It appears the Lakers may be interested in Nate:

Yahoo! Sports: The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers are among the teams who have expressed some interest in New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson, league sources said. Robinson’s base-year status, however, makes it difficult for any trade and the Knicks are said to be reluctant to ship Robinson to an Eastern Conference team, further complicating the Celtics’ efforts to land him.

The Memphis Grizzlies also have shown interest in Robinson, but the feeling, for now, isn’t mutual. Robinson can veto any trade and doesn’t appear eager to move to Memphis.

  • Jack Y.

    Not going to happen unless the trade involves Sasha Vujavic. Even then, Sasha’s beginning to play well (with confidence).

    • chadb

      Sasha – begining to play well??? the guy is horrible & shouldn’t be wearing a laker uniform

      • Jabba

        u should watch more Laker games dude Shasha got waaay better

        • chadb

          I watch Every game – thanks. He sucks! He scored 10 points last game – after we were up by 30pts. If you watched the game you would know that. He can’t play defense, can’t pass, and can’t shoot (he had one good year shooting) and he costs $5mm year.

      • lakeb

        why would we add another point guard? why trade sasha? hes one of our only shooting guards?

        • chadb

          If we can get a point guard that can actually penetrate that would be huge. We have no penetrating point guard. Farmar has actually had a couple of drives the last week but that has not been consistent. And Fish can’t get off the ground anymore. Nate can take the ball to the hole. We will not miss Sasha in the slightest – he plays less then 8 min a game and this “shooting guard” shoots 38% from the field and scores 2.4 points. If we could dump his ass it would be a major Plus. I can’t imaging Knicks would do this not just because Sasha sucks but he is on contract for 1 more year at 5mm. Unless Nate is killing the locker room vibe – this ain’t happening Unfortunatley

          • lakeb

            nate robinson a point guard? he can score, but he can not pass at all. farmer is a much better and polished all around player than nate robinson. getting nate robinson would be a huge huge mistake

  • thanhttrinh

    bench was the thing we talked about and to be solve as soon as possible but since we blewout the Clipps, our bench shown that we’re fine now, if we have more room, just get him !
    again, im saying no more trading now, Nate is a pretty good PG, and i obviously dont wanna see him land in Boston, this would be top !

    • Ben

      Yeah. But our bench vs a team like the Celtic’s or the Cavs, or Denver’s (should I keep going?) does not match up. Yeah, they did well against the clippers bench. THE CLIPPERS! ha ha ha.

      On another note, I was more impressed with the Lakers as a whole the other day against the Mavericks when Kobe and others did NOT play. The bench HAD to finally, and it was so sweet to watch. Sometimes they act like spoiled brats.

      Cheers. Go Lakers.

  • thanhttrinh

    BTW, whatever it takes, if the Knicks would ship him to Boston, we’re just fine…
    actually last game against the Clipps, our bench could keep our scores at 30+ and above, we just dont need to trade anyone at this period, if bench could play like that we dont even need Nate, however if we can get him, it makes us a much more better team

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      As much as I’d love to agree with you, how much minutes did the Bench get to put up the points. Im happy though that they did and extend the lead, but they were scoreless for a bit in the first half til the 4th quarter where they showed up. I say get Nate for Ammo. The contracts match and NY gets an expiring contract which is something they are looking for.
      I say do it Mitch, Ammo for Nate.

      • ko8e_f@n_v2

        Nate also has an expiring contract, though.

      • 09champs!

        It was explained on Hoopsworld that the Knicks could only take back half of Nate´s 4 mil contract. They said Farmar for Nate workds under cap rules, and the only hold is that the Lakers are not sure if Nate fits the triangle.

  • LakeShowAllDay

    Sasha for Nate

  • lakeb

    no, no sasha for nate no adam morrison for nate. we do NOT need nate. we have 3 point guards (four time ring leader fisher who i would start over nate at point guard) farmar (who most of the people on this site do not realize his potential….. farmar is a better point guard than nate, nate is a better scorer, there is a difference. Then there is shannon who can play the 1 or the 2. id play him over nate too. Unlike most people i believe point guard is one of our strongest positions………Now, as for SASHA and ADAM…….why would we trade them for another point guard? don’t trade them unless we can someone of the same position for them….. sasha and shannon are our backups to kobe at the shooting guard position. adam and luke are our backups to artest at the small forward position……overall point, we do not need nate robinson

  • Chillax

    you trust yahoo news? seriously?

  • Freshh

    People tend to believe Vecsey, but question Yahoo.

  • Day

    I would like Nate Robinson on the team. He would solve a lot of the problems that we have, namely keeping up with fast opposing PG’s.

  • Robert

    Perhaps rumors, but anyway. I have been saying that the Lakers need to add one more player before the next 1/2 season run, and the playoffs. NR would be a good addition to the existing team – he’s a slasher, and also could help guard smaller/quicker guards. Not sure if we can just acquire him without a trade. If forced into a trade, Ammo would make sense (for us), since he’s a role player who has marginally contributed to the team.
    NY won’t ship Robinson to the Celtics (east), a clear rival.
    Anyway, if we could get a ‘clean’ move out of this, it makes sense. Otherwise, it will be good to wait ’till summer when we get a bounty of free-agent choices. We can win the Finals with the current team, but if we add NR now, or someone during summer, the Lakers will be a dynasty for a few years.

