thought another head case (j.r. rider) would reform under the lakers organization? i love the purple and gold, but i think we sometimes get so enamored with the team that we think problem players will shape up in l.a. that thinking is like marrying a stripper and hoping she’ll become a faithful housewife.

  • kb24 4life

    get him, bynum 6th man of the year…


  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #36326 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Arest will NOT be a free agent unless he opts out of his last year in Sacramento this summer, which he may or may not do (he hasn’t said anything yet. If Artest does opt-out, then he would have to take a pay cut if he wants to play for the Lakers.

    Don’t attack me for saying this (which I know people will do anyways) and as much as people don’t like to admit it, don’t be surprised if the Lakers were to agree to a sign and trade with Sac, perhaps even offering LO and his expiring $14M contract for Artest (next year, LO is in a contract year), especially if the Lakers fail to win the championship this year. This may make sense for both sides. The Lakers needs stronger defense and Sac needs a power forward.

    Furthermore, if Bynum comes back at 100% he will be the starting center, which slides Pau to the 4, which would move LO to the already congested 3 spot (Ariza, Luke, Radman already there). If Bynum and Pau pick up the rebounding load and Kobe/Pau/Bynum are also the big 3 when it comes to scoring, will LO be needed?

    No one will take the long term contracts of Luke and Radman. Ariza, also entering into a contract year next year, is only 22 and will be much cheaper to resign than LO (remember the Lakers are over the cap and still need to resign Bynum, who I believe is a restricted free agent after next season). Also, if the Lakers resign Turiaf this summer, he would be the backup power forward.

    Like I said, don’t attack me for saying this. I’m just giving everyone food for thought.

  • BringDFishBack

    I wish this crap would stop being posted, especially because Artest will not be a Laker anytime soon. Why?
    1. Don’t have the money to sign him.
    2. They are already have a jam at SF (Luke, Ariza, Vladi, and I guess you could say Odom)
    3. Artest + Hollywood = Problem
    4. Kobe’s ego + Artest’s ego = Problem
    5. 15 more shots for Artest = 6 less for Kobe, 4 less for Pau, 3 less for Odom (giving him -2 shots), and 2 less for the rest of the team = unhappy teammates

    This will just never work.

  • BringDFishBack

    [Comment ID #36330 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Only if he wanted to play for the Lakers. They cannot afford to sign him for any more that 5.6.

  • RDLAKB24

    come on!!!! we will officially be prob the best team in NBA history

  • killo

    i’d love this pick up. we can give up raddy, mihm, or both and maybe newble.

    starting lineup:
    C Gasol
    PF Odom
    SF Artest
    SG Kobe
    PG Fish

    C Bynum (cause of knee)
    PF Turiaf/Mbenga*
    SF Walton/Ariza/Radmanovic
    SG Machine/Karl*
    PG Farmar

    *if they stay

  • Fantastic5LAL

    -Kobe’s ego isnt as bad
    -Artest hasnt been as troublesome as of late
    -2 first team all defensive team caliber perimeter defenders+ Bynum coming back = probably the best defense in the league
    -Can use as trade bait if it dosent work out

    with Sasha, Bynum, Farmar, Ariza/Luke/Vlad, Turiaf/Vlad off bench

    tell me that dosent sound phenominal

    only cons I see are:
    -Stacked SF ( i think we may get rid of Ariza)
    -hurt chemistry ( i dont think it will but it could)

    If we make this happen, I GUARENTEE you will not be feeling remorse and you’ll be jumping out of your socks. If he dosent wanna give it his all when we get him, we’re STILL probably the best team, so i say make it happen

  • vida8

    hey..if he can play defense why not….

  • GotAce

    As long as we dont unload:

    kobe, odom, pau, bynum, sasha, turiaf.

    iM cool w/ taking artest.

