Interesting to see where this goes considering he had beef with Kobe.

Twitter: The Lakers are interested in Matt Barnes but source confirms that no offer has been made. Barnes still hoping to work out a deal with Magic.

  • Laker s Army

    Barnes is not what they need. What does he have that we lack ? A distraction. Raja Would be better

    • jonb

      y r u guys obsessed with old raja? Barnes would b a great fit ive always liked him despite his antics. Like raja hes gritty, defends well, can shoot the 3 and score.

      • lakerjay

        i love it this would be a great pick up for us another defender and a good shooter and he is young i rather have miller but this the second best move we can make i hope we do it



    • hrnkid07


  • lakerfan75

    no, i dont want this fool to be on the lakers. i rather have raja bell



  • laker fan

    agree with previous comments, get raja bell or tmac… i wouldn’t want this clown w/ the lakers

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Nooo!!!! he’s inconsistent with his shooting but he’s a good defender though… What we need are pure shooters on the team.

  • Robert.

    Matt Barnes had a beef with Kobe. Raja Bell had a beef with Kobe. Mike Miller had a beef with Kobe. Shane Battier had a beef with Kobe. Steve Blake had a beef with Kobe. RON ARTEST had a beef with Kobe.
    Is there a common thread to this list? These are all guys that have actually had a scuffle in some form or other with Kobe. These are all players that Kobe is interested in playing with. Kobe knows talent, and anyone who can (or dares to) guard Kobe, or even be a self-proclaimed “Kobe stopper” (right), has GOT to be a decent player.
    You think Kobe ‘doesn’t’ want any of these guys on his team? Quite the opposite. Kobe can be a general, and have his corporals (or majors) run a ragged show.
    I think Barnes would be a great addition to the Lakers. I think Bell would too, but Bell doesn’t want to come here (he’d rather go to the Heat now). In fact, the Heat might acquire some of the Lakers’ recruits. But we need only one or two more. A ‘nasty’ defender like Barnes would actually help out in our NEW quest to defeat the 3-headed monster. Monster Zero (Ghidorah).
    But remember who defeated Monster Zero? Godzilla and Rodan (Kobe and Pau).

    • jaydubb415

      Hey ”robert”i know we don’t have a lot 2 spend but do you thik the ”lakers”come back with a ”few trades or signings”since this ”miami BS”started.

  • Drake Ramoray

    To all you losers on this website who were begging the lakers to sign that loser mike miller after he rejected the lakers offer of 5 years $30 million dollar contract, well that loser mike miller who alot of people on this website wanted, just signed with the Miami heat for you guessed it, 5 years $30 million dollars. You can forget about Raja Bell now also. His first preference was Miami also and he’ll probably accept the vets minimum just to play there.

    • ceballos-neverforget

      Exactly! Same price-tag, different team. Miami is now this year’s official ring-chaser destination. It was Boston last year, it was us in ’04 and now it’s the Heat.

      Everyone who thinks Miami can’t build a bench after their 3 max salaries is fooling themselves. Remember when we got GP for the vet min?

      Miami will find the tools they need, and we are fooling ourselves if we don’t think they’ll be the toughest challenger to our 3-peat yet. But I say bring it on – It’ll make the 3peat that much more deserved!

      • 242LakerFan

        Ummm…refresh my memory here; how did that work out for any of those teams?

        • ceballos-neverforget

          242lakerfan – I fully agree with you; in the end, stacking a bench with has-been veterans chasing rings doesn’t necessarily prove championships, but to say they won’t be able to fill a functional bench by this season is a very short-sided statement. They will be formidable.

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      They think they can win more championships there in Miami that’s why but we can stop them. What about Anthony Morrow? Is he available?