  • highflyer

    i think we need a sort of tyrus thomas or besides odom n a good running pg dat can shoot

  • KB24ForLife

    we don’t need a trade. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    and it ain’t broke right now

    they bench is having some struggles
    but surely it’s just a slump and they can get their game straight
    if by the end of january stuff isn’t better then make a trade

    but as for now
    if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  • 813Chris

    If we got Nate for Sasha we cud make nate 1 of our backup pgs and have Shannon Brown be our backup sg

    • lakeb

      no cuz he wouldnt get any playing time. farmars a better passer. nates a better scorer, but the pg needs to think pass first

  • SD Anthony

    Don’t touch the team… unless it’s a surefire move. This is far from it, Nate lacks way too much to give up anything we got for him.

    • lakeb

      agree 100%

  • ron ron

    yah i think nate would be a great addition to the lakers. but id rather have a pg playmaker than a pg ballhog

  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    bottom line is sasha an morrison, an farmar most of the time are dead weight.cant trust them at playoff time

  • joshLA

    dont like it, nate is like jamal crawford (a pass second scoring guy) which sounds enticing but doesnt exactly fit our team. There’s a “pecking order” remember?

  • joshLA

    Plus why is boston looking for a point guard (i’ve read multiple times already) they have damn RONDO why r they complaining?

  • proemb

    Jordan Farmar will walk at the end of the year. I don’t see the Lakers re-signing him.

    The Lakers bench has been bad this year. Getting Nate would give LA the scoring it needs off the bench for a guy that the organization will se walk at the end of the year anyway.

    Once I saw what Shannon Brown could do for this team and once the team inked him for a couple of years, there was no doubt in my mind that Farmar would be shipped out before the deadline.

    Trust me Lakers fans, once you see what Nate will do for this bench, you will never remember Farmar’s act.

    • KING


  • Go – Lakers

    If Nate comes off the bench with Lamar we really dont neet him to make play’s cause the ball is in Lamar’s hands 60% of the time, then you have Brown that can handle the ball as well as Kobe (and even Sasha if he’s not traded for Nate). To me Morrison makes sense, he dosen’t play much and when he does play he looks like a deer stuck in the headlights (he just dosen’t fit with our team system).
    So I say Morrison for Robinson + Morrison’s contract is up after this year and that’s what the Knick’s are looking at.

    • 09champs!

      Again, the cap rules wont allow a Morrison for Nate trade. Hoopsworld reported that the Knicks can only recieve 2 mil for Nate , so they said Farmar for Robinson works straight up. The only thing that holds it is that the Lakers are not sure Nate fits the Triangle.

    • Robert

      I think 09champs is prob. right. NR would have to learn the triangle, which is a challenge. The Knicks would probably benefit from Farmar, who would fit in nicely with D’Antoni’s run & gun (&, more offense than defense).
      The Lakers are prob. not going to re-sign Farmar after the end of the season, since they need the $$$ to get someone from the great summer of 2010 free agent pool.
      NG would be good if Phil retires after this year, because a different coach would probably not use the Triangle (unless Kurt Rambis came back).
      But we’re jumping the gun here – the Lakers setup ‘works’ now, and it would probably not be good to mess with the works. However, if the Lakers were able to ADD a player without letting someone go now, getting NG could work out.
      Could the Lakers just pay the Knicks ‘cash’ for NG? If so, it wouldn’t be too much $$ for Buss & Co., right? Or, could the Knicks pay the Lakers $2M extra for Ammo (in addition to NG’s contract), and then Ammo’s contract expires, which lets the Knicks drop another $2M off the books for their free agent bid. The Lakers in the meantime get NR, and see how he works out. Could this work? Or is this just dreaming?

  • dracul

    Right now the player that the Lakers are desperately trying to unload is Ammo. Then comes Sasha. Josh Powell and DJ Mbenga are essentially playing for free, so I don’t see those guys being replaced anytime soon, unless its in a trade with one of those guys.

    Walton is impossible to trade, plus old man PJ likes him because of his passing skills in the Triangle.

    Farmar hasn’t been renewed and he’s going to walk at the end of the season, unless he ends up being traded for a solid pickup. Not sure.

    Ammo is clearly expendable, and Sasha seems to only be put in at garbage time nowadays. Right now we need a penetrating back up point guard (which was suppose to be Farmar) and a backup shooting guard that is ANY KIND of better than Sasha, either at defense or offense.

    Nate Robinson can surely score, but PJ is known to like tall guards. However, currently the Lakers biggest defensive issue is that Fisher can’t stay in front of a bronze statue on defense, which causes all sorts of defensive dissarray once he’s been beaten. If we have a quick point guard who can stay in front of all these quick point guards, that will help a lot.

    So far Shanon is showing signs that he can be a solid contributor. What I don’t like is how he dominates the ball for too long while dribbling around, and when he can’t beat his man, he’ll take a long jumper. Now, they’re going in for now, just that he seems to try to do too much on offense by himself sometimes.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Is there a way a player from another team can work out with the Lakers to see whether he works well with teammates, fits the triangle, isnt a ball hog… etc… like a pre-draft work out, or a pre-trade workout.
    If they can do that, they should test Nate. See how he goes, but its likely that its forbidden for a player to do so. What a shame.

  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    The Milwaukee Bucks signed veteran Jerry Stackhouse to the team.

  • highflyer

    hear this u guys… cavs might trade big z to new orleans for david west… n then hornets r gonna buy big z out so cavs can sign him in 30 days again… the reason y is so they can have cap room… dats getting david west for free