    But take the paycut

  • Whatsa

    Ron Artest needs to be benched.. Odom needs to stay in the starting line-up; he deserves to stay in the starting line-up. We can’t just trade in Artest then start him and taking Odom out of it.. Odom’s been playing like a beast lately. It’ll be like putting Calderon in our starting line-up.

  • Luis24

    Hell no!!!! If we win the chip this year than he’ll no!!! Exactly wht Bringdfish. Ok as a forward next year is great then defense in Ariza shooting in Vald playmaking in Fluke we are fine. I just want Calderon

  • BringDFishBack

    Why does everyone want change? If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. They are in the WESTERN CONFERENCE FINALS, the Final Four of the NBA, with very little experience (Only Kobe, Fish, and Luke have made it this far) and one of their best players out (Bynum). If they can get this far with those obstacles, why in the world would you make a MAJOR change to the lineup? Why would you even consider changing your starting lineup unless someone is absolutely terrible?

  • pancho

    If Bynum is healthy and ready next season you really think Gasol takes his spot and puts him on the bench?

  • Jack

    I’m not a genius at dealing players but this is absurd. If there’s no sign-and-trade and Artest is reported as a RESTRICTED agent, what makes you think Sac won’t match dollars on him if Artest agrees to mid-level salary with Lakers?



  • west213

    bring Ron D Don.

    lol already made him a new nick……..

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #36326 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Chris, I think a lot of P&G fans are thinking that the Lakers would have to *give up players* in order to obtain Ron Artest, huh? :D

  • Whatsa

    [Comment ID #36346 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Dude I’m not even tripping about putting him in the starting line-up.. it really wouldn’t matter for me. Besides.. Radmanovic has had probably 10 good games all year.. and we need to get rid of our excess players that we don’t even use such as Newble, Mbenga, and Karl. I’m down with putting Artest in the starting 5 though.

    This is going to be a very interesting off-season.

  • qazqazqaz

    mihm has said that he would return next year and with this we have even less room to sign another player. as good as ron artest to the lakers sound, if we win the championship (which i feel we will), there just isn’t any need for a change as our roster is already full

  • e

    a reason why i wouldnt mind pursuing him is bcuz bynum is soon getting surgery..obviously no one knows what may happen afterwards..maybe he’ll bounce back like amare did or he might never get to his promised level like hill..having artest would solidify that initial position and we’d finally have a response for players like lebron and pierce



  • T-DUB

    Artest wont go anywhere without starting. the way Odom is playin, if he continues, i’ll take him over Artest at SF…as long as he’s willing to take a paycut

  • kjldsfjaglhas

    all star weekend- NBA vs. THE LAKERS

  • drake hunter

    The Lakers are the best team in the league, we’re in the conference finals right now probably headed to the NBA Finals where we’ll probably win it all. Why are we even talking about this subject?

  • Lakers 24 7

    I believe that Artest can behave with the Lakers, if PJ coached Dennis Rodman then he can coach Artest

  • Big Phil

    I like Artest because the team needs another defensive player, but I don’t see this happening unless Artest will be happy coming off the bench (which he probably won’t be happy). I’d rather have a starting lineup of fish, kobe, lo, pau, and bynum. This line-up is plain nasty with just about three athletic 7 footers on the frontline…no other team in the NBA will be able to match up. We will dominate on blocked shots and rebounds. Trade Vlad, Fluke, Mihm, Newble, Mbenga and get Artest, Calderon, and Pietrus.

  • mikedeezy2k8

    PG: Kobe
    SG: Ron Artest
    SF: Lamar Odom
    PF: Pau gasol
    C: Andrew Bynum


    now before you say kobe would never play the Point, he is basically our point guard as he is our best passer/ facilitator and you dont need oyt be a true point guard in the triangle. Artest gives us another finisher / shooter/ D/ energy guy. if we have to trade jordan farmar. ;)

  • rjpnoi408

    mikedeezy2k8, why did you dumped dfish in your lineup? what were u thinking? you just removed the heart of the laker!!!! i cant believe u picked artest over dfish!!!!!!!!! your in a wrong site boy…..