  • R T

    Who we should get: Raja Bell, T-Mac, Rasual Butler, Shaq

    • LakErS 3 pEaT

      Nooo… Hedo Turkoglu is better not these has been…

  • Drake Ramoray

    Oh an another thing. F U C K that B I TCH Matt Barnes. I don’t want him on the Lakers and that little B I TCH doesn’t even want to be here. He’d rather stay in Orlando. The Lakers need to screw these Fuc kers who don’t wanna play here and look for someone else. That means Mike Miller, Raja Bell, and Matt Barnes, all u little faggots can go eat shi t. I guess if we can get Hedo, let’s do it or Battier, or Posey all through trade which ever one doesn’t matter.

  • Robert.

    Remember, D wins Championships. We need another defender.

  • http://lexworld Lex

    Duck!!!!!! Matt Barnes i’m going to beat Mitch kup ass if we don’t get…… T.Mac

  • Robert.

    OK, no Barnes, no Bell, no Miller … etc. etc. – WHO THEN? I think I’m pretty pissed about the whole Miami thing. It kind of brings back memories of Shaq going to Miami, and the Lakers entering a ‘tough’ phase, and then Miami wins a Championship (given to them by refs who were calling all sorts of fouls on the Mavs). Shaq did his “Kobe rap”, etc. etc. it was not a pleasant time.
    I think we’re ‘mostly’ set with our team, but I see that one key player will cement the Lakers into something more formidable. I see that we would need a defender, and a scorer. We’re getting Fish back (probably).
    OK … GMs out there. Speak!

  • bdmf

    now the heat signed lebron we better sign tmac

  • 123kid

    i thought mike miller was goin to nyc.

    i still think if we build up our bench with just gritty defensive minded guys then well be ready for our road to repeat. whether shaq with his ring hungry old ass tryna go to the spurs or whether miami and the east build a bunch of big 3 teams, i still believe our starting 5 is awesome, but we need another scorer off the bench and surround that bench with a bunch of gritty defenders like a raja bell, like a posey, or like a tony allen. those type of guys dont need the spotlight of bein a starting line-up like a t-mac or miller, cuz they feed off defending and going up against top notch players. as for barnes, i think he should stay in orlando. he defends better over there than both carter and lewis.

    • jaydubb415

      Me honestly i’m glad ”mike miller”didn’t sign with ”the lakers”i didn’t won’t him or his ”Hair Bands”on my team,i live in portland got 2 see ”blake”whenever,he’s getting better with his ” defense” + ” No Hair Bands”,as far as ”barnes”goes i would rather have ”barnes”over raja i think ” barnes may be younger”then bell i’m not 100% sure n someone get ”back 2 me on matt n rajas age”’i just think barnes is a younger version of raja + he wants 2 play 4 LA that means something ”’fuck raja”do’t wot 2 play 4 mle but will take miami’s mle,,thats about ” Pussy”period!

  • cccarlo

    he’d rather stay in florida. hope he goes to LA

  • Robert.

    Yes, Dan Gilbert (Cavs) is pissed. I’m wondering if he is going to take drastic action. If so, the possibility exists that he would help stack a team in order to crush the Heat.
    So, which team has the ‘best chance’ to crush the Heat? Why the Lakers, of course.
    Some here at TLN are suggesting that Gilbert gives away some players, to help this cause. I like this idea. So — who on the Cavs might fit in with the Lakers? Or – who ‘could’ the Lakers get (in a trade) that would instantly ratchet up their possibilities?

    • gus26

      dang good freaking point… although gilbert said cleveland would win a title before the “former” king… or as i call him the king of drama… but the thing is cleveland doesn’t have anyone.. that roster is full of bad contracts for under acheiving players…


    Shaq and T-Mac!!!
    Many of you may say, Shaq has too much pride to come back to LA knowing its Kobes team and that he will come off the bench. However he also knows no other team really has a chance to win a title anytime soon. He wants another ring, so swallow your pride and sign with a team that is championship favorites for the next few years, and T-Mac already said he wants to sign with LA. I would rather have him than Adam Morrison, who basiclly won 2 championships for sitting on the bench the whole time. A rested and healthy T-mac can make the Lakers that much better.

