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With the NBA draft only a day away, Yahoo Sports is reporting that the Los Angeles Lakers have expressed interest in revamping their backcourt with one of the many young point guards of the Denver Nuggets:

The Los Angeles Lakers and Sacramento Kings are two teams with interest in prying Raymond Felton from the Denver Nuggets, league sources said. The Nuggets believe strongly in Ty Lawson as their point guard, and Felton, with a $7.5 million expiring contract, is expendable.

Felton is coming off of his best season as a pro, with career bests in points per game and assists with 15.5 and 8.3, respectively. In his short season-ending run with the Denver Nuggets, his 46% three-point percentage would be a welcome addition to a Lakers team that struggled with three-point shooting in this year’s playoffs.

It is unclear exactly what the Lakers would offer Denver in the deal, but it has been speculated that the deal would likely include backup guard Steve Blake and possibly multiple second-round picks from this year’s draft.

  • Bink

    now were talking

  • Delandrian Aikens

    PLEASE DO IT NOW !!!!!!

  • 123KID

    oh please please please please happen! 

  • Kobe 4 The Win :D

    steve blake can’t play much :D

  • Anonymous

    This would be a great pick-up! If this gun is loaded for real, pull the trigger now!

  • keeponkeepinon18

    LOL… Steve Blake+ 41, 46, 56, and 58 picks = Raymond Felton?

  • Lakers

    he is just the guy we need. he could shoot,go inside,good defense,and fast.

  • lakers suck

    lakers have nothing to offer, and nuggets arent that dumb to setle for a bad deal, just look at the melo trade

    • Kobe279


      • Manu Schreibmüller

        he is just realistic!

  • Anonymous

    The Lakers are going to have to give up Odom if they want to make this trade. Coach Jackson stayed a year too long, and the lakers looked overmatched during the playoffs. If they trade Odom who comes off of the bench? Still not a complete team, still not a team to make it to the finals.

  • Dlreaves7

    Great move! I’ve watch Felton grow from youth to adulthood. Awesome guard. He would be a great addition to my L.A. Lakers!!

  • Guest

    Only a year too late… Should’ve given tried harder to sign him last offseason, instead we went with blake and barnes

  • Info


  • NBA Fan

    The nuggets front office would be IDIOTS to take that trade, and they aren’t idiots. No chance in a million years. Dream on Lakers fans. Enjoy Blake again in 2011.

    • Delandrian Aikens

      uhhhhhhh…. they are about to lose J.R. SMITH, and keyon martin,  in free agency they have needs, we can sign and trade Shannon Brown and send them Steve Black, or just blake and draft picks and caracter, felton wants to Start, but they are starting ty lawson, we will start felton, so actually MITCH DUMCHAK it can HAPPEN !!!!!

  • Blowme

    If Kupcake could pull that off, then GM of the year would be his. 

  • Kesean Turner

    Wow these rumors never end. SMH. 
    Other players we’re interested in: any mega star, any above average starters, who’s already signed and playing for another team. Who we want to give up: Luke Walton and Steve Blake. LOL. 

  • lakerblood

    just get dwight got dammit!!!

    • els

      The Lakers need a POINT GUARD a.k.a. Raymond Felton!!!!!!! Forget about Howard.

  • Anonymous

    Denver isn’t going anywhere for awhile and they know it. Felton is due 7.5M for a secondary roll… best for them to load up on draft picks, and the Lakers have a bunch in round two. If Denver doen’t want to use them, they can then trade them for later or an upgrade… the Lakers have no use for them now anyways.  Otherwise, Denver willl be paying Felton 7.5M for a lost season that he will go FA afterwards anyhow. TLawson is their guard of choice for now. 

  • Xhai1947

    it is the best deal for lakers  go lakers

  • Mclthe man

    do it

  • Bnnychains

    This is a good deal if they can get him for little of nothing…

  • lakers need

    This is exactly what the lakers need a solid pg and a guy who can nail the 3

  • Anonymous

    Trade Pau for Love and the #2 pick and then draft Derrick Williams.  C’mon Mitch do it!!!

  • Grahamschmergel

    Obviously the nuggets are not going to trade a decent point guard for a terrible one they had a couple years ago

  • john frederick

    shannon brown steve blake and two of the draft picks for raymond felton
    get it done

  • Coonen

    Don’t get Dwight Howard, Monta Ellis, Raymond Felton, or Kevin Love. YOU DON’T WANNA LOSE LAMAR BYNUM OR GASOL. They contribute a lot. Just get a second draft pick (get a point guard) try to trade Steve Blake. See how well he does in the preseason. If he does well with the Lakers, bring him to the front lineup. If he doesn’t do well, try to make another move like trade for another PG.(The point guard you choose will have to feel comfortable with the team). Also train the players more like gasol bynum or odom. That will get it done.

  • Fzrune25

    i think the key is character the nuggets wanted him at all costs last year so it may happen….

  • Anonymous

    I kept saying LAST year.that Felton was who we needed.but we got blake instead.

  • Anonymous

    Try this one… Trade Odom to Minnesota for Beasley, JFlynn, and #20 pick…. Trade Blake+ and the #20 pick to Denver for Felton.  Denver can use the #20 + #22 picks to move up like they want to.

    • Jc_lakers2423

      hell no!

    • nba basketball

      That’s a ridiculous trade if you think Minnesota would give up a young Beasley, JFlynn and a draft pick for an aging Odom you’re insane. The same with your Blake offer Denver wouldn’t come close to accepting an old Blake that has not produced with the Lakers for Felton who was a starting point for New York, there’s no way Denver would trade Felton for Blake and scraps on the Lakers team. You’re just dreaming to hard buddy.

      • Anonymous

        Felton is getting paid $7.5M to be a back-up to Ty Lawson on a rebuilding team going nowhere this year.  They want draft options to move up, and cap money to spend on J.R. Smith.  After this season, Felton becomes unrestricted FA anyway, and they lose whatever leverage they may get from him.  The Lakers have (4) 2nd round picks, to do nothing with. If nothing goes with Odom and Minnesota, then work it with those other picks so Denver can trade up. Lakers may not have the greatest offer, but it might be the best offer Denver gets.

  • Evilmrchicken

    Would be excellent if Mitch pulled this deal!

  • Coachjohnson89

    If we get rid of Blake, then who’s going to be Felton’s back up? I figure Fish is retiring, so u need a back up PG. I also say send Gasol and Artest to Philly for Igodoula and keep Bynum. Start trying to make room for Blake Griffin!!!!

  • Betto

    Already traded to Blazers for Andre miller..

  • R Acance

    screw that try bynum for dwight
    pau for iggy
    blake and whatever for felton
    PF-Lamar Odom
    6-SHannon Brown
    7-Matt Barnes
    9-trade artest for a pf or c