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #36369 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you’re* in the wrong country if you STILL can’t distinguish the difference between:


    i can’t believe you consider yourself intelligent enough to post ANYTHING on this site! did you learn English in the Philippines? :D

  • Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #36363 Will Be Quoted Here]

    FYi: we DO NOT need to trade anyone to obtain Ron Artest! :D

  • west213

    [Comment ID #36363 Will Be Quoted Here]

    f uck u f ag never trade my boy fish

  • mikedeezy2k8

    [Comment ID #36374 Will Be Quoted Here]

    wow who said anything about trading fish? are u a fukin moron? i said if we have to trade farmar. damn some fukin bozos on here. this is pure speculation, if you have a chance to get a good player you go for it

  • lakers-spurs

    YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! DO IT….I wouldnt trade vlade radmonovich but i would trade LUKE WALTON for ARTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pancho

    WOW, not to through a wrench into the discussion,remember our young players are coming up for new contracts soon.

  • D LO

    You know…if Bynum is out for the year (after having the knee scoped and having perhaps found a major problem, yes fanboys that IS possible) I say go for it. Try it. If Bynum is out he’s be a nice “real” SF that we’ve been looking for. Have PJ, Kobe, and his NY pal Odom convince him to come down and help us perfect the dynasty. :)

  • SliqRiq

    [Comment ID #36376 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Agree with you Mike…..It never hurts to make the team better than it already is

  • kobe!

    [Comment ID #36373 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Ya we do b/c we could only sign him at the midlevel exception which sacramento could easily match. Plus if we don’t trade any SF’s to acquire him we would have a log jam at the position. I would only trade for him if we don’t make it to the finals or depending on bynum’s health.

  • Fred A.

    From looking at Artest comeing to L.A.
    I see we have to release Ira Newble(sorry Newble but you got to go) to obtain Artest.
    I am sorry Artest will have to come off the bench for me if Artest wants to be Laker.
    I see this:
    PG: Fisher/Farmer
    SG: MVP/Vujavic/Ariza/Karl
    SF: Odom/Artest/Walton
    PF: Gasol/Tariaf/Radmonvic
    C: Bynum/Mihm/Mebanga
    Maybe Artest has a good shot at getting the 6th Man Award.

  • Michael_23

    If he takes a pay cut and joins the Lakers, that would be cool. If he misbehaves it wouldn’t be too bad. We have a good team with or without him.

  • dub824

    i wouldnt mind having him. i saw him on the best damn sports show last week and he seems like hes really changed, even gary payton and sal thought so. they even mentioned that artest was nominated for a citizenship award. also, he has a lot respect for kobe and lamar. he would bring strength and toughness to our defense because he has that “no lay-up” mentality. he would make our team deeper than it already which is good because it seems like we have injuries to important players just about every year.

  • domidomdomz

    [Comment ID #36372 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey..a racist over here..Dont take us (Filipinos) for granted..The Philippines loves the Lakers!!!

  • ricky

    the possibility of the lakers signing ron artest is very slim, but IF it were to actually happen, it would be a tremendous pick up and a dramatic turnaround for a franchise that looked like it was heading towards rebuilding status in the midst of kobe bryant’s prime years not too long ago.

    now, the lakers look like they will be championship contenders for at least the next 4-6 years. this team has good balance of veteran experience and youth, speed, size, length, etc.. but to add ron artest into the mix without having to sacrifice too much would be HUGE.

    the current roster is as follows

    C- bynum, mihm, mbenga
    F- gasol,odom, turiaf
    F- radmanovic, walton, ariza
    G- bryant, vujacic, karl
    G- fisher, farmar

    i think the lakers can definitely make things work out if artest is willing to sign for the MLE. we can also package the less attractive contracts of radmanovic and possibly mihm in order to get another veteran big man who can play both F/C positions. but if the lakers can, and i wish this would be possible, try to keep radmanovic and mihm because they are good reserves. mihm gives us an athletic, shooting center when healthy and radmanovic can spread the floor and is a versatile, long player who can play both forward positions.

    lakers current roster + ron artest = best team ever, scariest team ever, immediate CHAMPIONS! it may be seen as being “too powerful” if the lakers added artest, but as uncle ben says “with great power comes great responsibilities” and the responsibility is to own the NBA and win the CHAMPIONSHIP!