    • ferdinand mutuc

      Finally, I found someone with the same sentiments as mine. I think if Mitch can convince Kobe and Phil that having Shaq on the team will help us defend the title. Of course, Shaq will have to cooperate by signing for the vet minimum and have a great attitude. They all can let bygones be bygones. Shaq just wants another ring; he doesn’t need the money. He scored a lot last year for the Cavs and he is another big body to clog up the middle against LeBron. Same thing with T-Mac. He doesn’t need the money and he wants a ring. Sign him for the vet min. They are both professionals who have been humbled with age. If either or both prove to be a distraction during the year, the Lakers can release them. I think they will help the Lakers. There are plenty of minutes; the season is long. We need to save Kobe and Pau minutes so they won’t be too tired for the playoffs.

  • Robert.

    Actually, Shaq makes sense (I’m not saying I’m happy with Shaq – in fact, generally not happy). But if he could still give 10/10 (pts./rebounds), then that would be better than any BIG we could get.
    Also, he knows the Triangle.
    Also, he could provide D for the Lakers – and – D wins Championships. (yes, he moves slow, but we would just let him hang close to the post, and provide some inside bulk).
    Actually, we didn’t have an answer for Shaq when he played for the Cavs. The Heat would not have an answer for Shaq. There are no TRUE Centers left, except for D. Howard, Bynum, Lopez, … um .. who else? Shaq? Ilgauskas.

    • kb24dbest

      Robert,… I would not mind signing Shaq for a league minimum. Kupchak now has to work the phones and try to reach out to these veteran stars and see if they want to come and sign (league minimum) to win a ring. Kupchak, your work is now starting to upgrade our bench to compete for the 3peat.

  • Al

    Here’s what I would like to see. let Fish go on his money search and sign an elite pg like Chris Paul somehow

    • nath

      Do you know about cap salary?

    • gus26

      sign cp3? or an elite pg? in what 3 or 4 years?

    • jaydubb415

      I like your idea or work some sign n trade,give them walton,powell,vooyachis,+to 1st rd picks in2011,n2012

  • justdogm2

    funny that the so called king ran out of his kingdom to join wade and bosh! Merry Christmas to the 3kings lol! hahahaha the king ask for the mercy! KOBE the emperor of his dynasty!

  • lakerjay

    all i konw is the lakers need to sign sumbody.i was hoping we trade and get the other hornets pg darren c.but i like idea of tmac but in not stuck on it i would love to have a matt barnes,because with a super team in miami. defenders anit a bad idea.but i do hate the idea of allen because he cant shoot.i say go atfer barns strong then tmac.them settle for bell.i love fish but hes only worth about 2.5 mil a year no way he gets 5 mill a year.i rather have a nate at the type of money i just saying.and i really hope we can get a kurt thomas or a joe smith to come off the bench and give us sum good minutes.and what ever we do we trade sasha and kuke for anybody.

  • justdogm2

    I’ve never seen a coward king, even alexander the great fight for his people..funny that espn call him the king of the beach, what a disrespect to wade who already brought championship to miami. james and espn is the king of bitch!

  • Drake Ramoray

    Wanna hear something funny? I’m sure Lebron thought about Kobe and his 5 rings and thought to himself, “How do I stop Kobe from getting his 6th ring”? Join Wade and Bosh and try to win the Finals for the next 5-7 years so I can be considered the greatest ever because I will have more rings than Kobe and Jordan and championships are what the great ones are based on in their legacy. One flaw the idiot Queen James forgot to think about! Your new boy Wade, is already one up on you with a championship ring. You will never be able to surpass Wade now because if you somehow amazingly win the next 5 championships which is a miracle in itself, your boy Wade will have 6 rings to your 5…hahahaha!!!!! How’s that for a reality check. You can take that to the bank your majesty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • gameplan

      it just shows that how coward and moron lebronze is! with byron coaching the cavs he might have the chance to win the ring that cp3 might land on his kingdom. The only thing he knows is that he’s time has ran out, and kobe going for 6, when he still got nothing! but your right! How can he be a king of MIAMI when wade is 1 up agains him.