    Artest could be good and may not…. lets talk about changes after the post season is over…

  • laker4ever

    Hey guyz!DCLAKER,I totally agree with you,man!it’s better for us to get MICKAEL PIETRUS than Artest.pls allow me tell you the reason why:

    I totally agree with all of you that we need a defender just like Artest but Mickael Pietrus is also a very defender,right?i’ll go for Pietrus because 1st, Pietrus is younger than Artest; 2nd,Pietrus is more athletic than Artest;3rd Pietrus is much cheaper than Artest; 4th,Pietrus behaves well as compared to Artest and lastly Pietrus has no ego as compared to Artest who has… alot. You know what, the only thing that Artest has an edge to Mickael Pietrus, is his experience but i guess that woudn’t be a problem with Pietrus he has a very good work ethics and i’m very sure we can learn that very quickly from his mentors like KOBE,FISHER,ODOM AND PAU.

    That’s the reasons why I really oppose to the idea of getting Artest. It’s better if we’ll get MICKAEL PIETRUS,guyz!

    I also think that we’ll get Calderon from Toronto coz he fits in our team very well.he’s a born winner that’s why he’d love to be in our team coz our team is a winner,right?

    I also would like to suggest that we’ll get Desagana Diop, mosty especially that we are in dire need of a legitimate back-up center for Bynum next season so that Pau will only play the PF position.

    So, our line-up for next season will be:

    SG: KOBE, SASHA, SUN YUE(reserve)
    PF: PAU, TURIAF, ROOKIE PF(reserve)

    What do you think,guyz?isn’t it a better and a very powerful line-up for next season?

  • lakers4ever

    Just look how good our team would be for the next season:


    SG: KOBE
    SF: ODOM
    PF: PAU
    C: BYNUM

    Isn’t it a great team,guyz? it’s a ” DREAM TEAM ”


    C: DIOP

    Our team is as good as our starting line-up,isn’t it?


    SU YUE and our 2nd round rookie pick for this year which i prefer that we’ll get a PF.

  • laker4ever

    If we can’t get CALDERON, then i would suggest that we’ll get a Rookie/Sophomore PG in exchange for our players who are bound for trade next season like: CARL,RADMAN,LUKE WALTON,MBENGA,NEWBLE AND MIHM.

    I would really suggest that we’ll get MICKAEL PIETRUS AND DIOP!IT’S REALLY A MUST this summer, MIIIIIITCH.

  • Jayvee


    We can’t get Calderon because he wants to start. Eh, that’s not possible with our guard rotation.

  • juanman888

    dude i cant see pietrus as a 3rd string SF and be happy with it…

    sac queens wouldnt give artest to us, we are rivals!!! and even if they would entertain the notion, they will ask for an equal talent player. as for him getting a pay cut not knowing if he would be in our starting line up, thats impossible!

    so stop dreaming fellas…

    calderon is much more obtainable baller and his game is way better than Jfarmar…

    not bad for a dude who lives in the Philippines ei…


  • Ahmed

    First Artest can opt out and be a un-restricted free agent. Now would he take a pay cut who knows. What we do know is head case players only respect those above them in talent and accomplishments. I.E Kobe and Phil Jackson. Vlade has to go Artest would be perfect in his slot. Most likely the Lakers either trade vlade or but him out even without aquiring Artest. Every team out west will get better … expecting the Lakers just to grow with the same players may not be enough. We are in the position now that adding a veteran player that wants to win like the Spurs do every year we can continue to dominate. Just imagine our bench would be just as good as most teams starting lineups with Bynum leading them and yes Bynum stays on the bench for now. All this talk about dumping Lamar is foolish…Our length is one of our strengths Lamar is the glue down low.

  • xtro

    Hey Ron. If you want to win a championship, you take a pay cut and play for the Lakers.

  • domz

    [Comment ID #36422 Will Be Quoted Here]

    are you also pinoy bro?

  • T-Dud

    Like ab4sure said, it depends on Odoms continued performance in the WCF, the Finals, and his contract situation. Odom could be traded elsewhere for a high 1st round pick in this draft, and Artest signed at the mid-level to start at SF…That wouldn’t be all bad if we could get a top 10 pick and Artest to replace Odom…..


    Laker4ever,your my brother from another mother.I couldn’t have explained it better.


    Let me give an example:

    KB=Michael Jordan

    LO=Scottie Pippen

    DF=Armstrong(forgot 1st name)

    Vujacic=Steve Kerr

    and if Artest comes…..yep,Dennis Rodman,The Chicago Bulls.



    Plus I’d rather get JO than Artest(JO being my 2nd option,Artest 3rd).

    Now if they get Artest get Pietrus,then i’ll be happy.

  • pr0mega

    We don’t need anyone you whiney fair-weather fans. Suns didn’t NEED anyone and they freaked out and acquired a big name, SHAQ. That’s all Artest is these days, a big name who is desperate. If he takes a huge pay cut and we don’t have to rearrange our roster too much, then it’d work out. Otherwise, develope the youth, get Bynum going with Gasol and Odom and begin the quest for a 70 win season and a championship trophy.

    Quit crying.

  • xtro

    Guys! Artest can be our ferocious defender and rebounder. Don’t worry abut his attitude. Winning eradicates bad behavior. We don’t have to trade LO. Hopefully, Artest will opt out and be a free agent.


    Mickael Pietrus!

  • Fantastic5LAL

    [Comment ID #36447 Will Be Quoted Here]

    a huge paycut? hes making 5 mil this year?

    what’s wrong with making our team better? we’re must greedy fans who are content at the same time. No one is saying “WE HAVE TO GET ARTEST!”, we’re just discussing the topic. why every article some one gotta come in and say “your not true fans or w/e”. If we had it their way, every article would be “Lakers are perfect”, “Lakers are perfect”. So yeah, its just a discussion dude, chill.

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Edit: we are greedy fans that are content at same time
    (take out must)


    PIETRUS (Gerald Green wouldn’t hurt either).


    Think of all the players like Worthy,Scott,Kareem,West,Magic,Cooper,Shaq,ALL of these guys are athletic and play with a special flair,we need that flair….PIETRUS AND GREEN(would be much cheaper in the long run).

    If Mitch(‘KING OF LA’)gets Artest,GOOD!But he needs to gets Pietrus or Green.Someone who entertain until Kobe,who’ll probably get surgery on his fingers,gets back.

  • Edward

    No trade talks during playoffs, if players think they’re getting traded you think they’ll try hard?

  • Adamas

    bringing in artest will mean that odom has to go. i dont want that

  • D LO

    [Comment ID #36489 Will Be Quoted Here]

    It’s not really trade talk. The most probably way Artest comes is through free agency.

  • Fantastic5LAL

    edward is right

  • Fantastic5LAL

    [Comment ID #36499 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i meant d lo

  • dub824

    im glad we’re not GMs.. c’mon.. mickael pietrus.. same guy that got dropped from jordan brand cuz he wasnt good enough


    dub824,your saying because he was so-called dropped from Jordan’s Brand that he isn’t good enough for The Lakers?Have you seen him play?No?!Then why comment?,WHO WIT’ ME?

  • T-Dub

    whats the difference betwwen Pietrus and Ariza? aren’t they identical type players???