    • NBAmazingKB24

      now you can never ever no way in HELL better not compare queen james to KOBE!

      If anyone campares Kobe’s legacy to what Queen james, i swear im going to shove it up their a$$. Just like charles barkley said… Queen James is now piggy backing from wade and Cbosh. No Legacy there. Done deal.

      Oh how sweet it will be to win heats in NBA finals.

  • KB24LordoftheRings
  • Robert.

    Even the Showtime Lakers had role players. They were essential to the Championships. Riley ‘inherited’ the Lakers back then, and he had already built a team around D-Wade when Shaq came aboard a few years ago.
    They will have to build a team around the 3 players. So (doing some math here), it looks like 3 x $16M = $48M (the sum salary of the new 3). The NEW cap has been set to $58M (I think it kicks in next year). That’s an extra $10M to play with. So, they will have to sign players who will play for ‘nothing’ just to get a ring.
    Which players would those be? Are there great players in the league who have made as much as LBJ & DWade, who have enough $$ now and are just interested in the ‘chance’ for a ring? (and will sacrifice salary?). Think not.
    I have to admit, that the team might be fun to watch (for the NBA). Not as fun as the Lakers, but still … However, THAT’S IT! The only way this team can win games is if LeBron and DWade play the up-tempo game. This new team will NOT be a forum for LeB to learn how to play a post up game. All that he can ‘still’ do is run to the basket, and hit 3 pointers. All that Wade can do is run to the basket … and hit 2 pointers. Maybe Bosh has a post up game, but the Lakers can shut him down (both Bynum and Pau can do this). So — there will be no true ‘interior’ game for this new team. Just jump shooting and slashing.
    Will be fun to watch, but not enough for a Championship. Riley will have to find a way to build a team around these guys, for $10M.

  • Robert.

    Sorry, there’s no article on this site that I can blog about this, so here goes:
    Here’s what LeJerk gave up by signing with the heat:
    1) his brand
    2) his dignity
    3) the chance to become one of the greatest individual players (like Kobe, and MJ)
    4) the chance to be a mogul (he’s damaged his image too much by all this).
    5) the chance to bring a franchise in the biggest media market town in the world (NY) to elite status.
    LBJ will now be associated with DWade. Any rings he earns will be ‘equally shared’ with DWade. So, he has thrown his ‘standalone’ legacy down the toilet. I mentioned that his best shot, if he were to leave Cleveland, was with NY. He had a post-up player (Amar’e, who has other talents as well), and a great coach who can optimize his athletic talents (D’Antoni). He would also have been able to have a ‘financial piece’ of the Knicks, and would have brought the NBA to the ‘glamor market’ of the big city. It would have been an understandable move, that would have better justified his departure from Cleveland. He could have said, “I want to be part of the larger media market in NY – I can work on my world-based endeavors better in NY”. And, he could get pieces eventually to get to a championship. It would have pissed a LOT LESS people off.
    Instead, he ‘gave up’ (his dignity). His ‘best chance’ to win is in Miami. WRONG. His ‘best chance’ to win is with DWade. With someone else. HOW EMBARRASSING. The King? HA. Maybe the ROOK. Or the PAWN.
    He has ‘damaged’ basketball by doing this. He ‘deflated’ 3 franchises – Chicago gave up pieces to get him, but have managed to salvage by signing Boozer. NY gave up pieces (over the years), but have done a little to salvage, by signing Amar’e. Cleveland is asked out, too bad. The Clippers .. uh … nevermind. New Jersey – they’ll survive – they didn’t expect to get him anyway.
    Miami?! Party time for LBJ and DWade.
    OK, so, what good came out of this? Not much, but at ‘least’ one thing:
    Kobe vs. LeBron is OVER.
    If the media doesn’t broadcast this in the next year, then I will boycott basketball (until the Finals, maybe).
    Actually, I was a little relieved that he signed with Miami, instead of Chicago (or NY). In Chicago, he had a better chance of winning. In NY, a better chance of winning. In Miami, a better chance of clubbing.

    • NBAmazingKB24

      Kobe vs. LeBrone is OVER.

      I likek that. Don’t ever compare these two players ever again.

  • jaydubb415

    Yea me 2 i do not know why people on this ” website ”are so ”obsessed” with ” raja bell”he hasn’t been a ‘factor” since ”phoenix ” i ”lol”forgot he was still in the ” league”,as 4 barnes he is a ”good defender,who can hit his”3pointers”.But most of what so good about ”matt bares”,is he doesn’t ” back-down ”you cannot ” intimadate ”kobe was ”killing him”in the finals n he kept ”coming back”4 more,didn’t you here what kobe said about ”blake”,he wouldn’t back down,we got 2 get better on defense n ”shooting 3s n both of these dudes ”do both of those.

  • jaydubb415

    I jsut wanted 2 say this about ”kobe”our ”kobe”since now or by now ,we know ”lebron n the ”artist formerly known as ”king”james WTF lmbao”james is going 2 ”miami”who’s always been a ”2nd city”to L.A”lol,N,best know 4 the city that ”manufactures or atleast tries championships”.Our kobe who did ”win championships”early on in his career,but when those ”dogg”days did come when the lakers were losing 2 the phoenix suns n kobe was crying/whinieng about ”bynum”n wanting 2 ”get traded”allegedly,thank you ” kobe n management ”for not trading kobe or bynum 4 that matter”i just want 2 say ”thank you kobe n the lakers”i know as fans we all ”whine,bitch,n,moan”but i’m glad 2 see we have people that will ”stick 2 our guns”bcuzz n this day n age you don’t see that it means a whole hell or not that were not like cleveland fans or miami fans either 4 that fact,theirs ” No Loyaltie In This Game”n it feels good 2 be a fan of team were theres alot.That being said ”We will Take Your Shit”if he’s ready 2 ball with L.A n take that ”mle” lol

  • harmony_smurf

    Do not sign this Clown!

  • kb24dbest

    This is a good idea. Now we got 2 defensive stoppers that can stop Lebron and Wade, so Kobe can just focus on offense. I would rather have Raja though because he has an outside shot, but Raja is not interested. Barnes would be an option.

    I still think we need like a scorer coming off the bench like a TMAC or IVERSON if we can persuade them to sign for league minimum. We also need another big defensive big man like Kurt Thomas and another shooter like Korver, Staojakovic, or Mike Miller.

    We need to upgrade our bench (A MUST). We can’t come in to next season with the same bench and expecting a 3-peat. Our bench right now is too unreliable. Kupchak needs to start working and see if any good veterans can come in for league minimum.
    I’m preparing to match up with the HEAT.
    LAKERS vs. HEAT for 2011 NBA Finals.


    Miami has 3 VERY good players but they are pretty much the same size 6-4, 6-8, 6-10. They will have speed and agility in turn put up major points. To beat this, a team needs to come in w/ size and determination for rebounds in other words great defense. We have size but lack in determination.
    They are thinking of getting Shaq. If this happens then we have a VERY hard battle. We need to get Shaq, ego’s aside, he will help. They will not have an answere for him. When it’s all said and done, We just have to worry about them in the finals!