  • xtro

    Get Artest. Not only can he defend, he can score. Artest is better than Pietrus or Ariza. ‘Nuff said.

  • LakersFirst

    Pietrus is not that great of a player. He’s the same guy that was dropped drom Nellie’s rotation, uh, how many times now???


    Not identical,sorta similar.One played over seas and the other played in the states,plus,Pietrus is the ONLY one on GS that plays “D” that why he wants to leave.

  • SliqRiq

    I’d say Baron Davis played D as well, 2nd in the league in steals

  • kobe-drew-pau-l.o.-fish

    PG Fish
    SG Kobe
    SF Artest
    PF L.O.
    C Pau
    6 Bynum
    7 Calderon
    8 Pietris
    9 Ariza
    10 Sasha
    11 Farmar
    12 Turiaf
    1 Vlad
    2 DJ
    3 Sun Yue

  • dub824

    yes i’ve seen pietrus play dclaker.. dude is this is a RON ARTEST article, why are you bringin up pietrus?.. artest > pietrus. we want the lakers to get better, some second rate player that hasnt proved anything is not gonna get it done. if we get pietrus hes just gonna warm the bench like newble does this year anyway

  • http://deleted Mr. Juan / Your Warlock

    Regarding Pietrus, I don’t think anybody here is with you, DCLAKER … Maybe, you should change that tune already. Artest is much > Pietrus….No doubt about it!



  • xtro

    Artest-2nd unit

    now that’s a formidable line-up. length and defense. artest came off the bench when he played for the indy pacers.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #36684 Will Be Quoted Here]



    Gerald Green!

  • Rholly_dreamz

    DCLAKER,I’m with you,man.i agree that Pietrus is the right choice than Artest for so many reasons.Pietrus is cheaper than Artest and they are good defenders and they have almost the same offensive qualities.

    GET PIETRUS AND DESAGANA DIOP this summer,mitch!!!!!


    ….and MR.JUAN said nobody was with me.

    I didn’t even think about DIOP,DAMN THAT WOULD BE MAJOR.

    Frontcourt:AB/PAU/DIOP,and then get tricky with LO/KB in the Backcourt,OMG!!!

  • Fantastic5LAL

    Ryan Gomes

    1 of those

  • lakerferlife7

    does anybody think that if we got rid of lamar and got artest we wouldnt loose anything because bynum would pick up the rebounding….and with artest u get a more consistent scorer and defender and he is a true sf

  • LA_dreamz

    DCLAKER,this summer is the right time to get DIOP coz his contract for NETS is up to July only and he’ll be a FA by then.if we can get Diop,man!we are monster down under!

    SF: ODOM, ARIZA, PIETRUS/gerald Green

  • 323 TOWN


  • La La Land

    Hey guys don’t you think it will be nice if this will be the line-up of the Lakers.

    PG: DFish
    SG: MVP
    SF: LO
    PF: Pau
    C: Andrew

    That will really win 70+ games and CHAMPIONSHIPS.

  • skip2mylu714

    Diop sucks. He’s like a Kwame Brown. Definately trade LO straight up for Hinrich and pick up Artest throught free agency.

    Sick line up…
    …..Keep all role players

  • Laker4lfe

    Wether we get Artest or not were still the best team in the world regardless if the Celtics won the championship or not. We made it to the playoff’s and the finals yall and with that in mind, if Artest decides to sign with the Lakers…he needs to realize he is signing up with the best team ever. So Artest if you sign with the Lakers your making a wise decision, if not then good luck cause your not gonna find a better team.

  • Jason

    L.A.s always had a history recently of too many small forwards, but artest will want more money than the midlevel. a sign and trade for odom likely would have to happen, which is fine with me because odom will want more money than artest wants anyway in a new contract

  • http://lakernation monico perez

    ron artest is intimidating and physical LO is athletic the only reason we lost in the finals itz cuz they were more PHYSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suzie