    • jaydubb415

      Yo ” ice-cream”’1st,do you think that ”’buss n mitch”can put ”aside”everyone ”hurt-feelings”.2nd,do you think that ”kobe”can put ”aside”his feelings about ”shaq”+ this could be the 1st question since ”buss”n company may ”ask kobe ”is okay with it first,anyway thats 2nd, 3rd ”phil jackson”him n shaq”both had few ”shots at each other”once shaq wasn’t on the team anymore”you see alot of things would have 2 ”go right”4 that was even brought up in a ”’conversation”,i just think its 2 many ”feelings”need be ”stroked”so i say it want happen eogo’s


        true, true but phil also poked jabs at kobe in his book and everything turned ok. We all know that shaq is a center that has to have his jersey retired. The question is where? The only place that makes sence is in his old home, the Lakers (all great centers w/ exception of Russell) retired in Los Angeles. Ego’s have to be checked at the door. Just 2 more years, he retires, we all hold hands and sing cumbaya around a laker bombfire during a championship win and everything is golden.

  • Rockus

    The Lakers should make a trade with the Suns and Bring Steve Nash on board.

  • kb24dbest

    Mike Miller has committed to the Heat (he’s close friends with Lebron). Matt Barnes seems like he’s staying in Florida, either with the Heat or the Magic and he has been in contact with the Heat. Raja Bell wants to go to Dallas, New York, or Florida because he has families there and also has been in contact with the Heat.
    In that case, Lakers should try HARD to get James Posey and TMAC. TMAC already said he is willing to play in LA and we can have Artest influence his decision to play for minimum.

  • kb24dbest

    Someone mentioned Drew Gooden, he just signed with the Bucks yesterday. Dang… the lakers need to move quick and don’t be waiting around for Fish because we are going to lose signing other free agents. We should reserve 2-3 million for Fish and start going hard for other free agents.
    Kurt Thomas
    James Posey
    Soon, these players will be signing soon to other teams.


      Exactly! The Lakers have to move on this and sign Shaq and Iverson, or TMac. Fisher either signs or splits. We can’t just wait around and hope if he signs while everyone else is being taken. Fisher’s done work for us and that’s true but he is a very slow guard w/ the lack of doing layups. The 3pointers he makes when we need them are greatly appreciated but he got paid for that. He didn’t do these things for free. This is a business, if we think we can still defend the championship w/ an old guard that is more of a liability than an asset then adios championship.

      • jonb

        ALLEN INVERSON?! r u SERIOUS? NO THANKS. Be reasonable ppl, y the hell would we want a washed up bad influence in AI?


    Good morning TLN, it’s another beautiful day in the cuidad. I think it’s good that Le Bron is in Miami & we have Lakerhaters or whatever you want to call them on this site. Thinkaboutit, if this site had nothing but all good things about the Lakers and no other teams looked like threats, we would be bored as HELL. I myself, welcome the challenge. If certain players don’t want to play in LA, that’s their perrogative. I think its more satisfying to win a championship with less talent than an overloaded “SUPERTEAM”. Let’s face it, you’re not going to make everyone respect LA. If LA loses, their too soft, bunch a chokers etc., but if LA wins, it’s an NBA conspiracy,or their suppose to win or my favorite, they’re LUCKY…yeah, lucky 17 times. The Lakers are who they are. They don’t need us to fight their battles but it doesn’t mean we still can’t TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

  • kb24dbest

    Oh, I heard Brad Miller is still available. He would be a good fit off the bench. I love his game and I always liked his game when he was in Sacramento and the Celtics are trying to sign him. We should sign him first before our hated rivals.:-)

  • LBJmakesExcusesin3rdPerson

    2010-2011 potential roster

    pg: fisher
    sg: bryant
    sf: artest
    pf: gasol
    c: bynum


    pg: blake, crittenton (future pg)
    sg: vujacic, dorrell wright (3 ball range and D’s up like raja bell, better handles than shannon)
    sf: walton, ebanks
    pf: caracter
    c: mbenga or kwame brown (best defensive insurance & familiarity factor)

    • RonRonGq

      wheres odom idiot


        woow, woow, woow…slow down w/ the name calling. I’m sure he just forgot. Shaq or miller as bench center before celtics or heat get them.

        • RonRonGq

          tmac please

        • jonb

          GET OVER MILLER hes going to the heat. Get with it ppl…

    • lakerjay

      that bench is whack i rather have tmac

  • Babak

    Hey is Kobe open to the idea of having SHAQ back on the team? has anyone heard anything about what kobe thinks?

  • http://AOL NICK PEREZ


  • gugy

    OMG no Shaq or Iverson, much less Matt Barnes.
    Stop freaking out about Miami. They have the big 3 and nobody else. These 3 guys alone cannot tranforme Miami in a powerhouse. Riley will take time to build good role players. It will not happen overnight.

    I see Miami being a huge contender maybe in 2 or 3 years. Not next season.

    Also Lebron just tarnished his legacy being a second fiddle to Wade. No matter how many rings he gets he will never accomplish what Kobe did being the leader. Lebron just was a coward to ride the bus with Wade and Bosh, easy way out.


      Yeah they only have 3 w/ no one else BUT if they get Shaq then they will be very difficult to beat. The only legit centers out there are…
      who else? We need to get shaq. Bring Shaq Home!!!

      • jonb

        Really? miller over DWIGHT HOWARD and andrew bogut?

        • ICE CREAM MAN

          jonb, I drew a blank, I couldn’t think of any more centers. Hey, when is DHoward’s contract over?…hhmmm

      • LakerLand Nostradamus

        Shaq is not going to Miami.
        He burned the bridges with their organization.

  • Get Settled

    First of all for you all johny come-lately’s let not get our panties in a bunch because of the recent BJ fest in MIA. Raja Bell has stated in numerous occasions very recently that he wanted to go back to Florida. Following the LeBerace situation, Raja Bell has reiterated his desire to play in Florida, to either the Magic or Heat. He just does not want to join the Lakers, he already refused a $1.8 M offer from the Lakers. It tells you a quiet a bit about the person’s character when they rather join a traveling circus, even if they can get paid more.

    In this case Raja wants to be close to home. So for all intents and purposes can we stop it with the Raja Bell trade. It is NOT happening, you can erase him, and the Lakers didn’t really need him anyway. Matt Barnes is less injury prone than he was and he is also an impact player. And the Lakers will still have enough for anybody that wants to join this quest, so for all you nay-sayers, the Lakers still have money to give out, either Shannon etc. So to say the Lakers don’t need to sign people is just shortsighted.

    As far as Shaq, that’s a definite no-no due to the simple fact that he isn’t the same impact player in back to back games, and the Lakers would not like to revisit this situation, and given the available money and what the Lakers have, it is not a NEED. They rather spend elsewhere.

    Lakers WILL NOT have enough to sign Mike Miller. He is headed to the Heat it is a done deal. We already have our sharpshooter his name is Steve Blake (40%~ average).

    I can see Caracter (Odom sized 250+ LBS big guy) and Ebanks being signed to fill the remaining spots to back up other bigs in the front line.

    The idea that the Lakers would want to sign Crittenton (any team for that matter) following the locker room-gun incident, is dumb. The Lakers will not, nor need to recruit said player, in fact Iverson has a better chance of joining us than he ever would, in my opinion even if the money was right, it will be a wild card and Lakers can’t afford incidents of this nature.

  • SunnyC

    Barnes takes pride on defending prominent players…he could be alright….Lakers becoming a better defending Team is a good thing….BUT HEAT BRING IT ON….OUR LAKERS IS READY. ….3RD RING GUARANTTED….

  • John Robertson

    I guess Barnes os okay with the Lakers, he can be an impact player in our team… We have additional defender in the team..

  • LakErS 3 pEaT

    Laker Nation! I just watched Miami celebrated and it’s freaking pissing me off!!! They chanted “Beat L.A.” “Beat L.A.”… How dare they? Aww man… I’m pissed! They can’t buy a team! Lakers 3 Peat!!!!!

    • John Robertson

      You’re right man… It also pissing me off… How can they beat LA if they’re not yet Boston, Orlando, or even Chicago….

      Beat the top 3 in the East or even the East first before you say something….

  • ilikebasketball

    fuck matt barnes.
    he sucks.

    we don’t want him!!!!

    FUCK HIM!!!!!!!!!

    • lakerjay

      he better then shonnon brown

  • Touch ME

    Lakerland what do you makeof the super team and D Fish most likely going to Miami. Miami according to Vegas are 8 to 5 odds of winning it. And Boston had bad odds even OKC and ORL had better odds amazing.

  • Get Settled

    Derek Fisher “most likely” to go to Miami? No he is simply leveraging to get a better deal than the 2.5 and now higher offer he got reportedly. His first choice is to remain a Laker, and hopefully he can calm down and accept the vets min or something along these lines. I see a lot of drama and prolonged dealings to come. Much like last year with Lamar Odom. They finally settled on a number that benefited both. Lets all, also remember that’s business. This being Derek Fisher’s last free-agency I think he wants to gauge some interest to asses his current worth as a knowledgeable veteran 5-time world champion, its understandable. But he should take cards in the matter, his home is first, and remain loyal as the market demands it.. But the NBA free agency is a supply and demand market and you gotta leverage at times if you are the only capable backup or even starting PG in another team.

    Just a thought=

  • maximus

    i wouldn’t be surprised if we got shaq back ,for one he would be coming off the bench,two he knows he’ll be a even bigger circus than lebron and the big 3,not to mention he’ll win another championship with the lakers ,rather than starting center for the heat,imagine tmac,shaq,odom,blake off the bench,that alone would scare any team,fisher won’t be another lebron,he’ll stay,the question remains,will the lakers,put aside there ego’s and take shaq back,and will shaq mend his connection with the lakers,and return for the vet’s min,tmac already said yes

  • lakersnake

    Get Morrow (sign and trade-sign Shanon and trade him straight up or trade Sasha) with GS. Sign TMac and trade Odom for Battier.

    No AI please. GET TMAC before someone else does. He is gonna be inshape and can score on his own. The bench is terrible. Odom is inconsistent on both ends. Battier would be a rock on D. Get TMac for offense and Morrow will be a big time star if he stays healthy. PG of the future. Nets signed him to an offer sheet for only 4 mil/yr for 3 years. Maybe its too late.

    Time is a wasting Mitch….We will not be able to beat the Heat if we dont bolster our bench NOW!!!!!! I think our starters are the best but our bench sucks. If Drew gets healthy we will be better but gotta get some bench help now

    • lakerjay

      trade odom for battier thats stupid if were going to give up our size aventage we need a better player then that.


    first off.. f u c k matt barnes that little dickk head can stay in orlando and win no rings…and raja bell i guess wants to go to the heat where he thinks “they’ll win the championship” fck both them faggggs..they’ll see next year when kobe is holding up the finals mvp award and the championship trophy…we got a matchup for every player they have….kobe bryant on dwayne wade..did i mention kobe is all-defensive 1st team and ron artest on lebron james…did i mention him too? and last pau gasol on chris bosh….chris bosh wont be able to do S**** with andrew bynum and pau gasol in the paint and chris bosh cant stop either andrew bynum or pau gasol…wait here it comes…the black mamba…the one and only. whos gonna stop the greatest scorer to ever play the game and the greatest basketball player in the nba today? lebron cant stop em… d-wade cant stop em….hell they cant stop em if they both double teamed him ….. did u see kobe game 5 3rd quarter of the 2010 finals where there were three guys on him and he splashed it right in their face? exactly come back when u get some real players and not some gay trio who thinks they can take it all miami. LAKERS ARE GOING ALL THE WAYYYYYYYYY NEXT YEARRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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